best longboard brands girl riding longboard on street on a sunny day

14 Best Longboard Brands in 2024

Written by Chris K

Are you looking at getting into longboarding and want to find out what the best longboard brands are? Unfortunately, not all longboards are created equal. What riding style you want to get into makes a difference when purchasing a longboard.

If you are into cruising, freeriding, downhill riding, or longboard dancing, there are better longboard brands for whatever style of riding you are into.

Here are the best longboard brands. skateboardwiz

best longboard brands girl riding longboard on street on a sunny day
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14 of the Best Longboard Brands

Landyachtz Longboards

Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Complete and Colors (38" - Fox)
  • 100% Canadian Maple
  • Drop Thru
  • Medium Concave
  • Rocker
  • L: 38.2" | W: 9.4" | WB: 27.2"

One of the most popular and best longboard brands is Landyachtz. The company was founded in 1997, and one tree is planted for each product sold. Not only are these longboards high quality, but they are environmentally friendly.

Landyachtz longboards are versatile and great for beginners and pro skaters. Their longboards are very flexible yet sturdy, great for turning and carving, and it feels like you are gliding. These longboards have amazing graphics and design. These longboards have a lot of diversity, so any rider can find a style that suits them.

I recommend getting the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard. This is one of the best freestyle longboards you can get. It has a concave deck that makes it feel like you are gliding, making it an awesome beach cruiser. In addition, this board is a drop-down longboard meaning it is low to the ground rather than the truck mound making it super stable.

Landyachtz decks are made from maple wood which is long, maintains control and carves amazingly well at high speeds. As a result, these longboards are the most popular cruiser on the market. The only issue is that Landyachtz longboards are expensive, but they are worth the price.

The best thing about Landyachtz is its hybrid longboard models.

They are suitable for cruising, freeriding and downhill riding. Here are some amazing longboards I recommend for whatever riding style you’re looking for.

Another great Landyachtz longboard for commuting and carving down mellow hills is the Landyachtz Drop Hammer White Oak 2019 Complete Longboard.

The Landyachtz Totem Paradise Complete Long Board is great for a snappy flex with its shorter wheelbase and pintail for tight turning and a responsive ride. It is an excellent longboard for commuting or a casual weekend cruise.

If you are looking for a cruiser for smaller riders or people that want a more agile ride, check out the Landyachtz Drop Cat 33 Seeker Complete Long Board.

What We Like

  • Tons of variety
  • Great beginner longboard
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sturdy
  • Great value

What We Don’t Like

  • A bit heavy
  • Kind of expensive

Rayne Longboards

Rayne Longboards are a Canadian Longboard brand from 2004. They specialize in unique, lightweight, waterproof and functionally ergonomic longboards. If you want to get into longboard dancing, you should pick a Rayne Whip Dancer Longboard.

Rayne Longboards are made for comfort with their laminate fiberglass and bamboo decks. These longboards are durable but quite pricy. Rayne is known for having super lightweight boards with intense concave-shaped decks and is built to withstand abuse and challenging conditions.

Rayne makes boards for downhill racing, city riding, cruising, long-distance pushing, freestyle and dance. There are many different boards with tons of variety for you to choose from. These boards are versatile balanced, and crisp.

If you are a more experienced rider, I highly recommend getting a Rayne Longboard. But unfortunately, they aren’t the best boards for beginner riders.

If you want a great downhill and free ride longboard for heavier riders, check out the Rayne Longboards Supreme 36″ Longboard Complete.

What We Like

  • Versatile boards
  • Great longboards for dancing
  • Durable
  • Super lightweight

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

Arbor Collective Longboards

Arbor is one of the most environmentally friendly brands. The company, created in 1995, promotes the growth of forests worldwide. The longboards were created by snowboarders who put trucks on old snowboards and raced downhill in the summer.

Arbor uses traditional materials like bamboo and maple for its longboard decks. The boards are high-quality, lightweight, minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing. The boards are versatile, and their boards are great for cruising and commuting. Arbor longboards are great for beginners.

The Arbor Axis 40 Photo Complete Longboard is a drop-through made for freestyle, cruise or freeride longboard. The deck is close to the ground for added stability and is excellent for flip tricks. In addition, this longboard has a stable wheelbase, is great for carving and has a lot of foot room for extra leverage.

Arbor Longboards are made for downhill riding, but the Axis is also easy to push and coast around town. It offers a mellow downhill ride. They have a wide range of longboards but are heavier and less responsive than other brands.

Arbor Longboards are one of the best longboards for beginners.

What We Like

  • Sustainable brand
  • Best downhill longboard
  • Easy for pushing
  • Amazing for freestyle riding
  • High-Quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Heavier longboard

Sector 9 Longboards

Sector 9 Lookout Complete Longboard Skateboard
  • Classic surf inspired; Commuter, cruiser, carver, downhill longboard. Length: 42" X 9.6" Wide, Wheelbase 31.50"
  • 10" Gullwing Chargers with 74mm 78A Sector 9 top shelf wheels with PDP Abec 5 bearings
  • 5 ply vertically laminated Taco Mold Bamboo with dropthrough trucks
  • Beautiful green Hawaii wave graphic on the bottom and clear grip tape on deck
  • All original Sector 9 Components as it comes from the factory. Board rides solid and great cruiser or carver

If you are asking yourself if Sector 9 is a good brand? The answer is yes! The longboard company started in 1993 and is one of the top longboards and skateboard brands. They create commuters, cruisers, carvers, downhill longboards and classic surf-inspired longboards.

Their decks withstand the test of time, are inexpensive and have stunning visuals and graphics. They have downhill decks, bamboo cruisers and simple plywood decks for whatever style of riding you want to do. Sector 9 is an unbeatable brand that offers different longboards with many styles and shapes.

If you are looking for the best longboard wheels, Sector 9 creates some of the highest quality longboard wheels for all styles of riding. Their longboards are affordable and offer amazing performance while being safe and stable. In addition, Sector 9 longboards have stunning visuals and amazing graphics.

I highly recommend the Sector 9 Lookout Complete Longboard. It is a great beginner board with a long, thick deck but still easy to control. It is great for heavier riders as the deck is a surf-inspired bamboo board.

The board is super strong and sturdy, making it great for heavier riders. This board is great for street cruising and kicking; when you push it, you coast for ages. The Lookout is controllable while taking bumpy roads. The board will cushion you and bounce as it absorbs shocks.

The board is great for intermediate riders, and while it is smooth with great maneuverability and stability, it is not super flexible, so it is not great for carving.

Keep yourself safe and pick up a set of the best skateboard pads.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Great for beginners
  • Reliable brand

What We Don’t Like

  • None

Loaded Boards

Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete
  • DROP-THROUGH CARVING MACHINE – The Loaded Dervish Sama is a performance longboard created for carving, pumping, freestyle, freeride, and urban commuting / alternative transportation.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – Drop-through truck mounting for stability and easier pushing. Large cutouts maximize wheel clearance for deep carves and tight turns. Nose and tail kicks open the door for dancing and freestyle trickery and help navigate city streets. Cambered profile and mild concave create a responsive yet comfortable platform for carve-oriented longboarding.
  • STRONG & LIGHT – Snowboard-inspired composite construction combines vertically laminated bamboo and fiberglass for a durable, lightweight, and lively ride.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE FLEX – Bamboo and fiberglass provide lively and energetic flex perfect for hard carving and pumping. Available in two flex ratings to tailor the ride to your weight and style. Lower flex is ideal for heavier and/or more aggressive riders; higher flex is recommended for lighter riders or those looking for a more responsive board.
  • PREMIUM COMPONENTS – Paris 180mm 50° trucks deliver smooth and agile turning. Orangatang 75mm 80a In Heat wheels provide optimal roll speed, grip, and smoothness. Includes Loaded Jehu V2 bearings.

Loaded Boards is one of the best longboard brands for those looking for a fantastic riding experience on an extremely versatile freeride longboard. The brand started in 2002 and is a part of Orangatang, which are good for damping vibrations and are the best longboard wheels on the market.

These boards are expensive but are worth every penny. The boards are top-notch quality, fast and provide a good riding experience. Loaded Boards are user-friendly and great for all levels, and the boards give a responsive ride while being very safe. If you want a longboard with top-quality trucks, bearings and wheels, you should get a Loaded longboard.

I recommended getting the Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard. This board has large cutouts to maximize the wheel clearance for tight turns and deep carves. In addition, the deck is drop-through truck mounting for stability and makes the board easier to push.

The Dervish Sama longboard has a good riding experience, lightweight and durable.

It is great for high-speed downhill racing as it is made with bamboo and fiberglass with a reinforced nose and tail for maximum durability.

The deck has a complex contour that makes it super responsive and gives you confidence when turning, power sliding, dancing or freestyle tricks. Check out the best longboards for sliding post for more information on longboard sliding.

Loaded Longboards have longboards for freeride, freestyle, urban commuting and snowboard-style carving. If you want a lively ride on one of the best performing longboards in the industry, you must get a Loaded longboard.

In addition to cruisers, dancers, freestyles and tech slide decks, Loaded also makes kits for electric skateboarding if that is more your thing.

If you need new hardware, check out the best skateboard hardware to help you find the right hardware.

What We Like

  • Great for all levels
  • Amazing for downhill riding
  • All parts are high quality
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Great for dancing and trick riding

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck Complete 40"
  • Deck size: 10" x 40"^Construction technology: Drop-Thru^Comes pre-assembled with Santa Cruz trucks and Santa Cruz wheels

Santa Cruz Longboards is one of the oldest longboard brands in the skateboarding world. The company started making cruiser boards in the 1970s.

Although Santa Cruz boards are inexpensive, they are excellent and perfect for beginners. I recommend getting the Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Longboard. It is ideal for tricks and carving as you cruise around town.

The longboard rolls nicely, are super sturdy and smooth and are one of the best longboards to learn to ride. One of the best things about Santa Cruz longboards is the amazing art on their decks.

If you want to get into longboarding and ride the best longboard brand deck without breaking the bank, I recommend picking up a Santa Cruz longboard.

What We Like

  • Great for beginners
  • Sturdy longboards
  • Incredible art on decks

What We Don’t Like

  • Not super high quality

Atom Longboards

Atom Drop Deck Longboard - 39 Inch
  • Deck: 9-ply Maple laminate - 35mm (1.4 inch) drop - photo heat transfer graphic

Founded in 2005, Atom Longboards specialize in drop-through pintail, hybrid longboards, electric boards and all-terrain longboarding. In partnership with MBS all-terrain longboard wheels.

Atom Longboard decks have amazing artwork, are a dependable brand with great performance and are very well priced. In addition, they are known for having drop-deck and drop-through longboards.

Atom Longboard decks are one of the best longboard decks for beginners.

I highly recommend checking out Atom’s Drop Deck Longboard. It is great for both beginner and intermediate riders. The longboard is meant for cruising and is really comfortable on long rides. However, the board is stiff until broken in, and I recommend replacing the bearings for a better ride.

The Drop Deck longboard is great for turns, picks and sliding. It carves really well while being smooth. It is perfect for downhill racing and cruising. The Atom Longboard Drop Deck is the perfect multipurpose riding.

Atom Longboards are great for heavier riders as the boards can hold over 300lbs.

What brands are the best off-road longboard?

The Atom Drop Deck is the best off-road longboard. The trick is picking the best longboard wheels for off-boarding. The Atom Drop Deck is complete with MBS wheels.

What We Like

  • Great all-terrain longboards
  • Great performance
  • Multipurpose board
  • Holds up to 300lbs

What We Don’t Like

  • Bearings aren’t great

Yocaher Longboards

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard Skateboard
  • Size: 41.25" x 9"
  • Shape: Concave Drop Down
  • Deck: 9-Ply Canadian Maple
  • Wheels: 70x52 mm , 78A Hardness
  • Trucks: 9.675" HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks, 175mm Hanger, Aluminum Alloy

Yocaher Longboards are known for being a very affordable brand without losing quality. Most longboards are crafted from hardwood maple, strong enough for downhill racing and cruising.

These longboards are great for beginners, intermediate and pro riders. They are sturdy and have amazing balance.

Yocaher longboards are super stable and great for riders that weigh up to 275lbs.

I recommend getting the Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Longboard is great for high speeds and has ideal support with hard turns. It is the perfect board for cruising, commuting, carving and going downhill.

This board has a drop-down deck that lowers the center of gravity for increased maneuverability. The deck has no flex, so it is perfect for high speeds and downhill riding. It slides effortlessly and is the perfect board to learn to dance, weave, lean or slide.

Another great longboard by Yocaher is the Checker Complete Pintail Longboard Cruiser. Yocaher is also one of the best longboards under 100!

What We Like

  • Well priced
  • Good quality
  • Great for all levels of riding
  • Great for high speeds and downhill riding

What We Don’t Like

  •  The wheels are a bit stiff and need to be broken in.

Playshion Longboards

Playshion Longboard Skateboard Cruiser | 39" Drop Through Long Board | 42" Pintail Longboards
  • Perfect for beginners:Start your longboarding journey with ease on our stable and comfortable starter longboard. Made with a durable 7-ply maple and bamboo deck construction, it measures 42" x 9.5" and comes fully assembled for immediate use.
  • Comfortable commuting wheels:Experience a smooth and comfortable ride while cruising, carving, or commuting with our 70mm x 51mm 78A Polyurethane wheels. Our wheels are designed to be nicely soft, which allows longboard to easily roll over bumps and small potholes with ease.
  • Easy to maneuver:Experience effortless maneuverability with our longboards' lightweight and sturdy 7-inch aluminum trucks. Turn with ease and enjoy a wobble-free ride, allowing you to maintain stability even when riding straight.
  • Smooth & Reliable ride:Our ABEC-9 precision ball bearings are designed for high-speed and accurate longboarding. Trust these bearings to handle extreme speeds and provide the necessary running accuracy for your skateboarding needs.
  • All-Ages Longboard:Our longboard skateboard is suitable for kids, teens, and adults up to 280 lbs. With a 2-year free return policy, you can buy with confidence and enjoy the fun and excitement of longboard cruiser, no matter your age or experience level.

Playshion Longboards are a newer longboard company. Starting in 2013, Playshion Longboards make quality longboards perfect for beginners. In addition, the longboards are reasonably priced and have a great appearance.

Their multifunctional boards are sturdy, strong and versatile. The longboards have an outstanding performance and come with steel bearings which are quieter and stronger than other basic bearings. In addition, the bearings limit friction while rotating, which creates a smoother ride. You should check out the post here if you want to look for the best longboard bearings.

I recommend getting the Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard. It is a sturdy, strong, multifunctional cruiser and has great flex. It is good for riders up to 250lbs and is super durable. This board is great for cruising, sliding, curving, downhill riding, freeride and freestyle. It is super easy to push but is geared more toward beginners than intermediate riders.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Beginner longboard
  • Great appearance
  • Multifunctional
  • It has a great center of gravity

What We Don’t Like

  • Not for intermediate riders

Junli Longboards

Junli Longboards are durable longboards made of 8 ply Maplewood. Their longboards have a great design, are super sturdy and great for all ages.

These longboards are great for weights of up to 330lbs and are super sturdy boards. You will always have control of Junli Longboards as they are built strong with extra stability due to their trucks.

Junli Longboards are affordable longboards built for downhill and high speeds. I recommend getting the Junli Freeride Longboard which is lightweight and shock absorbing. However, as this board is made for downhill riding, it is a bit slow for cruising.

What We Like

  • Great value for money
  • Great for heavier riders
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Sturdy

What We Don’t Like

  • A bit noisy when riding

Magneto Longboard

No products found.

If you are looking for an affordable cruiser longboard, you must check out Magneto Longboards.

Magneto longboards are of great quality, durable and lightweight. They are easy to use and perfect for beginners, intermediate riders and pro skaters. In addition, these longboards are versatile and have sleek designs to fit every style you love.

I highly recommend getting the Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard. This board doesn’t have a lot of flex, making it easy and safe to ride. It makes a great starter board. The deck is high-quality, made with bamboo and a maple core.

This longboard comes with suitable bearings and soft, smooth, grippy wheels that give you a smooth ride on rough roads. However, the wheels may need to be tightened when purchasing the kicktail cruiser.

Magneto Longboards have decks designed to work with multiple riding styles and rider sizes. The board holds a max weight of 275lbs.

The Kicktail Cruiser Longboard is perfect for carving, cruising, dancing and freestyle riding. It rolls smooth and has a flawless finish. The only issue is that the board is high, which may lead to leg fatigue.

If you are looking for a Magneto board that is great for freestyling, cruising and dancing, check out the Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards for Cruising, Carving, Freestyle, Downhill and Dancing.

What We Like

  • Safe to ride
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Versatile

What We Don’t Like

  • The deck is high so that it may lead to leg fatigue

Quest Longboards

Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser "The Original"Artisan Bamboo and Maple 44" Longboard Skateboard
  • Size Matters Our 44" Longboard Is The Perfect Size Constructed In A Multi-Ply Hardwood Maple And Beautiful Artisan Deck Shaped To Perform And The Extra Detail Rarely Found At This Price
  • Designed On The Boardwalks In California To Higher Specifications From Malibu To San Diego, We Are The Leaders In Longboard And Skateboard
  • Authentic Components- Genuine Abec 7 Speed Bearings, 7 Ply Super Flex And Hardwood Maple Deck, 7-Inch Aluminum Trucks, This 44"" Artisan Bamboo Longboard, Better Components = Better Performance
  • Dare To Compare Not All Longboards Are The Same, Quest Longboards Are Made With Better Materials And Components If You Are Looking For A Pro Style Longboard At A Great Price. Look No Further
  • SIZE MATTERS our 44" Longboard is the perfect size constructed in a Multi-ply Hardwood Maple and beautiful artisan bamboo deck shaped to perform and the extra detail rarely found at this price.

Quest Longboards are one of the best longboard brands for cruising. Their boards are low priced but offer excellent performance.

Quest longboards are diverse in color, design and graphics with great style. They are stable and balanced, and the wheels absorb shock. Quest longboards are very aesthetically pleasing. It is great for riding around town, on the boardwalk or getting to class.

Their longboards are made with bamboo or hardwood maple decks which are great for rocky riding. They are made with authentic and quality bearings and trucks. You can make insane turns and ride a great cruise longboard with Quest.

I recommend checking out the Super Cruiser. The longboard holds a max of 250lbs. It is one of the best freestyle boards with a high flex deck, excellent bearings and lightweight trucks. The wide deck is stable, comfortable and has great grip and support.

This board is a bit heavy and bulky, and you will need to tighten truck bushings and use speed cream on bearings before the first ride.

Check out the best cheap skate shoes here.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Diverse colors
  • Great Graphics
  • Stable and Balanced
  • Authentic bearings and trucks

What We Don’t Like

  • Bulky and heavy

Minority Longboards

Minority Longboards make some amazing downhill longboards. If you are wondering what one of the best longboard brands for downhill riding, you need to get a Minority Longboard.

These longboards are durable, long-lasting, sturdy and efficient. In addition, they are well priced and great for beginners looking at getting into downhill longboarding.

The board is flexible and low-gravity, which is great for high speeds for downhill riding. Minority Longboards have safe and great designs. It is easy to balance for beginners. It is a tough board but lightweight and easy to carry around. The weight limit is 220lbs.

I recommend the Minority Downhill Maple Longboard. It has a drop deck and offers extraordinary performance. However, some people find it a bit too wide, and some intermediate riders may not like how it rides.

What We Like

  • Amazing for downhill riding
  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Great for beginners

What We Don’t Like

  • Some intermediate riders may not like how it rides

The Different Types of Longboards

If you are wondering what kind of longboard to buy, it completely depends on the style of the longboard and the type of riding you are interested in.


Downhill racing is bombing downhill at high speeds while staying in control of your board.

If you want to do downhill longboarding, you need to find a board with great stability, a flat deck, a long wheelbase, and soft longboard wheels. It takes great skill to do downhill racing, so it is more for intermediate and expert riders.

The best longboard brands for downhill riding are Sector 9, Loaded Longboards, Atom, Yocaher and Minority.


If you want to commute daily to school or work or ride around the city on the weekend, you need a cruiser. These boards are created to make commuting and carving comfortable and easy.

You will want a board with some flex so it’s easier to move around. Generally, the pintail shape is ideal for cruisers. However, cruising and carving are perfect for beginners.

The best longboards for cruising are Landyachtz, Arbor Axis, Sector 9, Quest.


If you want to freeride, meaning you aren’t sure what style of riding you prefer and want to do everything, you should get a board for freeriding. Generally, the boards are stiffer, symmetrical and have kicktails. As a result, you can do tricks, commute and hit the hills.

The best freeride longboard brands are Rayne, Arbor Axis, Loaded Longboards, Santa Cruz and Junli.


Freestyle longboarding is more technical riding like sliding and dancing. And freestyle is a great longboard riding style for beginners. You want a board that is lightweight, slim and easy to move.

The best freestyle boards are Landyachtz, Rayne, Arbor Axis, Loaded Longboards, Playshion.


The best style of longboard for dancing is a double drop. The deck is low to the ground, which decreases the center of gravity but improves stability.

 You will be able to dance and feel in control as you move around your longboard. I recommend getting the Rayne longboard for dancing.

Electric Longboards

If you are looking for an electric longboard, I recommend checking out the Skatebolt Electric Longboard.

What is the difference between longboards and skateboards?

Skateboards and Longboards are similar boards but used for different purchases. Longboards are generally longer and wider than skateboards.

Skateboards are generally used for trick riding and riding in skateparks. Longboards are used for cruising or more extreme riding like downhill racing and dancing.

If you are interested in skateboarding, check out the best skateboard brands post here.

7 Things to Look for in a Good Longboard

Want to know how to choose the best longboard brands? Or what to look for when buying a longboard? There are several things to consider when buying a longboard.

You should pick a longboard based on what style of riding you are looking at getting into and what level of riding you are at. For example, if you are a beginner, you may want a different style of longboard than an intermediate rider.

Ability Level

When choosing the best longboard brand, you should start with your ability level. This is because many longboards are created for the rider’s ability.

 There are a lot of boards dedicated to beginners, intermediates or pros. Some features available on longboards for beginners will help the rider focus on what is important to start learning how to ride the board.

Riding Style

The best longboard for you is completely dependent on the style of riding you are planning on doing.

If you want to focus on downhill racing rather than cruising around town, the style, shape and longboard will be completely different from each other.

If you aren’t sure what style of riding you are looking for, there are many multipurpose longboards to choose from.

Longboard Shape

There are two different types of longboard shapes.

Directional – Great for downhill riding. Directional shapes offer stability and control but are only used for going in one direction.

Symmetrical – If you want to do free riding, dancing or trick longboarding, you will want a symmetrically shaped longboard.

Symmetrical longboards are more flexible, offering more movement for cruising, dancing and freeriding.

Deck Style

Several styles of longboard decks will help determine how much balance and control you will have on your longboard. Want to know more about decks? Check out the best skateboard decks here.

Deck styles influence the stability of longboards and how easy it is to stop the board. The higher the board is, the less stable it will be. It will be more work to push and brake.

Top Mount – This is the classic board shape. The boards are cheaper and less stable than other styles and are best for cruising, downhill and freeriding.

Drop Through – This deck sits at a lower height due to trucks being mounted on board. This style of deck is more stable, and you get less foot fatigue when pushing and breaking. This style is best for freeride, downhill and long rides.

Drop Deck – Drop Deck are bent decks which offer stable riding and are easier to brake with the foot. Drop Deck is the best longboard style for fast downhill and freeriding.

Double Drop – These decks are so low that they almost touch the ground. It is both drop through and drop deck style on one board. This deck style is expensive but good for downhill racing.

Board Flex

The board flex will be soft, medium or stiff. The level of stiffness in the deck will help with stability, shock absorption and more.

Soft Flex

Soft Flex has excellent shock absorption but loses stability at high speeds. This flex is good for mellow cruising and tricks.

Medium Flex

Medium flex is very spring-like, which adds energy to tricks. It is stable at high speeds and has good shock absorption. Medium flex is good for carving and commuting.

Stiff Flex

Stiff flex is stable at high speeds but not great on bumpy roads and cracked pavements. On the other hand, the stiff flex boards are good for bombing hills fast.

Board Length

The longer the board, the more stability you will have when riding. The shorter ones have more flex and have softer and quicker turns.

Longboard Trucks

Trucks are the t-shaped metal that connects the deck to the wheels. The main types of longboard trucks are the traditional kingpin and the reverse kingpin.

If you are looking for a stable and speedy ride, you must get the reverse kingpin trucks. The kingpin truck is inverse on longboards giving improved side to side movement and better stability.

The nut on the kingpin is adjustable to have a loose or stiff feel when turning.

Check out the best longboard trucks post to find out what trucks will work best for you.


Bushings are the urethane that allows your trucks to turn. You can tighten or loosen the bushings depending on what you are looking to do while riding your board.

If you want a more stable ride, tighten the bushings, but if you want a more responsive board with turns, you should loosen your bushings.

Longboard Wheels

Wheels are really important to the style of riding you are planning on doing. For example, if you are looking for the best longboard wheels for cruising vs downhill riding will be significantly different.

Check out how to pick the best longboard wheels here. Also, you will need a skateboard tool if you need to change your longboard wheels. Find the best skate tool here. Also, don’t forget to get the best skateboard backpack to carry your gear with you.

Protective Gear

It is important to stay safe when longboarding. Whether you are cruising in the city or bombing hills, you need to be sure to wear the proper gear. Check out my post to find the best skating helmet to help keep you safe.


There are so many longboard brands nowadays that it can be overwhelming to pick the right one for you.

Depending on your riding style, ability level and budget, you may find that one brand meshes better with you than another.

My recommendations are Loaded Boards or Landyachtz. Both are popular, well-known and high-quality versatile boards.

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