Zeato and Heady Shake skate tools - the best skate tool

The Best Skate Tool in 2024

Written by Chris K

Are you looking for the best skate tool out there? Whether riding in the skate park or building a new board from scratch, a skate tool is a must-have.

If you are in the middle of a skateboard session and need to repair your board, you will need a skate tool.

What do you need when picking out the best skate tool for you? Do you want a compact tool? Is a Y-Tool better than a T-Tool? Do you need a ratchet on your skateboard tool?

Keep reading, and let me help you find the best skateboard tool for you.

Zeato and Heady Shake skate tools - the best skate tool
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The 13 Best Skate Tools

Silver All-in-One Ratchet Skate Tool

If you are looking for the best skate tool, you must get the Silver Premium All-in-One Multi Function Ratchet Skate Tool.

It is a T-Tool complete with a multi-function ratchet, making it easy to change your skateboard’s hardware. 

If you need new hardware, check out the best skateboard hardware to help you find the right hardware for you.

The Silver Skate Tool has a 3/8″ socket with ratchet capabilities, a 9/16″ socket to tighten and loosen your trucks, and a ½ socket to remove and readjust the wheels of your skateboard.

The Silver All-in-One Ratchet Skate Tool is durable, strong, reliable, and built solid.

It doesn’t come with the Allen key anymore, but it has a removable slide-out reversible Phillips and an Allen head driver. 

Plus, it comes with a double-cut medium precision file to smooth out your grip tape edges. The L/R switch is made of sturdy plastic, while the rest of the tool is a durable and strong metal.

This is a must-have skateboard tool. It fits flush with all of the bolts, and it has been tested on Thunders, Indys, and Ventures and works perfectly. 

Also, unlike other T-Tools, you don’t have to hold it at an angle to fit it to the hardware.

The Silver Skate Tool has a solid build quality, axle threader, excellent ratcheted functionality and a built-in file.

The screwdriver stays firm inside the tool, so you won’t fear it falling out and losing it. The ratchet makes setting up a new skateboard so much faster and easier.

You can quickly tighten or loosen your skateboard hardware. In addition, you will be able to remove your hardware with only one hand, so it is easier to use the small tool on the other side of the board and the ratchet on the trucks.

What We Like

  • Fits and works on all trucks
  • Durable
  • Multifunctional
  • Includes hardware ratchet
  • Has a precision file for grip tape
  • You can assemble an entire board with this tool
  • Easy to use – perfect for beginners and pros
  • Compact and easy to take on your skate sessions

What We Don’t Like

  • It no longer comes with an Allen key attachment
  • Paint chips off of ratchet stem
  • Is prone to rust
  • It does not have a bearing remover

Heady Shake Premium Compact Ratchet Skate Tool

Heady Shake Premium Compact Ratchet Skate Tool - Pro-Style Portable T-Key for Skateboards, Longboards, Cruisers - All Truck, Deck and Hardware Sockets, Ratcheting, Magnetic Holder, Precision File
  • Pro-Style Compact T-Type Skateboard Tool – Perfect for working on skateboard trucks, repairing your deck, changing wheels, and tightening up bearings this cool, innovative, and stylish T-Key is made for skaters of every skill level
  • All-in-One Multi-Functional Tool Set – This ultimate ratchet tool skate kit give you more functionality over standard skate tools for working on decks, trucks, and equipment with a Phillips screwdriver, Allen head, 9/16" socket for truck kingpin nuts, 1/2" socket for wheel nuts, 3/8" socket for hardware and precision file
  • Super Compact and Portable – Supporting left and right rotation this travel-ready transforming tool with magnetic holder is easy to keep in a jacket, backpack, or even front pocket without slowing down your style making it perfect for the skate park or all-day skate adventures
  • Heavy-Duty and Easy-to-Use Style – This multipurpose premium ratcheting skate T-tool offering all you need to keep your board in 100% bold condition. It come in rad colors perfect for your skateboard tool kit including Darkside, Jackpot and Rockstar mood
  • Supports Every Board Type – From classic skateboards to mini skateboard to cruisers to penny boards to your favorite longboard this skateboard T tool can do it all. In fact, it can be used for repairs, replacements, mounting, and all pro skater needs

The Heady Skate Premium Compact Ratchet Skate Tool is an all-in-one multifunctional toolset.

It is easy to use for any skill level and is one of the best skate tools for repairing your skateboard deck, changing wheels, changing mounting hardware and tightening up bearings.

This skateboard tool is a pro-style compact T-Tool that features a ratchet component. The ratchet feature makes a huge difference as it is more functional than standard skate tools for working on decks, trucks and equipment.

Most standard skate tools do not have the ratchet feature, which makes this skate tool superior to the rest.

The ratchet supports left and right rotation as you remove your trucks, tighten your wheel, or create a new board.

To change the direction of the ratchet, remove the extension from the bottom to the top, and it will ratchet in the other direction.

The Heady Skate Tool comes with a detachable two-sided Phillips screwdriver, an Allen key (hex key), a 9/16″ socket for truck kingpins nuts, and a ½” socket for wheel nuts, 3/8″ socket for hardware and precision file.

It is compact, portable, and has a small profile, making it easy to carry in your pocket, to take to the skate park or anywhere you skate.

The Phillips screwdriver and Allen key are held in place by a magnet that you twist to secure the pivot point. They stay in place with magnet holes when they are not in use.

The skate tool is durable and strong as it is made with heavy-duty metal and plastic. In addition, it comes in multiple colors, so you can pick the one you like best. 

The Heady Shake skateboard tool features a ratchet component.

This is the best skate tool for every type of board, including classic skateboards, minis, cruisers, penny boards and longboards. I recommend pairing this skate tool with the best skateboard wheels for cruising.

You can use it for repairs and maintenance, and it can be used to break down or build an entire board. This is a great skate tool for e-skateboards, so be sure to find the best electric skateboard under 500 here.

If you do a lot of ledge skating, you will have to adjust your bushings often, so I highly recommend getting the Heady Shake Skate Tool.

There are two downfalls to this premium skate tool. It doesn’t have a razor blade for grip tape, and it does not come with a bearing remover. However, it is still a fantastic skate tool.

What We Like

  • It has a ratchet for easy left and right rotation
  • Compact and portable
  • Heavy-Duty and durable
  • It comes in multiple colors
  • Perfect for all skill levels
  • It can be used for repairs, replacements and mounting.

What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t have a bearing remover attachment
  • Does not have a razor blade for grip tape

Zeato All-in-One Skate Tools

No products found.

Are you looking for the best Y-shaped skate tool? Look no further than Zeato All in One Skate Tools.

The Zeato Y-shaped skate tool includes a 3/8″ socket for hardware, ½” socket for axle nuts, and a 9/16″ socket for truck kingpin nuts.

It also comes with an Allen key and a slide-out Phillips Head Screwdriver, which fits into the top of the handle when it is not in use.

This skate tool is affordable and easy to use. It is super sturdy so that it won’t break on you. Plus, it comes with a carrying case, so you won’t need to worry if any parts come loose – they will be kept contained in your carrying case.

The upgraded version of the Zeato Skate Tool comes with a grinding tool, so you will easily be able to perform maintenance and repairs and do a complete skateboard assembly with one tool.

The Zeato Skate tool works on all boards – skateboards, penny boards, longboards and whatever else you ride.

It is multifunctional, so it allows you to adjust axle nuts, mounting hardware and adjust the kingpin nut on your skateboard trucks.

It comes in multiple colors and your choice of a T-shaped or Y-shaped tool. The T-Tool is light and portable, so it is easy to carry and use everywhere. The Y-Tool is bigger but much more sturdy.

Zeato does have a T-Tool, which is fine, but their Y-Tool is far superior, and although it is less compact, it is a much better skate tool. If you prefer a T-Shaped tool, I recommend the Silver Skate Tool or the Heady Shake Skate Tool.

Skate tools make the perfect gifts for skateboarders.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy (primarily the Y-Tool)
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to use
  • It comes in multiple colors
  • It comes with a travel bag so you won’t lose any parts

What We Don’t Like

  • No ratchet
  • The bottom of the T-Tool is too shallow and will not let you adjust all of the truck’s nuts, and the plastic is a bit cheap.
  • The Phillips tool/Allen wrench/screwdriver doesn’t fit snugly, so it may fall out when using the rest of the tool.


INDEPENDENT Genuine Part Skate Tool
  • 9/16" socket to easily tighten or loosen your trucks
  • 3/8" socket for your bolt pack
  • 1/2" socket to tighten your wheels
  • Independent Trucks is the #1 choice of professional skateboarders since 1978
  • - Philipps head screwdriver - Axle rethreader - Bearing press/remover

If you are a tough skater and are looking for the best skate tool for your extreme riding style, I recommend getting Independents Genuine Park Skate Tool.

It comes with a Phillips Head Screw Driver, a bearing press/remover, a 1/8″ and 7/32″ Allen wrench. This skate tool also has a 5/16″ self-aligning threader for the truck.

It is made of heavy-duty steel and ABS plastic, making it incredibly strong and durable.

In addition, it features several sockets, including a 9/16″ socket to tighten and loosen trucks, a 3/8″ socket for the bolt pack, and a ½” socket to tighten wheels.

The Independent Skate Tool is multifunctional, and it has more tools than you usually need.

It is good quality and sturdy, but it is a bit hefty, so it’s not great for taking to the skatepark. However, if you do a lot of rebuilds at home, this is the best skate tool.

One of the best things about these skateboard tools is how well the threading works on old axles. However, there are a few negatives about this skate tool – it works best with Independent trucks

I noticed that the tool would get stuck under the axle casing of the other truck brand, but it sometimes works. The tool got wedged under the axle casing of the truck. I had to jam it out and use something else.

This tool works best with Independent trucks. Check out the best skateboard trucks to see which Independent truck is the best for all skateboards and longboards. 

What We Like

  • It has a bearing press/remover
  • It comes with a self-aligning threader
  • Great for tough skaters
  • It comes with an additional hex key (Allen key)

What We Don’t Like

  • The threader and bearing tools make it harder to grip
  • Works best with Independent Trucks – might jam if you use other brands

Paris Truck Co Multi-Tool

Paris Truck Co Skateboarding and Longboarding Multi Tool
  • MULTI TOOL — Multiple sockets and drivers, the Paris Skate Tool is all you need to set up a skateboard or longboard.
  • STRONG & DURABLE — Built to last, the full aluminum construction ensures strength and durability.
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE — Easy to stash, the Paris Multi Tool is collapsible for easy storage.
  • DEEP SOCKETS — Long hardware? No problem, the extra deep sockets fit extra long hardware.
  • DESIGNED BY SKATERS — For skaters. The best skate tool ever made!

Paris Truck Co is one of the best skateboard brands and best longboard brands out there. They have some of the best longboard trucks you can buy, so it’s no wonder they have one of the best skate tools on the market.

This multi-tool has multiple sockets and drivers, which can be used for a complete setup of longboards and skateboards.

It is 100% aluminum, including the handle (most skate tools have plastic handles), making it durable and strong.

It comes with a 3/8″ hardware socket, a 9/16″ kingpin nut socket, a ½” axle nut socket, a 1/8″ Allen wrench and a #2 Phillips head screwdriver.

The double-sided screwdriver clicks into place on the top of the tool so you won’t lose it. Plus, it acts as a stopper when you adjust your axle nuts, preventing bearing shields from being crushed when you change your wheels.

What makes this the best skate tool you can buy? First, it has deep sockets which can fit extra-long hardware.

It fits over the longest kingpins and mounting hardware. In addition, the Paris Truck Skate Tool is slim and all metal, so it can access all of the parts of your skateboard and turn without the handle getting in the way like other tools with a bulky plastic handle.

Paris Truck Skateboard tool is compact, portable and collapsible. One downfall is that the Paris tool does not have a ratchet, but it’s still an incredible skate tool.

What We Like

  • Compact, portable and collapsible
  • Deep sockets so it can fit extra-long hardware
  • The shaft of the tool is thin enough that you can avoid removing your hanger.
  • Durable, solid and strong
  • The screwdriver clicks into place so you won’t lose it
  • Full aluminum – no plastic in sight.

What We Don’t Like

  • The tool gets scratches and marks easily
  • No ratchet

[CCS] Skateboard Tool

[CCS] Skateboard Tool - All in One T Tool, Metal T Tool W/Grip File, or Y Tool W/Rethreader
  • → A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST: This skateboard tool comes straight from the same CCS brand that millions of skaters have trusted worldwide since 1985.
  • → QUALITY SKATE TOOL: Toss your worries aside! We stand behind our skate tool and we've got your back in the event you're not happy.
  • → EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Includes slide in/out screwdriver with allen and phillip heads.
  • → SPECS: 3/8" Socket for hardware, 1/2" Socket for wheels, 9/16" Socket for trucks.
  • → UNIVERSAL: Works with all standard skateboard trucks.

If you want one of the best skateboard tools from a brand you trust, I highly recommend getting a CCS Skateboard Tool.

This T-Tool works with all standard skateboard trucks. It comes complete with a slide-in and out screwdriver with an Allen wrench and Phillip Head Screwdriver.

This skate tool has a 3/8″ socket for hardware, ½” socket for wheels and a 9/16″ socket for trucks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a ratchet, so you will have to spin the whole tool when you take apart your board.

The CCS Skateboard tool comes in multiple colors, is easy to use and is high quality. In addition, it is portable and fits in your pocket to take it on the go.

The skate tool is very affordable and worth your money. It is strong, durable and has a sturdy construction, but on some tools, the screwdriver does fall out on some tools, but most of them fit snuggly.

If you want to check out the best skateboard bearings, you can get the CCS Skateboard tool for free when buying Bones Bearings Speed Cream and Bones Bearings.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Compact
  • It comes in multiple colors
  • Easy to use – perfect for beginners

What We Don’t Like

  • The screwdriver does fall out on some tools
  • No ratchet

KVENI Skate Tool

Skate Tool All-in-One, Multi-Function Portable Skateboard T Tools Accessory - with T-Type Allen Key and L-Type Phillips Head Wrench Screwdriver
  • 1. Multi-functional Tool: The multi functional skateboard T tool that allows you to adjust axle nuts, mounting hardware, and the kingpin nut on the top of the truck to loosen or tighten your trucks for better control; which is perfect for completing skateboard assembly.
  • 2. All-in-One Design: The all in one skate tools has everything you need to tighten up or repair your skateboard. This KVENI skate T tool is universal that can be used for repairing, tightening, or reassembling with all types of the skateboards, penny board, long boards, standard skateboard, bike, scooter, cruiser and more.
  • 3. Innovative Structure: The T skateboard tool includes 3 different of size sockets: 1/2” for wheels, 3/8” for hardware, 9/16” for trucks, a slide-out Phillips head wrench screwdriver fits into the top of the tool, when not in use.
  • 4. Portable and Lightweight: The KVENI T skate tool for skateboard weighs only 4.2 ounces. The Allen key with cross screwdriver can be slide into the T skate tools handle when it’s not in using. They fit most pockets that you can take them to anywhere needed skateboard adjustments. And it also comes with one storage pouch.
  • 5. After-sale Service: We offer excellent customer service which makes your purchase absolutely risk-free. Any question, just contact us

If you are looking for a very affordable multifunctional skateboard T-tool, you should check out the Kveni Skate Tool.

It is suitable for maintenance, repairs and complete board assembly. It includes three different size hexagon sockets – ½” for wheels, 3/8″ for hardware and a 9/16″ for trucks. Plus, it has a slide-out Phillips Head Screwdriver and Allen key that fits into the top of the tool when not in use.

The Kveni Skate Tool is made of high-quality plastic and metal. It can be used on skateboards, penny boards, longboards and cruisers to adjust axle nuts, mounting hardware, and kingpin nut on trucks. In addition, you can loosen or tighten trucks for better control.

This skate tool is compact, so it fits in your pocket. However, it does come with a storage pouch, which is excellent because the screwdriver and Allen key sits loosely, so they are prone to falling out of the tool.

Are you looking for more skateboard gear? Pick up a set of the best skateboard pads to keep yourself safe while riding.

What We Like

  • Very affordable
  • It comes with a storage pouch
  • Multifunctional
  • Compact

What We Don’t Like

  • The screwdriver and Allen key sit loose, so it often falls out.

RADECKAL Compact Pocket Skate Tool

RADECKAL Compact Pocket Skate Tool- T Tool All in One Skate Tool for Skateboards, Longboards, Mini Skateboards, and Cruisers- Collapses to a Compact Size to Fit in Your Pocket
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: This T tool collapses easily to fit in your pocket so that you can take it with you to make any needed adjustments while you’re out skating. This tool is also super lightweight so that you can carry it with you to the skate park. Includes a free RADECKAL sticker.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL ALL IN ONE DESIGN: This skate tool has everything that you need to assemble, repair, or tighten up your skateboard. It has 3 sockets ( 3/8”, 1/2” and 9/16” ) so that you can adjust or replace any type of skate hardware, bearings, trucks, or wheels. It also has an Allen wrench and Phillips head screw driver giving you everything that you need for complete skateboard assembly and adjustments.
  • EXTREMELEY DURABLE: This compact pocket all in one skate Tool is made from high quality metal so that it WILL NOT BREAK like plastic T Tools. Get this skate tool and you will never have to purchase another skate tool ever again!
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ANY SKATEBOARD: This all in one tool works perfectly on any type of skateboard, longboard or cruiser. It allows you to adjust axle nuts, mounting hardware, and kingpin nuts for complete skateboard assembly.
  • HASSLE FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Our all in one skate tools are designed to last longer than any other skate tool on the market. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, please return your Radeckal Skate tool for a no-questions asked, full refund or replacement.

If you are looking for an all-in-one compact skate tool that you can take anywhere, you should try Radeckal’s Compact Pocket Skate Tool.

This T-tool is light and portable as it collapses, making it easy to carry around. This skate tool has everything that you need to assemble, repair, or tighten up your skateboard.

It has three sockets, including a 3/8″, 1/2″ and 9/16″ so that you can adjust or replace any skate hardware, bearings, trucks, or wheels.

The Radeckal Skate tool also has an Allen wrench and Phillips head screwdriver giving you everything you need for complete skateboard assembly and adjustments.

It comes in multiple colours and is built well out of durable, high-quality materials. It is compatible with any skateboard, longboard, or cruiser.

 For complete board assembly, you can adjust axle nuts, mounting hardware, and kingpin nuts. The tool’s shaft is thin enough to easily reach the kingpin bolt without leaning the tool over.

Radeckal’s Skate Tool is very affordable. Its parts fit together well, the magnet that holds the screwdriver in place is pretty strong, but sometimes they pop out.

The black coating is also known to scratch off easily, which isn’t great for aesthetics, but it works great.

 If you are looking for a high-quality Y-Tool instead, they also have an all-in-one Y-shaped skate tool.

What We Like

  • Collapsible, so it’s easy to take with you
  • Affordable
  • Skinny enough to easily reach the kingpin
  • Sturdy
  • It comes in multiple colors
  • Easy to use

What We Don’t Like

  • Black coating scratches off easily
  • The hex key pops out easily

M Merkapa Ratchet Skateboard Tool

M Merkapa Ratchet Skateboard T Tools All in One Tool with T-Type Allen Key and L-Type Phillips Head Wrench Screwdriver
  • All in one multi-function skate tool with ratchet, fit for most type of skateboards
  • The most powerful skateboard tool on the market so far
  • Includes 3/8" socket with ratchet capabilities; 1/2" socket for add, remove or secure the wheels; 9/16" socket for tighten or loosen the trucks; a 1/8 Allen wrench & Phillips / Allen attachment key; 5/16¡± Axle Rethreader; a bearing press/remover
  • Made of heavy duty steel and durable ABS plastics
  • WAY TOO EASY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Don¡¯t worry about missing Amazon¡¯s 30-day return window. If you don¡¯t like your T tools, or whatever, we will instantly give you your MONEY BACK and you can keep the skateboard tools in two months. That¡¯s a promise. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE

The M Merkapa Ratchet Skateboard T-Tool is one of the most powerful skateboard tools on the market so far. It is a combination of 9 essential skate tools all in one.

This skate tool is made of heavy-duty steel and durable ABS plastic. It is a multifunctional tool with a ratchet, grip tape file, bearing press/remover, and a 5/16″ axle threader for repairing screw threads.

It includes a 3/8″ socket with ratchet capabilities for the axle nut socket for removing bearings, a ½” socket to remove or secure the wheels, and a 9/16″ socket to tighten or loosen the trucks, an 1/8″ Allen wrench and a Phillips attachment key.

This versatile tool fits most types of skateboards, but the detachable pieces are not stored on the tool, and it doesn’t come with a carrying case so you may lose some of the parts.

The Allen wrench can be hard to get out, the ratchet is a bit wobbly, but it is pretty sturdy otherwise. It is an excellent skateboard tool for tuning up your board.

What We Like

  • It has a bearing press
  • Versatile
  • Ratchet Tool
  • It has a grip tape file
  • Solid build

What We Don’t Like

  • Ratchet is a bit wobbly
  • The detachable pieces are not stored on the skate tool, so they may get lost.
  • The Allen Key can be hard to get out.

Alouette Skate Tool

Alouette Skate Tool Set of 2,All-In-One Multifunctional portable T-tool&Y-tool for skateboard
  • Package includes 1 x T-tool and 1 x Y-tool.
  • Each weighs only 0.2 lbs, lightweight and portable.
  • 45# steel,extremely strong and durable.
  • All-in-one multi-functional tool for kinds of skateboards,longboards,scooters and bikes.
  • Universal tool, all the tools are included to repair or tighten skateboards.

If you are looking for the best skate tool but can’t decide between a T-Tool or Y-Tool, you should pick up the Alouette Skate Toolset that comes with one of each.

What is better than getting one tool? You get two tools for the price of one!

These skate tools come with a Phillips head screwdriver, and the Allen key has an O-ring to help you pull out your bearings.

It can be used to adjust axle nuts and for mounting hardware. Both tools have a fitting for kingpins/bushings, wheels and deck screws; however, only one of the tools has a threader.

Although these skate tools are lightweight and portable, they are a bit clunky. However, they are durable and have a solid build thought.

In addition, they work great to change your skateboard wheels as it comes with a bearing puller.

Alouette Skate Tools are a great entry-level skateboard tool and are very inexpensive.

I found the T-Tool is a bit more fragile than the Y-Tool, but the Allen and Phillips head screwdriver falls off the Y-Tool easier than the T-Tool, so they both have pros and cons.

This skate tool does not have a ratchet, and it has a lot of play so bolts may get stripped due to the loose fit of this tool, so be wary of that.

What We Like

  • Excellent entry-level skateboard tool
  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight
  • It comes with both a T-Tool and Y-Tool
  • Durable
  • Get two tools for the price of one

What We Don’t Like

  • No ratchet
  • It has lots of play so the bolts may get stripped due to the loose fit.
  • The tools are a bit clunky.

Bona Skate Tool

Do you want a skate tool with an axle threader? Bona Skate’s Upgraded Skate Tool is the best skateboard tool for its threader function.

This skate tool comes with three different sizes of sockets. It comes with a ½” for wheels and axle nuts, 3/8″ for hardware, a 9/16″ for trucks, socket for kingpin nuts, a detachable 1/8″ Allen wrench, and a bearing press remover and a precision file.

It also comes with a slide-out Phillips Head Screwdriver that slides into the tool’s top when not being used.

Bona Skates tool is made of durable, rustproof reinforced material. In addition, it has a lightweight construction which makes it easy to carry in your pocket.

The T-Tool gives excellent leverage when repairing, tightening and reassembling skateboards.

The axle threader is excellent for repairing screw threads. It is a 5/16″ axle threader and to rethread. You need to turn the tool slowly and evenly in the same direction as when you tighten the axle nut.

Turn it until the threader reaches the end of the threads on the axle, then slowly turn back in the opposite direction. Just be careful not to apply too much pressure as the threader has broken from excess pressure.

The bearing removal tool doesn’t have the best support when pulling out the bearings, but you can remove them by inserting the bearing press remover into the bearing.

Then, use the main shaft of the skate tool for leverage to remove the bearing from the wheel.

What We Like

  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Durable
  • Rust Proof
  • It has a bearing press remover
  • Has a precision file for grip tape

What We Don’t Like

  • The bearing remover doesn’t have good support when pulling out the bearing
  • Threader has broken from too much pressure
  • The ratchet function isn’t the best
best skate tool. Man using skate tool to tighten hardware on skateboard deck.

The Best Skate Tools for Grip Tape

Although this is a post for the best skate tool, I figured I would include tools for grip tape as grip tape is essential for skateboarding. 

So, make sure you get the best grip tape for whatever style of riding you do before buying your next sheet.

Black Diamond Skateboard Tools Set

No products found.

If you are looking for one of the best skate tools made explicitly for grip tape application, look no further than Black Diamond’s Skateboard Grip Tape Roller.

It comes as an application kit that includes a roller file, awl, and cutter. It helps smooth out your grip tape, making sure it sticks to the board.

This skateboard grip tape tool has a soft handle that won’t hurt your hands as you apply high pressure to your skateboard deck.

In addition, the tool is durable and will be able to withstand multiple applications of heavy-duty grip tape that would destroy other tools.

One of the best things about the Black Diamond skate tool? It makes sure your grip tape application is smooth.

So you won’t have any rough edges. In addition, the awl allows you to poke through the grip tape to give you even holes for your mounting hardware and smooth out any bubbles.

This kit also comes with a folding knife that easily cuts your grip tape down to size. This is a great starter kit and will help you apply your grip tape with ease, fewer bubbles, and less tearing when poking holes for your mounting hardware.

What We Like

  • Roller saves your hands from getting torn up when applying grip tape
  • The small folding knife is portable and easy to use
  • The awl is perfect for getting rid of annoying bubbles during application

What We Don’t Like

  • Multiple tools, so it’s not portable (unless you carry it all in your backpack)
  • The knife is a bit flimsy and dull.

Mob Skateboard Grip Cleaning Gum


What skateboard kit would be complete without a grip tape cleaner? Mob Grip Tape, one of the best grip tape brands out there, has the best grip tape cleaning gum you can get. This will help get the dust and dirt off your grip tape, making it feel like sparkling new.

What We Like

  • Cleans dirt effectively

And what We Don’t Like

  • It does take a lot of elbow grease to clean your grip tape.

What is a Skate Tool, and Why Do You Need One?

A skate tool is a universal multifunctional tool that comes as a T-Shape or Y-Shape with extra pieces that maintain, repair and assemble new skateboards. Even the best skateboarders of all time use skate tools.

It is a compact tool that contains all of the tools you need to care for your skateboard on the go. Who wants to carry a complete toolset around when all of them are in one tool?

You never know when your wheels or trucks will loosen in the middle of a skate session. That is why skate tools are essential to all skateboarders and longboarders.

If you need to tighten your trucks, replace bearings, rethread your axle, adjust your wheels, or do any tune-ups to your board while riding, you will want to carry a skate tool.

Check out the post for the best longboard bearings to find out what bearing works best for your style of riding.

So, why do you need a skate tool? Carrying around a multitool can save you when you are out if something on your board breaks.

Or if you need to make some changes during the middle of skateboarding. You never know when you need to do maintenance on any part of your board.

You should do maintenance on your skateboard every two months. Regular maintenance will ensure that your bearings, axles, trucks, and wheels stay in the best shape, making them last a long time.

New to longboarding? Why not check out the best longboards for beginners or best longboards for under $100 to help you find the longboard for you.

I added skate tools into the post about the costs of skateboarding. So be sure to add skate tools into the budget!

How to Maintain Your Skateboard

If you are a beginner, you should check the nuts on the baseplate to make sure they are tight when doing routine maintenance. If they loosen, they will oval out the holes on your baseplate.

Check your wheels to see if they are too loose or too tight. You will want some wiggle room so that your bearing doesn’t seize up. Alternatively, if they are too loose, your wheels will wobble.

The Different Types of Skate Tools

There are a few different types of skate tools on the market. You can get simple standard skate tools, skate tools with ratchets, to credit card-sized portable skate tools.

The main two types of skate tools are T-Tools and Y-Tools. Both are multitools that contain sockets to fit all of the nuts on your skateboard.

The best Basic & Premium skate tools are used for adjusting truck kingpins, sockets for wheel nuts and sockets for hardware.

In addition, they will have a detachable Phillips screwdriver and Allen Key that can be used to tighten, loosen or replace bolts on your skateboard.

The difference between T-Tools and Y-Tools is more than the shape. T-Tools, shaped like the letter T, are more common and often collapsible, compact, and easier to carry to the skatepark.

 However, one downside to the T-Tool is they are generally more fragile than a Y-Tool.

Y-Tools, shaped like the letter Y, are more stable than T-Tools, but they are bulkier as they usually do not break down.

They are still compact and easy to carry everywhere you go, but they take up a bit more space than T-Tools. In addition, Y-Tools will often have a 5/16″ threader to repair axle threads.

Things to Look for in a Good Skate Tool

Premium Skate Tools

You can also get premium skate tools that include a ratchet component, making replacing your hardware much easier and faster.

This is fantastic for skaters who put together new skateboards together more often. In addition, it makes tightening bolts a lot easier than a basic tool without a ratchet.

Grip Tape Files

Some skate tools include files to help you apply new grip tape to your skate deck.

When you apply new grip tape to your skate deck, you will trace the edges, so it is easier to cut, you can either get a separate grip tape file, but some skate tools have a grip tape file built into it.

Axle Threaders (5/16″ Die)

Some skate tools have axle threaders, also called dies, which will allow you to rethread stripped axles.

When your axles wear down from skateboarding, tricks and grinding, you may need to rethread your axles as they get worn down.

Make sure you regularly check so you can easily get your wheels off. Also, be sure to rethread your truck axles often!

Bearing Removers

Bearing removers are a feature of some skate tools. This will help you remove bearings easier than just using screwdrivers and other parts of the skate tool.

Also, if your bearings get stuck in your wheels, a bearing remover will be able to pop out stuck bearings. When the tool is inserted into the wheel, you should turn the tool to pop them out.

Finally, a bearing remover will help prevent bent trucks if you struggle to get your bearings out.

9 Benefits of Using A Skate Tool

Skate tools are required for everything, whether you replace wheels, trucks, deck, bolts, nuts, axles and kingpins or make a complete skateboard.

  • Skate tools are compact and easy to take with you so that you can fix your skateboard on the go
  • More economical than owning several different tools
  • Skate tools are made for skateboards – they have everything you need for every part of your skateboard
  • You won’t destroy your household tools working on your skateboard
  • Much more convenient. You can do all of your maintenance and repairs with one tool
  • You can put together a complete board with one tool
  • You won’t wreck your skateboard by using improper tools
  • You won’t need to carry around tons of different tools to repair your skateboard
  • You won’t struggle to find all of the correct sizes of sockets and tools to fix your skateboard

8 Things to Look for in a Good Skate Tool

What should you look for in a good skate tool? Whether you are buying a basic tool or a premium skate tool, here are the things to look for in the best skate tool.

Skate Tool Features

Socket Components

The best skate tools have several different sizes of socket components. You will need specific sockets for putting together or maintaining your skateboard.

All of the skate tools I recommend have these sizes as they are pretty standard, so be sure to check out the dimensions before buying!

These will fit on all standard skateboards, longboards, penny boards, etc.

  • ½” Sockets are used for the truck wheel axle to keep wheels on trucks. This socket size is used to tighten or loosen the wheels.
  • 3/8″ Sockets are used for hardware nuts that attach the truck to the deck, tightening the deck bolts quickly.
  • 9/16″ Sockets are used for truck kingpins to tighten or loosen for more stability or easier turns. This socket will help you install or replace trucks.
Detachable Screwdrivers

Phillips head screwdrivers are the most common screws on skateboards and skate tools. Phillips Screwdrivers are used to remove, loosen or tighten hardware and wheels.

Allen Wrenches or Hex Keys are attached as extra pieces on skate tools.

These are pretty common on most skate tools now, but a few skate tools do not come with Allen Wrenches. Instead, like the Phillips Head Screwdriver, Allen Keys are used to loosen or tighten up parts like wheels and trucks.

Additional Features

Premium Skate Tools have more components like axle threaders to repair stripped axles, ratchet components to help remove hardware faster, bearing press to help remove bearings from your skateboard wheels, and precision files for smoothing out grip tape.

These aren’t necessarily essential, especially if you are a beginner skateboarder. However, I would recommend getting a skate tool with these extra features if you do a lot of repairs or build skateboards often.

If you are looking for a new deck? Check out the best longboard decks or best skateboard decks to find which one works best for you.


If you plan on taking your skate tool with you wherever you go, which I highly recommend, you will want something compact and easy to carry.

Compact Skate Tools

T-Tools are sometimes collapsible, always compact, and will fit in your pocket.

So you won’t notice it when you skate, and you will always be able to keep it on you just in case you need to change hardware and wheels easily while out skating.

Y-Tools are still compact but are usually bulkier but sturdier. These can be carried around in a backpack, or you can leave them at home for when you do heavy-duty skateboard maintenance—looking for the best skateboard backpack? Let me help you.

Full-Size Skate Tools

Full-size skate tools are heavy-duty and will have more features like grip tape files, bearing removers and more. These tools are fantastic but are best to keep at home when you need to make complete boards or do a lot of maintenance.

You should look for a tool that is easy to carry in your pocket. Some are bulky, which is fine if you have a backpack, but if you carry your tools in your pocket, the smaller/more compact, the better.

I recommend getting a pocket-sized tool to carry with you, and if you need to do more heavy-duty maintenance, you can keep a heavy-duty/full-size tool at home.


All of the skate tools I recommend are high-quality tools that last. Of course, you can get skate tools that are cheaper and more basic or tools made with higher quality materials, making a difference in how your tool performs.

Still, a basic tool will be fine for minor maintenance or beginners who are just learning to maintain their board.

If you regularly put skateboards and longboards together, I suggest getting a higher-quality tool that will last longer.

Materials & Construction

Many tools are made with high-strength metal and ABS plastic. While plastic handles are generally quite comfortable, they can sometimes break.

A few skate tools are made 100% of metal, meaning the tool is extra durable. I recommend a fully metal tool if you do a lot of maintenance on your skateboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

All are skate tools the same?

No, all basic tools should fit all standard skateboards and longboards.

However, not all tools are created the same. While all tools should have the standard sockets and Phillips Head screwdriver, they may not fit properly, be made of low-quality materials, or miss other features.

All skate tools, regardless of quality, should have four components.

Mounting Hardware – 3/8″ Socket – The smallest socket on your skate tool. This will be used in conjunction with your Allen Key/Phillips Screwdriver. (Unless you have a ratchet)

Axle Nuts – ½” Socket – The medium-sized socket allows you to loosen, tighten and remove the nuts from your wheels.

Kingpin Nuts – 9/16″ Socket –  This is the skate tool’s largest socket. This will help loosen and tighten the kingpin on your trucks.

Phillips Screwdriver/Allen Wrench – The detachable hardware will help loosen and tighten your truck bolts. Use this tool with your 3/8″ mounting hardware socket.

The best skate tool will have all of the above features, durable metal, and additional features like a ratchet component or axle threader.

Does it matter what skate tool you have?

Depending on how often you replace parts or repair and maintain your skateboard, you may want a higher-quality tool. On the other hand, if you are a beginner, a basic skate tool will be fine.

Do skate tools work on all skateboards?

Generally, most skateboards and longboards have similar sized parts to make all skate tools compatible with all boards.

You will rarely need a skate tool of different sizes, so you are safe with most skate tools.

What is the best skate tool for heavy riding?

If you skate all the time, destroy your trucks or change your wheels, often go with the Independent Skate Tool as it has the axle threader and bearing press.

The Silver Skate Tool is another skate tool perfect for riders who use and abuse their boards. You can make complete boards or maintain and repair skateboards with these tools.

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If you have an unexpected repair or just want to upkeep the maintenance of your skateboard, you will need a skate tool.

You don’t want to carry around multiple tools if you need to do maintenance on your board when you are out skateboarding.

 Depending on the size you need, you would need to carry around wrenches, screwdrivers, files, etc. Skate tools help you mount hardware, adjust wheels, tighten up trucks, etc.

If you don’t want to search for different wrenches, screwdrivers and other tools when you want to repair or put together your skateboard, you will want to get a skate tool.

The best skate tool will have all of these tools in one handy compact skateboard tool that you can carry on the go.

If you are looking for a basic tool that is super compact, easy to take with you anywhere and easy to use? I highly recommend getting the Zeato All-in-One Skate Tool

I recommend the Y-Tool if you look for a sturdy tool that will help you maintain your board. However, if you prefer a basic T-Tool, I recommend getting the CCS Skateboard tool.

Both tools are affordable, compact and easy to use, perfect for beginners.

If you are looking for a higher quality premium skate tool, I highly recommend Silver Skate Tool

It fits on all trucks, is super durable and includes a ratchet and grip tape file. It is easy to use and perfect for beginners and pro skaters.

In addition, it is compact, so it is easy to take with you anywhere you go.

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