best longboard decks is a surf board shaped longboard deck

The 13 Best Longboard Decks in 2021

Want to get into longboarding and aren’t sure where to start? Each longboard deck is designed for different styles of riding and your skill level and it can be intimidating finding the right longboard deck for you.

Whether you are planning on going from cruising to freestyle riding or you are a beginner and need help figuring out what to look for.

Let me take the confusion out of picking the top longboard decks, the different shapes and construction that offers comfort, balance, support, budget and everything else involved in buying the best longboard decks.

best longboard decks is a surf board shaped longboard deck

13 Best Longboard Decks

Atom Drop Deck Longboard - 39 Inch
  • Deck: 9-ply Maple laminate - 35mm (1.4 inch) drop - photo heat transfer graphic

If you are looking for a longboard deck that is the best longboard decks for cruising and dancing, you need to pick up the Atom Drop Deck Longboard deck. This deck is 39-inches, 9-ply maple laminate with CNC drop-through cut-outs.

The Atom Drop Deck is a micro-drop/mini-drop meaning it Is 2” shorter than the standard kicktail. It is not as low as the regular drop deck, but the low deck height increases stability and pushes effortless.

This deck has aggressive concave and foot pockets, which lock you in when you need it. The deck is stiff and sturdy, which is great for heavier riders. The weight limit is 220lbs, but it has been known to hold up to 320lbs.

The drop-down design of the deck makes it easier to balance than standard cruiser boards. The deck is a full maple laminate with a photo heat transfer graphic. The only downfall is the vinyl overlay does scratch easily.

The Atom Drop Deck is a wide and long deck that carves well and is good for cruising, dancing and downhill. It is a comfortable solid board with great balance and a smooth ride. It does not wobble when cruising.

The Atom Drop Deck Longboard is one of the best longboards for beginners as it comes as a complete build. The trucks do come a bit tight, and the grip tape is not the best. Check out the post for the best longboard trucks here.

It is an 80-grit silicon carbide and does have lots of bubbles. You can easily replace the grip tape, so be sure to check out the best grip tape for longboards post here.

What We Like

  • Great value
  • Beautiful finish
  • Comfortable
  • Good for beginners
  • Good for heavy riders
  • Stiff and sturdy deck
  • It does not wobble when cruising

What We Don't Like

  • Grip tape is low quality

If you want a bouncy deck with a lot of flex, you should pick up the Minority Downhill Maple Drop Deck. It is made of 8-ply maple wood with a drop shape and radical concave that safely locks riders’ feet to the board.

The deck is a 40-inch low gravity drop deck. The drop concave means it was built for cruising. It pushes like a dream and is good for any speed.

The Minority Downhill Drop Deck board is durable, solid, easy to handle and rides smooth. This deck is a drop-down and drop-through deck, but it is still quite tall compared to other decks.

The weight limit is 220lbs, but it has a lot of flex, is super bouncy, and rides super low to the ground, so it may not be the best for heavier riders. It is so low that it may scrape the ground if you ride too hard.

The Minority Maple Drop Deck is one of the best longboard decks for beginners. It is compact, portable and light, but some find the deck is too wide.

One bonus about the large deck width is that it is easy to shift your weight while remaining confident that you won’t flip or fall off the board.

This deck is good for cruising, is very responsive, and helps absorb vibrations while riding over rough roads. It is a great value, good quality affordable board.

The Minority Maple Drop deck is great for downhill riding as there is no wobbling, and it is stable and smooth. It is not a great deck for dancing because of the drop deck shape.

This deck has attractive and striking graphics and nice padding. A few downfalls are that the grip tape is not great. It is a complete build, so if you are intermediate or pro, you will want to replace everything but the deck.

The wood is not the best quality, and it may crack under lots of weight and during wear and tear. If you are a lighter rider, it shouldn’t be a huge issue, though.

Keep yourself safe and pick up a set of the best skateboard pads too.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Great for downhill and cruising
  • Bouncy with lots of flex
  • Stable and smooth riding
  • Affordable
  • Responsive
  • Good for beginners
  • Radical concave keeps your feet locked in

What We Don't Like

  • Grip tape isn’t great
  • Wood may crack under lots of weight and heavy riding

The Volador Basic Cruiser deck is a 40”x9” 8-ply rock maple wood deck that is super strong but flexible. The deck is great for beginners as it is lightweight, smooth and forgiving.

This deck has a 250lb weight limit, it does have a moderate flex, but it is sturdy. It is lightweight, functional and stylish while giving you a comfortable ride.

This deck is good for cruising, but it is also great for freeriding and mild downhill riding. It is stable and won’t wobble. This deck is known for getting stress cracks near the trucks, but it will still be rideable.

This deck is a great price and a wonderful starter deck.

What We Like

  • Great for beginners
  • Strong
  • Moderate Flexibility
  • Flex but sturdy
  • Great Price
  • Comfortable Ride

What We Don't Like

  • Stress cracks may appear at the trucks, but it is still rideable
  • Scratches Easily
With Longboards Lonely Panda Series 36.5in Bamboo Deck Longboard for Freestyle and Tech-Slide
  • With Longboards Panda is specially designed for teenagers and beginners
  • Practical and functional design, the board surface adopts a special non-slip coating, no need to use grip tape, allowing you to control safely and stably
  • Panda length 36.5" is lighter and stronger due to its unique glass fiber + bamboo + carbon fiber sandwich structure
  • It has a wide toe/tail, which can help you find the position of your feet effortlessly before performing big tricks
  • The U concave can lock your feet firmly, making this cool skateboard easier to control. The deep 3D joystick is closer to the ground, making pushing the board a fun, and it also helps free riders use skills and sliding Safer and more stable

If you want to get into freestyle, tech slide and longboard dancing the With Longboards 36.5” Freestyle Bamboo Deck is the one I recommend.

If you are asking, what longboard deck is best for tricks? This board was designed for tricks! It is one of the best longboard decks for freestyle riding.

It has a wide nose and tail to find foot position easily when performing tricks. It has a deep 3D rocker meaning the deck is close to the ground, pushing like butter.

This is a brand-new longboard company, but their decks are amazing. This deck is safe, stable, lightweight and has a great design. It is great for freestyle and sliding, and the U-Concave locks in your feel firmly, making it easy to control while remaining stable.

The deck is made with fiberglass, bamboo and carbon fiber, making it super strong and lightweight. It does not have grip tape; instead, the deck is covered in an anti-slip coating, making it safe and giving you control.

 Looking for a deck for street-style commuting? Check out With Longboards No Boundary Series Bamboo Deck Longboard.

What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Amazing designs
  • Perfect for longboard dancing
  • Super Strong
  • U-Concave keeps you attached to the board

What We Don't Like

  • None
Yocaher Blank/Checker Complete Lowrider Skateboards Longboard Cruiser Black Widow Premium 80A Grip Tape Aluminum Truck ABEC7 Bearing 70mm Skateboard Wheels
  • Wheels: Speed Cruiser 70x52mm Wheels, 78A Hardness
  • Trucks: 9.675" HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks, 180mm Hanger, Aluminum Alloy
  • Hardware: 1.5", Riser: 1/2" Rubber, With Grip Tape on it
  • Deck Size: 40.75" Long x 9.5" Wide

The Yocaher Lowrider Longboard Cruiser deck is a 9-ply maple deck with a medium concave and low flex. It is a lowrider which means it is one of the best longboard decks for downhill and freeride skating.

This deck has a 240lb weight limit and is nice and wide for added stability. The deck is a double drop which means the trucks are drop through mounted, so the standing area is dropped by 2 inches. This means the board has a low center of gravity, making it super stable.

The shape of this board is made for experienced riders. The deck is 40.75” by 9.5”. It is drop-down, drop through and is top-mounted, and the foot platform sits lower than the trucks. It is amazing for shredding and free-riding and is good for maintaining balance.

It is good for maintaining balance, has amazing maneuverability and great for high-speed riding. The wood is low quality, so that it may be prone to warping. The deck comes with black widow grip tape, one of the best longboard brands for grip tape.

The Yocaher Lowrider Cruiser is affordable, rides very smooth and comes in many colors. This is a complete board, so I recommend replacing the bearings before riding it. Check out the post about the best longboard bearings to help you find new ones.

What We Like

  • Low center of gravity
  • Stable
  • It comes in many colors
  • Rides very smooth
  • Good for highspeed freestyle and downhill riding

What We Don't Like

  • Wood may warp

Sector 9 is one of the most well-known longboard and skateboard brands. They have multiple decks to choose from, but I am referring to the Eden Ft. Point. This is one of the best longboard decks for carving.

This deck is a bamboo and maple hybrid coming in at 34.0”x8.75” with a wheelbase of 21.0”. The top ply is made from caramelized bamboo, and the deck has a stiff flex. This is the perfect cruiser and commuter board for both experienced riders and beginners.

If you are looking for a kicktail cruiser, the Eden Ft. Point Sector 9 longboard deck is the one to pick. The kicktail is good for popping up on curbs, making deep carves, cruising and taking mellow hills.

The top mount is the classic skate mount meaning that the trucks are mounted from the top and sit flush with the bottom of the deck. This is a standard deck profile making it predictable and easy to make quick maneuvers.

The Sector 9 Longboard deck has a long wheelbase for big turns. The deck has the wheel wells bevelled out to give extra clearance and avoid wheel bite for big wheels. If you want to find the best longboard wheels for you, check out the post here.

The kicktail is great for those looking at doing some tricks like ollies, manuals and flip tricks. The bamboo and maple materials give you a springy, forgiving and durable longboard deck. This deck comes complete with clear grip tape so you can appreciate the art on the deck.

What We Like

  • Best longboard deck for carving
  • Good for all skill levels
  • Cruiser board
  • Kicktail – good for ollies, manuals and flip tricks
  • Forgiving board
  • Stiff flex

What We Don't Like

  • None
Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Deck (Flex 1)
  • VERSATILE CARVING MACHINE – The Loaded Icarus is a performance longboard created for snowboard-style carving, pumping, freeride, freestyle, and urban commuting / alternative transportation.
  • UTILITARIAN DESIGN – Drop-through truck mounting for stability and easier pushing. Cambered profile and variable edge concave create a lively and precise riding experience. Cutouts combine with flared wheel wells to maximize clearance for big wheels and allow deep carves and tight turns. Minimal nose and tail kicks help navigate city streets and open the door for freestyle trickery.
  • STRONG, LIGHT, & DAMP – Snowboard-inspired composite construction combines vertically laminated bamboo and fiberglass for a durable, lightweight, and lively ride. Cork bottom layer provides vibration damping.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE FLEX – Bamboo and fiberglass provide lively and energetic flex perfect for hard carving and pumping. Flex 1 is ideal for heavier riders or aggressive tricksters seeking more stiffness and stability, while flex 2 is the best choice for lighter riders or those looking for a more responsive board.

If you are looking for one of the best longboard decks, you should get a Loaded Board. It is 38.4” by 8.6” with a wheelbase of 28.25”. 

The deck has a snowboard inspired shape with laminated bamboo and fiberglass which makes high performance and energetic flex for hard carves, tight turns and pumping.

The Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard deck is one of the best longboard decks for carving. It has a cambered profile and edge concave, and a balanced flex pattern. The deck is lightweight and has a cork bottom for vibration dampening.

It has a minimal nose and kicktail, which help with freestyle tricks and street riding. The drop-through mounting makes for easy pushing, lively riding and stability. It is also one of the best longboard decks for cruising.

The deck has cut-outs and flared wheel wheels which maximize clearance for big wheels. There are two different types of flex you can get depending on your riding style and/or weight.

Flex 1 is for aggressive tricks or heavier riders as it is more stable and stiffer.

Flex 2 is for lighter riders or those looking for a more responsive board.

Although this board is incredible and great for beginners, it is expensive, so I would only get it if you are upgrading or are a more experienced rider.

What We Like

  • Best longboard deck for carves, pumping and tight turns
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for freestyle, tricks and street riding
  • Different flex’s available depending on weight or style

What We Don't Like

  • Expensive
  • Cork bottom is less durable than wood
Quest Rorshack 34" Complete Longboard Skateboard
  • COLD CLIMATE HARDWOOD 34-Inch Maple longboard
  • RUGGED 6-inch aluminum trucks
  • DURABLE 65mm PU wheels
  • FAST ABEC 7 bearings
  • QUEST Longboard with Quality Components

If you want a longboard deck that is versatile, affordable and gives you a skateboard feel, you should get the Quest Rorshack Longboard Deck. The deck comes in at 34”x8”x5” with a 24” wheelbase made with 7-ply hardwood maple and bamboo.

The Quest longboard deck is pretty flat with a slight contour. There is not too much flex making the deck rigid, strong, stable and easy to control.

The deck is a cruiser board with a kicktail, making it easy to maneuver. This is a smaller board with a weight limit of 200lbs and is good for beginners who want to cruise and carve.

Quest Longboard decks are great for those who want to transition from skateboarding to longboarding. This is a complete board, but the bearings, trucks and wheels are not great, but the deck is worth every penny.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Great for beginners
  • It feels like riding a skateboard
  • Great control
  • Good for cruising and carving

What We Don't Like

  • None
Santa Cruz Skateboards Screaming Hand White Complete Skateboard - 10" x 40"

The Santa Cruz Screaming Hand longboard deck is made of 8-ply maple wood and comes in at 40”x10” with a wheelbase of 32.5”. 

The drop-down deck has a symmetrical shape with wheel cutouts that prevent wheel bite.

The deck has a 250lb weight limit, and the drop-down deck lowers your center of gravity which provides stability and control.

This is a fantastic board for downhill riding and turns like a dream; however, it is not great for surfing.

What We Like

  • Great for downhill riding
  • Good stability
  • Easy to control
  • No wheel bite
  • Lowers your center of gravity

What We Don't Like

  • Not great for surfing

The Jucker Hawaii Original Longboard deck is the ultimate classic bamboo cruiser board. 

When you think of longboarding your probably think about these authentic Hawaiian decks. This cruiser deck, made with bamboo and Canadian maple, comes in at 42”x9” and is good for all skill levels.

The deck has a kicktail for good maneuverability. This Jucker Hawaii longboard deck has a lively and medium flex, but it does have multiple flex options. Flex 1 has a stronger flex while Flex 2 is a more relaxed flex.

The graphics are detailed and crisp, and the deck is very affordable. The ride is super smooth, and the board is one of the best longboard decks for cruising and carving. It is great for beginners and pro skaters alike.

This board is really only for cruising and carving and is not great for downhill, freeride, slide or street. Some downfalls are that the deck does chip easily, and the grip tape isn’t the best.

What We Like

  • Beginner Friendly
  • Affordable
  • Classic Cruiser Board
  • Bamboo Cruiser
  • Great for cruising and carving
  • Multiple flex options to choose from

What We Don't Like

  • Deck chips easily
  • Grip tape isn’t the best

The Landyachtz Drop Hammer Longboard is a symmetrical drop-through deck and is 36.5”x10”. It is an 8-ply Canadian Maple board with twin tip, cutouts and a rocker for increased carve and comfort.

The drop hammer is a very firm drop-through deck with little flex. It is very stable, high quality with stiff construction.

Its drop mount has increased stability which makes it good for freeriding and carving on bigger hills.

This deck is great for commuting as it has a low ride height and medium concave to keep you comfortable as you commute through the city.

What We Like

  • Great for commuting
  • Carve down a mellow hill
  • Drop mounted symmetrically
  • Low ride height

What We Don't Like

  • None

If you are looking for a drop-through longboard that is affordable and good for beginners; you should get the Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Cruiser Deck.

The deck is made with 8-ply maple, a drop-through symmetrical shape and is 39”x9”. This is one of the best longboard decks for cruising, carving and freestyle riding. This deck can hold 250lbs and is super stable.

The deck has a slight W-concave but is mostly flat with a flat tail. The deck is high flex and will snap if you do jump tricks, so it is only good for cruising. Otherwise, it is good quality, durable and the plastic top of the deck is waterproof.

The Playshion deck has a ground clearance of 4” due to the drop-through mounting design. This deck is affordable and great for beginners. A few downfalls are that the deck wobbles at high speeds, and it scratches easily.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • No wheel bite
  • It comes as a complete
  • Good for beginners
  • Carving and Cruising deck
  • Durable

What We Don't Like

  • Scratches and grip tape isn’t great
  • Wobbles at high speeds

If you are looking for the best longboard deck for all ages, I recommend getting the Junli Freeride Cruiser Deck. The deck is made by cold pressing 8 ply natural maple and measures at 41”x9.5”.

This deck is great for heavier riders with a weight limit of 330lbs; however, the deck is flimsy but still smooth and stable. The Junli Freeride Cruiser is built for downhill, speed and freestyle riding with a brushed black surface that is anti-slip.

This is a great deck for beginners. It is affordable and has lots of flex. However, be aware that it is a bit wobbly at high speeds.

What We Like

  • Great Price
  • Good for all ages
  • Great for beginners
  • Good for heavy riders
  • Smooth and Stable

What We Don't Like

  • Deck is flimsy
  • Deck wobbles at high speeds

What is a longboard deck?

The longboard deck is the long flat board you stand on while longboarding.

Longboard decks are longer than skateboard decks and are designed for people who are into commuting, cruising, downhill racing and dancing.

You can still do tricks on longboards, but they are not built for the skatepark.

Pick up one of the best skateboard backpacks to help carry your longboard around with you.

How to Choose a Longboard Deck

Type of Longboard Deck Types

When you are purchasing the best longboard deck for you, you should pick the deck by the style of longboarding you want to do. Different longboard decks are made for different types of riding.


Cruising and carving longboard decks are made for commuting. They generally are a pintail shape with wide and soft wheels, which help absorb vibrations as you ride around the city.

You can also get mini-cruisers or cruiser decks that are built specifically for cruising.


Freestyle Longboarding is super versatile as you can carve, dance, and perform tricks. Most expressive and creative form longboarding. These boards have a kicktail so that you can do tricks.

Most freestyle longboard decks have a drop-through truck mount and are platypus shape meaning it is symmetrical.

These decks are wider, so you have lots of deck space to balance on. Freestyle boards are usually medium-sized at about 35-40” long.

They are flexible with kicktails on both ends meaning it's great to do tricks or just pop up onto curbs easily.


Downhill Longboarding is all about speed. You want to be racing as fast as possible down huge hills. Downhill longboards are stiff with wide trucks for stability and control. The grip tape is aggressive, so it keeps you on the board.


Freeride longboarding is similar to downhill riding. You are generally riding really fast and doing long slides. These boards should have more flex, and you should pair them with harder wheels to slide easily.

Freeride longboard decks are usually symmetrical with a deep concave to keep you locked onto the board.

Longboard Deck Shapes

Directional Longboards are decks that go in one direction, such as pintails. If you are planning on cruising and carving, you will more than likely want a directional longboard.

Twin-Tip/Symmetrical Longboards are identical on the head and tail so that you can ride in all directions. These are great for doing slides in freestyle riding.

Deck Style


I recommend getting a top mount longboard if you are just starting. These decks are the most traditional board shape.

The deck is mounted above the trucks, which allows you to cruise and carve a lot easier. These boards are super versatile, and you will be able to learn freestyle and dancing.

Drop Through

Drop Through decks mean that the trucks are mounted through the board or on the bottom of the trucks meaning the trucks go through the deck.

This means the deck can be lower to the ground, which gives you more stability and less foot fatigue.

This style of decks allows you to turn quicker due to more force. They are good for doing slides as they are designed to rip around corners.

Drop-through decks do have concave, which holds you onto the deck. As these decks are lower to ground, are stable and good for quick turning, I recommend this style of deck if you want to do long-distance commuting.

Drop Down Deck

Drop Deck longboards are dropped down, which brings you lower to the ground. This style gives your feet pockets to stand in, and your feet are placed below the trucks.

This is to help you get close to the ground, so you have more stability while riding. These decks have concave to keep your feet locked onto the board. This is a performance board designed for speed. 

It has a wide wheelbase and gives you great control. I recommend this style of deck if you want to do downhill and freeriding.

Drop-down decks are more stable and easy to control for beginners.

Double Drop

A Double drop deck is essentially a drop deck but even lower. These decks are super low to the ground and are incredibly stable. They are quite expensive, so I would only get this deck if you are really serious about downhill racing.

Cruiser Board

A cruiser board is basically a skateboard and longboard in one. They have a smaller wheelbase and trucks. They have large longboard wheels with a tail on one side and a pintail.

Pintails are surf-inspired shapes with flexible construction and a bit of camber which dampens vibrations and allows you to carve easier.

Pintails are the standard longboard. It is good for cruising and feel like you are surfing on the land. It is a simple good intro board.

They are smaller boards that are good for your daily commute. These decks feel more like a skateboard – great to transition into longboarding. These are some of the few decks that you can kick into tricks.

Cruisers are one of the best longboard decks for beginners.

Wheel Cut-Outs/Wheel Wells

If you are concerned with getting wheel bite, you should get a deck with wheel cutouts or wheel wells. If you like to turn hard, these decks will allow you to do so.


Decks with a kicktail allow you to pop or kick up your deck. If you plan on making the transition from skateboard to longboard or are interested in doing tricks, you should make sure your deck has a kicktail.

Decks with kicktail are amazing for cruising and commuting boards as you can easily hop up on curbs as you ride.

Dance Style Cruise Board/Dance Board 

These decks are longer with a curved-up tip and tail to kick into tricks.

Deck Concave

Concave on longboard decks helps keep your feet stuck to the board. Concave means that the center of the board is a bit lower than the edges of your deck. You will want a deck with a deep concave if you are planning on doing downhill racing, but if you are cruising, a mellow concave is fine.


W-Concave is two pockets of concave, which helps grip your shoes to the board. These are only present on freeride and downhill boards.

Longboard Flex

Soft: A board with soft flex absorbs road shocks really well. I recommend getting a board with soft flex if you want to do some mellow cruising.

Medium: A deck with a medium flex offers stability at higher speeds. The deck feels bouncy and springy, which is great for helping you push your board and for carves.

I recommend a medium flex for beginners and those who want to carve, cruise and commute.

Stiff: A board with a stiff flex means it is very stable at high speeds. However, these decks, paired with hard wheels, will allow you to feel every bump in the road. These are best for racing and freeriding.

Deck Material

Most longboard decks are made with multiple sheets of wood, usually made out of maple, bamboo, carbon fiber and more.

Almost all boards are made with wood, and some have a layer of bamboo to give a springy lightweight board with a medium flex.

Other boards will also add a layer of carbon fiber which makes the deck almost indestructible. They are stiff and are great for downhill riding.

Width & Length

The longer your board, the more stable it will be, especially at high speeds. If you want to cruise, the longer the board, the better.

However, smaller boards are easy to learn on, are maneuverable, and you will be able to perform tricks easier.


Is a drop deck longboard better?

A drop deck is a great board for beginners as it brings you low to the ground. This lowers your center of gravity, and it makes the board really stable.

If you feel like you are scared to fall off your board, then a drop deck longboard will help soothe your fears.

How do I choose a longboard deck?

You should first pick the best longboard deck for the style of riding you are planning on doing.

Second, depending on your budget, you should pick a deck that fits how much you want to spend. You can always upgrade in the future.

If you want to put together your own longboard you will need a skate tool. Find out what the best skate tool is on the market before you buy.

How to pick the best longboard deck for beginners? 

If you are a beginner; don’t stress too much – just pick a longboard deck for the riding you want to get into, and don’t worry about anything else.

Pick the best longboard deck that fits into your budget, and you will learn your preferences as you get into longboarding.


So, what is the best longboard deck?

All in all, it is always up to your personal preference. If you are a beginner and still feel confused or overwhelmed, I recommend you pick the deck based on the riding style you want to learn and the deck that fits best into your budget.

The best longboard deck for beginners is the Atom Drop Deck Longboard deck. It is a cruiser board that is stiff and sturdy. It is affordable and great to learn on.

The best longboard deck overall is the Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard deck.

It is a snowboard-inspired shape deck that carves like a dream. It has two different flex’s, so you can pick the deck that is right for your personal style of longboarding.

Whatever deck you choose know that the brands I’ve listed above are all fantastic longboard decks for beginners to skilled riders.