the best electric skateboard under 500

The Best Electric Skateboard Under 500 in 2024

Written by Chris K

Electric skateboards are incredibly fun, and owning one shouldn’t break the bank. Electric skateboards should be affordable so everyone can enjoy riding one. However, some electric skateboards can cost you up to $1000.

Nowadays, there are plenty of budget-friendly electric skateboards on the market, but how can you be sure you are getting an inexpensive e-skateboard with high quality and performance?

This guide can find the best electric skateboard under 500 dollars. That way, you can still join in on the fun of riding an electric skateboard while staying on a budget.

the best electric skateboard under 500
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The 10 Best Electric Skateboard for Under $500

Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard

MEEPO MINI2 Electric Skateboard
  • [Fun and Comfortable to Ride] The Mini5 is new release in 2023, more convenient to ride, turn, and carry around thanks to its 33-inch short deck and useful kicktail. Additionally, newly incorporated front end protection technology and the ideal width of the skateboard deck makes the stance more comfortable giving you a great experience.
  • [Great Design to Sharpen your Skill] People who want to improve their skating skills, this skateboard’s compact body with a lot of power offers a fine experience allowing you to also go manual. Composed of maple, it holds a load capacity of 330 pounds.
  • [Portable Skateboard] The Meepo Mini5 is a fantastic choice for office workers because it's simple to transport on and off buses. Due to its portability and high performance, this premium board is ideal for cruiser enthusiast and works well for all ages
  • [Cruising Speed] If you are looking for speed and portability like many lifestyle riders, this standard equipment of electric skateboard is the ideal choice as it offers a range of 11miles/18 kilometers.
  • [Package Contents] The Meepo package contains M5 remote, skateboard tools, DC cable and USB cable for remote. If you run across any issues, kindly contact us.

The best electric skateboard for under 500 dollars is, hands down, the Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard

The deck is 30″ x 9″ with a wheelbase of 21.5″ and 8 layers of Canadian maple. The deck shape is a functional kicktail which means it is easy to turn and perfect for making sharp turns.

The Meepo Mini 2 has shredder trucks and 90mm x 60mm 78a wheels. The wheels feel hard and are of decent quality, but they could be better at handling cracks, and they are not the easiest to replace.

This deck has a weight limit of 300lbs and is perfect for beginners and experienced skaters. If you are looking for new trucks, find the best skateboard trucks here.

The Mini 2 Electric skateboard is a great commuter board. The standard range is 11 miles (18 km), but you can get the ER Range which lasts for 20 miles (32 km), for those who want a higher range. It is suitable for everyday transportation and is one of the best budget electric skateboards.

Want to know more about how much skateboarding costs? Check out the post.

It takes 2 hours to charge the Meepo Mini 2 fully, but the battery is regenerative, charging as you brake. However, it does require a 22% battery to regenerate.

The battery life is incredible, but I recommend getting an additional battery for backup. The Mini 2 comes with an M4 remote and has a hill climbing capacity with a 30% grade.

The Meepo Mini 2 feels like a regular skateboard as you can also leg push it. You will have a comfortable stance as you ride it, and the wide deck makes turning easier.

The electric skateboard is portable, easy to carry and comes with skate tools, a charger, stickers, a DC cable and a USB cable for the remote.

Don’t worry about anything damaging the deck with the new nose protection technology. Overall the Meepo Mini 2 will give you a great riding experience as it is a powerful and smooth electric skateboard. However, note that it will take a few days to learn how to ride it.

Meepo is one of the best skateboard brands, so you know your skateboard will be reliable as it is from a reputable brand.

Top Speed: 29 MPHRange: 11 MilesWeight: 16lbsMotor:  Hub Motors 2 x 540 WattsDimensions: 30” x 9”Warranty: 6 Months

What We Like

  • Good commuter board
  • It feels like an actual skateboard
  • Incredible battery life
  • Kicktail helps when making sharp turns
  • Regenerative brakes
  • Powerful
  • You can use it as a regular skateboard when the battery dies
  • The weight limit is 300lbs

What We Don’t Like

  • Wheels are not the best quality

Backfire G2 Black Electric Skateboard

Backfire G2 Black Electric Longboard Skateboard with Protective Gear, Suitable for Adults & Teens Beginners, 5.2Ah/187Wh Battery, 11 to 12.5 Miles Range, 180 Days Warranty
  • [Best Entry-level Electric Skateboards] : "The G2 series includes models like the G2T, G2S, and G2B. With more than one hundred thousand units sold and counting since 2017, improvements are also constantly being made thanks to feedback from our users around the globe. Currently, the G2 BLACK is consistently recognized as the best entry-level choice on the market."
  • [Smooth Braking] : The high-quality reliable ESC made by Hobbywing provides smooth acceleration and braking, all speeds and brakes on the skateboard can be easily controlled by remote control.
  • [More range more fun] : The 187Wh li-ion battery pack is made of high-quality cells with 41V high voltage and high discharge power. Get up to 12.5mi / 20km per charge, allowing it to adapt to various scenarios like college commuting, hanging out with friends, or riding around the city.
  • [Suitable for beginners] : If you've never tried an electric skateboard before, don't worry; All speeds and brakes on the skateboard can be easily controlled by remote control, safer than traditional skateboards. We have prepared a complete set of protective equipment to allow you to enjoy a safe and fun riding experience.
  • [Backfire APP] : Input the country and region you want to search for, and the registered users will be displayed. You can contact them & go skate together. You just need to open the app every day and click to accumulate one credit. The points can be exchanged for various backfire products and vouchers for free.

The Backfire G2 Black electric skateboard is the best electric skateboard under 500 dollars. It is suitable for beginners and is easy to learn.

It is a great commuter board with great power, speed and range. In addition, the G2 is a great entry-level board as it is well made and durable and will last you several years.

The G2 electric skateboard is known for being a waterproof electric skateboard, but it is more water-resistant, so it is best if you don’t ride it in wet conditions.

Plus, the G2 will lose traction on wet roads. The 187wh lithium battery is fully sealed, which helps keep out water and dust. The battery is fantastic and takes 3.5 hours to charge but once charged fully, it is fast, and there is no battery sag until the last 15%, which is a great safety feature. However, the battery power does decrease in cooler weather.

The load capacity is 240lbs, and the skateboard is very stable. It comes with two customized hobbywing hub motors that are thin, long and reduce the center of gravity.

In addition, the motors and tires are independently replaceable, which will increase the lifetime of your skateboard.

The wheels are polyurethane 83a SHRAA 96mm diameter wheels and handle rougher roads pretty well. This is one of the best skateboard decks as it is a comfortable curved deck with super grippy grip tape, but I’ve included the best grip tape here if you need to replace it.

The trucks are a bit tight, so be sure to loosen them before riding, and you will carve effortlessly.

Backfire’s G2 Electric skateboard is fast, with a top speed of 24mph. It is smooth and has good traction with no issues riding uphill. It is a bit noisy when acceleration, though.

However, the braking is reliable and strong for higher speeds and can be used as a regular skateboard when the battery is off.

The LCD remote control is wireless, but it feels cheap and flimsy. The status screen has a fixed cruise speed in road echo mode, sport mode and turbo mode.

If you think of getting an electric skateboard as a gift, I highly recommend Backfire!

Top Speed: 24 MPHRange: 11-12.5 MilesWeight: 17lbsMotor:  2 hub motors x 400wDimensions: 38” x 9”Warranty:  6 Months

What We Like

  • Good value for money
  • Easy to learn
  • Great entry level board
  • Kick push when the battery is off
  • Carves really well
  • Very stable
  • Good commuter board
  • Very fast
  • Water-resistant

What We Like

  • Loses traction on wet roads
  • Battery power decreases in cold weather
  • It is a bit noisy when accelerating

Blitzart 38″ Hurricane Electric Longboard

Blitzart 38" Hurricane Electric Longboard Electronic Skateboard 18mph 350w brushless Motor
  • Range and Speed - A max speed of up to 19 MPH and a range of 6-10 miles, and equipped with a secured 36V, 4.0Ah and 144Wh Lithium-Ion battery pack which can be fully charged within 3 hours.
  • 2020 New Released Wireless Remote - Easy to hold wireless remote that controls acceleration and deceleration with reverse capability. Two speed modes to beginners and advanced riders. Hold function to assist getting on and off the board. Remote control is rechargeable.
  • Maple Wood + Bamboo Deck& Premium Grip Tape - The 7-ply maple wood deck sandwiched between 2 layers of bamboo on the top and bottom of the board giving it more flexibility and sturdiness. The deck is outfitted with grip tape and is concave to keep the rider's feet firmly in place and on the board. Supports up a max weight of 250 lb.
  • 350W Brushless Hub Motor - Hub Motor vs Belt Drive Motor? Hub motors are more reliable and less problematic. Our hub motors give the board an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the overall design. Hub motors are much quieter than belt-driven motors. More importantly, the hub motor's board can be ridden like a regular board with or without battery. The tire on the motor is replaceable once worn.
  • Ships Fully Assembled and Ready to Ride - Save yourself the time and hassle of assembly when you can ride your board instantly out of the box! US based company with US based live customer support!

The Blitzart 38″ Hurricane Electric Longboard is the best electric skateboard under $500. The deck is solid and sturdy as it is made of 7 layers of maple and 2 layers of bamboo.

The deck is comfortable, covered in premium grip tape, with a slight flex and concave, which keeps your feet firmly in place. In addition, the deck has curves on the edges so you can tell when your feet are in the wrong place.

The Hurricane fully charges in 2.5 hours and hits a top speed of 16mph. The ergonomic wireless remote has two speed modes for beginners and advanced riders.

The Hurricane is one of the best electric skateboards for beginners. The hub motor is reliable and less problematic than brush motors, but if you hear clicks or squeaking, be sure to add synthetic grease to the motor wheel. If it wears out, you may have to replace the rubber tire on the hub motor.

While the Hurricane is a speedy board, it takes a while to build up speed and slow down. It is not the best at going uphill, and the electric skateboard slows down a lot when the battery is at 50% capacity. However, if the battery dies, the Hurricane can be ridden like a regular skateboard.

One of the best things about the Hurricane is the reverse capability. You can easily go backwards and forwards as you ride. Also, the wheels are big and good for going over cracks, so it’s an excellent board for commuting.

The weight limit on the Blitzart Hurricane is 300lbs.

Top Speed: 16 MPHRange: 10 MilesWeight: 13lbsMotor:  Hub Motor 350 WattsDimensions: 38” x 9”Warranty: 3 Months

What We Like

  • Very fast
  • Reverse capability
  • Very affordable
  • The remote control pairs to the skateboard instantly
  • Holds 300lbs
  • Great for beginners and advanced riders
  • The concave deck holds feet in place

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavy
  • The battery indicator doesn’t show the percentage of the remaining battery
  • The board slows down a lot when the battery level reaches 50%
  • Not ideal for riding uphill

Blitzart Mini Flash 28″ Electric Skateboard

Blitzart Mini Flash 28" Electric Skateboard Electronic Hub-Motor 2.8" Wheel E-Skateboard
  • Range And Speed - A max speed of up to 12 MPH and a range of up to 8 miles, and equipped with a secured 24V and 4.4Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack which can be fully charged within 2 hours.
  • 2020 New Released Remote - Easy to hold wireless remote that controls acceleration and deceleration with reverse capability. Two speed modes for beginners and advanced riders. Hold brake function for getting on and off the board. Remote is rechargeble and comes with wrist strap.
  • Maple Wood + Bamboo Deck & Premium Grip Tape - The deck consists of 5-ply maple wood sandwiched between two layers of bamboo on the top and bottom of the board giving it more flexibility and sturdiness. The deck is outfitted with grip tape to keep the rider’s feet firmly in place and on the board. Supports up a max weight of 250 lbs.
  • 250W Brushless Hub Motor - Hub Motor vs Belt Drive Motor? Hub motors are more reliable and less problem-prone, hence why we only use hub motors. Our hub motors also give the board an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the overall design. Hub motors are also very quiet and can be ridden like a regular board with or without battery.
  • Ships Fully Assembled And Ready To Ride - Save yourself the time and hassle of assembly when you can ride your board instantly out of the box!

The Blitzart Mini Flash 28″ Electric Skateboard is perfect for beginners and advanced riders. 

First, learn how to ride the Blizart Mini Flash quickly and safely using four-speed modes. As you learn and gain confidence, you can ride the board faster and faster, with it topping out at 12MPH.

The Blitzart Mini Flash Electric skateboard is the best electric skateboard under $500. It is very affordable and can be used as a regular skateboard without a battery.

The Lithium-ion battery pack charges in 2 hours, meaning you can hop onto your electric skateboard and fly around town. The deck is made with 5 plies of maple wood between 2 layers of bamboo and topped with premium grip tape. The Mini Flash Electric skateboard can hold up to 250lbs while being flexible and sturdy.

The Brushless Hub Motor is incredibly quiet, and the board has a cruise control function that allows you to cruise your heart out. The ergonomic wireless remote controls acceleration and deceleration with reverse capability making stopping a breeze.

One downside to the Blitzart Mini Flash Electric skateboard is that it goes up hills at average speed but does lose battery power.

However, on a declining slope without a motor on, the skateboard stays at a consistent pace, which is excellent for learning how to skate without turning on the motor.

Top Speed: 12 MPHRange: 8 MilesWeight: 9 lbsMotor:  250w Brushless Hub MotorDimensions: 28” LengthWarranty:  3 Months

What We Like

  • Suitable for beginners and advanced riders
  • Quiet Motor
  • It goes uphill at an average speed
  • Can use this e-skateboard as a regular board

What We Don’t Like

  • Loses battery power going uphill

Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate Electric Skateboard

Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate Electric Skateboard for Kids & Teens with Kick-Assist, A.I. Smart Sensors, Move-More/Endless Mode, 9” Deck, Black, 72mm Wheels
  • Move more, kick less — kick-to-cruise locks in your current speed up to 9. 3 mph, so you can cut, Carve & Coast like a true skateboard Legend.
  • Powerfully responsive sensors — Intelligently placed sensors detect weight and motion, automatically stopping The board in seconds when you dismount.
  • Real feel skateboarding — the 72mm (2. 8 in) polyurethane wheels along with the Polypropylene deck have the flexibility to handle pavement like a Pro, absorbing the shocks from bumpier pavement.
  • Made for epic rides — from its first ride to its 1000Th, the NG-3 will look and perform pristine. Its 8. 9-Inch wide deck is crafted from super-dense Polypropylene that won’t wear, fade or crack.
  • World-class support — every Swagtron electric skateboard is backed by our expert team of support specialists, fully staffed in the U. S. And available by phone, email or live chat.

The Swagtron NG-3 is a mini electric skateboard and is the best electric skateboard for under $500 for kids.

It has powerful and responsive sensors that detect weight and motion, so the skateboard stops in seconds when dismounting. In addition, it has smart sensors for a true kick to cruise experience.

What makes this such a great electric skateboard for children and beginners? First, it doesn’t have a remote. Instead, it relies on the rider for movement, making it safer to control.

You hop on, kick off and go. The smart sensor can tell the difference between kicking vs dismounting, so it won’t throw you off your board when kicking to cruise.

The Swagtron NG-3 electric skateboard cuts and carves like a normal skateboard.

The deck is flexible, doesn’t wear or crack, and has good quality grip tape, keeping your shoes locked onto the deck.

The polypropylene wheels and deck absorb shocks as you ride. While this deck can be ridden over rougher roads, it is better on flat surfaces. Also, get a pair of the best cheap skate shoes to help keep your feet on your electric skateboard.

The NG-3 electric skateboard is ultra-durable and will support up to 150lbs. It has good balance, is comfortable and is easy to control.

The charging time of the skateboard is 1.5 hours, and the riding time is about 2 hours, depending on your weight. Once the battery runs out, you can still ride the NG-3 like a traditional skateboard.

This is a fun ride but not great for commuting. It doesn’t have enough power to make it uphill, but you cannot easily carry it up inclines. On the other hand, the Swagtron NG-3 is very quiet, has smooth turns and has a cool LED strip at the back of the deck.

The deck is short for teens/adults/taller people who need a wider stance; however, it is perfect for kids. If you get the NG-3 for kids, just note that the minimum load weight is 44lbs.

Top Speed: 9.3 MPHRange: 7-10 MilesWeight: 7.7 lbsMotor:  100 WattDimensions: 19.6” x 8.85” x 5.31”Warranty: 3 Months

What We Like

  • The best electric skateboard for kids
  • Good price
  • Responsive sensors help stop the skateboard in seconds for a dismount
  • Very Quiet
  • No remote – hop on and kick to cruise
  • Good balance
  • Easy to control
  • Comfortable

What We Don’t Like

  • Not a commuter board
  • It doesn’t have enough power to make it up inclines and hills
  • The deck is short, so it’s not suitable for people who need a wider stance (taller people, teens and adults)

RazorX Electric Skateboard

Looking for the best electric skateboard under 500 dollars for kids, look no further than the RazorX Electric Skateboard. The RazorX is for ages 9 and up and holds a max weight of 220lbs. In addition, the deck is lightweight and made of strong 5 ply maple.

The RazorX is a high-performance and high-quality skateboard with an electric rear wheel motor with a battery life of 40 minutes.

The handheld remote allows you to control the variable speed, so you ease in and out of skateboarding. You can increase or decrease the ride speed by pushing forward or pulling back on the control stick on the remote.

The electric skateboard has a lithium-ion powered battery, and if the battery dies, you can ride the RazorX like a regular skateboard. It has soft-start kick activated technology and the motor, which isn’t the best and is quite loud, ramps up slowly, reaching a max of 10mph.

The high grip urethane wheels and custom reverse kingpin trucks are great for stability and have incredible carve and turn action.

The rear wheel drive motor is smooth and provides a responsive ride, and there are no alignment issues with the chain or the belt. If you need to make any adjustments to your skateboard, get the best skate tool to help maintain your board.

The versatile cruiser is perfect for cruising at an affordable price. One thing to note is the RazorX electric skateboard slows down quite a bit going uphill.

Top Speed: 10 MPHRange: 40 Minute Battery LifeWeight: 10.5lbsMotor:  125-watt Electric Wheel MotorDimensions: Length 29.7”Warranty:  3 Months

What We Like

  • Stable
  • Lightweight
  • Slows to a stop easily with remote control
  • You can ride it like a standard board when the battery dies
  • Responsive
  • Great price

What We Don’t Like

  • Loud motor
  • Slow going uphill

Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote, E-Skateboard Max Speed 12.4 mph, Range 6-9 Miles, 350W Motor Eskateboard for Adults Teens (Upgraded Version)
  • New Version Lithium Battery - 25V 4Ah( 4000mAh) - range up to 9 miles in one charge, Different from high-performance e-skateboards, Hiboy S11 electric skateboard is designed as a fun and joyful one which is easy to handle, and suitable for riding around town and school.
  • Go Fast and Far - The 350W powerful hub motor provides a smooth streamlined power. The top speed and range go up to 12.4mph on a single charge. The chassis is higher, and the passability of potholes 40%.
  • Sturdy ConstructIon- Benefited from 7 layers Canadian A-grade maple, Hiboy skateboards S11 have been solidly made with light weight 8 lbs, max Weight load 220 lbs. Non-slip and frosting surface design, and come with ABEC-7 soild truck that extremely stable when accelerating and turning.
  • Wireless Remote Control - Ergonomic and rechargeable wireless design. Control your speed with comfort and ease. 4 ride modes and 4 brake modes exclusive to Hiboy electrics skateboard.
  • FUN & Best Gift- It is friendly for beginner that allowing you to ride confidently no matter what your skill level. So the S11 electric skate board is a ideal gift for kids, adults,College Students when christmas or birthday.

If you want an electric longboard for short commutes or fun, you should get the Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard. The Hiboy S11 is perfect for beginners and children as it’s more of a toy than a commuter skateboard.

The S11 electric skateboard is very responsive and fast on flat surfaces. The deck is made of 7 layers of maple making it stable and can hold up to a weight of 180lbs.

Due to the battery hardware, the deck isn’t very flexible, but it is easy to control with the wireless ergonomic remote.

The dual brushless motor has smooth power output and has 4 riding modes and 4 braking modes.

This deck has regenerative braking, meaning that the battery charges as you apply the brakes, which slightly increases the range. However, if the battery does die, you can ride the Hiboy as a regular skateboard.

The Hiboy S11 has a light solid frame and a fantastic design. The battery is hidden enough, so it looks like you are riding a regular skateboard rather than a clunky-looking skateboard. The battery has lots of life, but going uphill will slow down your skateboard while using battery power.

Top Speed: 12.4 MPHRange: 6.2-9.3 MilesWeight: 8.3lbsMotor:  350-watt Hub MotorDimensions: 30” x 8.3”Warranty:  3 Months

What We Like

  • Great for beginners
  • Very responsive and fast
  • You can ride it like a standard board when the battery dies
  • Regenerative Brake
  • Lots of battery life

What We Don’t Like

  • Not too flexible due to the battery hardware
  • Not a good commuter board – more for fun

Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard 

Teamgee H5 37" Electric Skateboard, 22 MPH Top Speed, 760W Dual Motor, 11 Miles Range, 14.5 Lbs, 10 Layers Maple Longboard with Wireless Remote Control
  • UI certification E503354, 0. 59 inches thick, The thinnest E-skateboard; 3 inches off the ground provides stability and control.
  • 37 inches longboard, 8. 7 inches wide, weighs 14. 5 pounds and can hold a maximum load of 200 pounds.
  • Powered by high-performance 380W x 2 motors giving it a 9~11 miles range with a top speed of 22 MPH.
  • Made from 10 ply Canadian Maple and 1 ply fiberglass, offers a medium flex for a smooth ride.
  • Includes wireless remote control with LCD screen for changing speeds and directions, and reversing. The new electric skateboard battery needs to be charged and discharged three times to reach the best activity of the battery.

Are you looking for the thinnest e-skateboard? The Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard is made from 10 plies Canadian maple and 1 ply fiberglass. It is lightweight and so small that the batteries are hidden in the deck, making it more portable for commuting.

The high-power lithium battery is pretty decent, and it takes 2 hours to fully charge the H5 electric skateboard.

The deck is 37″ by 8.7″ and comes with 90mmx54mm wheels that absorb road vibrations. In addition, the drop through deck is 3″ off of the ground, which is 15-20mm lower to the ground than most electric skateboards.

Teamgee H5 is a great starter electric skateboard, perfect for beginners. It is easy to learn and is very affordable. It is the best electric skateboard under 500 dollars.

The concave deck is comfortable and stable, and the soft bushings make turning effortless and sharp. The ergonomic two-way remote control has 4 speed and 4 brake modes for a confident riding experience.

The weight limit for the Teamgee H5 is 220lbs, and it comes in several different colors. Unfortunately, the board is pretty slow and does have a 20% grade uphill.

Also, the electric skateboard gets jerky and slows down if the battery is too hot and may secrete grease into the urethane sleeve over the motor, so be wary of this when riding on hot days.

Top Speed: 22 MPHRange: 11 MilesWeight: 15lbsMotor:  2*380w hub motorsDimensions: 38”x 8.5”x 0.47”Warranty:  12 Months

What We Like

  • Easy to learn
  • Comfortable
  • Thin and light
  • Good for beginners and pros
  • Intelligent two way remote
  • Turns effortlessly
  • Stable

What We Don’t Like

  • Short battery life
  • The board jerks and slows down when the battery is too hot
  • Slow ride

Ownboard W1S Electric Skateboard

If you are looking for one of the best electric skateboards for under $500 is the W1S by Ownboard.

The electric skateboard is high quality, comfortable and affordable, making it the perfect electric skateboard for beginners. The deck is 38″ x 9″ and comes with or without a built-in handle.

I highly recommend the handle as it makes it easier and more comfortable to carry for an extended period.

The deck is made with 3 layers of bamboo, 2 layers of fiber glass, and a flexy deck with camber but no concave. The lack of concaveness makes it harder to feel comfortable standing on the board.

The braking system is regenerative, which means as you brake, the battery recharges. Another fantastic feature is the Ownboard W1S doesn’t lag when the battery is low.

No matter what percentage your battery is, the skateboard will continue to provide the same power and voltage as if it were fully charged.

This means you also don’t have to charge your board for every trip fully. The charge time is 2-3 hours, but you won’t have to charge the W1S fully to ride it.

The trucks are Paris Truck Clones complete with 90a and 95a bushings, allowing the skateboard to turn without wobbling. The wheels are the standard 90mm 85a, the bearings are ceramic, and the grip tape has padding underneath so there are fewer vibrations while riding.

 Ownboards W1S has excellent speed control fantastic maneuverability, but it is not the most stable, especially as you ride faster. However, you can make tight turns, and the acceleration is super smooth.

It doesn’t accelerate quickly, but it has three modes: beginner mode, where you can reach 12.5mph, and the middle mode can get up to 18.75mph. And pro mode can reach 25mph.

I have only used the 6.00Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery between 12-14 miles. The Ownboard W1S with batteries ranging from 6.00Ah to 4.0Ah are both under $500. 

If you want more battery power, you can get your hands on the 8.0Ah,

The 8.0Ah ranges between 16-19 miles of ride time. The weight limit is 265lbs, so the heavier you are, the less mileage you will get out of the W1S.

The brakes are fantastic, and they won’t throw you off as you stop, but he is sure to come to a normal and slow stop just in case. One downfall is the hill climbing power is pretty weak. You can climb up to a 30-degree incline, but the skateboard slows down, especially if you weigh more.

The remote and PCB housing has a small screen that shows battery percentage so you can always keep on top of your battery life. The remote is easy to pair with the skateboard, but it is cheaply made and gets damaged easily, but it does have a strap so it won’t fly out of your hand.

Top Speed: 25 MPHRange: 14 MilesWeight: 17.2lbsMotor: Hub Motors 2 x 250 WattsDimensions: 38” x 9”Warranty: 3 Months

What We Like

  • Smooth
  • Minimal road vibrations
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Affordable
  • High Quality
  • Quiet

What We Don’t Like

  • Remote is cheaply made and gets damaged easily
  • The hill climbing power is weak
  • Less stable at high speeds
  • Not waterproof

Enskate R3 Mini Electric Skateboard

One of the best electric skateboards for under 500 is Enskate’s R3 Mini. This is the perfect small skateboard for beginners who want a skateboard for small commutes. 

While adults can ride the R3 Mini, it is better suited for children and teens as the range is significantly reduced the more you weigh.

The sturdy deck is 31″ x 9.6″, 8 layers of maple with a wide concave, big kicktail and no flex. The kicktail is excellent for sharp turns, and it is easy to curb hop.

The wheels are standard 90mm 78a wheels, high quality 2 x 450w Hub Motors, regenerative braking, and a 2.5Ah battery pack from Samsung.

The Enskate R3 reaches a top speed of 21.7mph (35km) and has a max range of 12.5 miles (20km). However, the range varies a lot depending on your weight.

The heavier you are, the less range you will have, so the R3 is excellent for short commutes only. The R3 weighs 13lbs, has swappable PU sleeves and takes 2 hours to charge fully.

While the R3 does have regenerative braking, the voltage sag is very noticeable. Also, as the battery dies, the skateboard slows down a lot. An LED light indicates the battery level, so keep an eye on it.

The Enskate R3 is weatherproof, powerful, comfortable to ride, and more maneuverable than electric longboards.

The slope is 20-25% and is super smooth on roads, responsive, stable, and tons of fun when carving. The trucks are standard but are nimble and responsive.

The Hobbywing ESC remote controller fits well in your hand. It is easy to accelerate and brake smoothly. One downfall is that the charging port cap doesn’t work well, making it harder to open up to charge your skateboard.

The skateboard has an auto-off feature which is great if you forget to turn off your skateboard often! However, you do have to turn your skateboard on before riding it.

Top Speed: 21 MPHRange: 12 MilesWeight: 13 lbsMotor: Hub Motors 2 x 450 WattsDimensions: 31” x 9.6”Warranty: 180 Days

What We Like

  • Great for beginners
  • Great for kids and teens
  • Responsive trucks
  • Wide concave makes carving and turns fun
  • Smooth ride
  • Kicktail great for turns
  • Stable and sturdy deck
  • Perfect for small commutes

What We Don’t Like

  • The range isn’t as high as Enskate says
  • Grip tape isn’t the best
  • The charging port cap makes it difficult to plug in to charge
  • Noticeable voltage sag and board slows down
  • The battery isn’t long-lasting

What is an Electric Skateboard and Why Do You Need One

An electric skateboard is a skateboard run by motors rather than pushing and kicking with your feet. As a result, electric Skateboards are faster and create less fatigue on your body than a regular cruising skateboard.

Plus, most electric skateboards will allow you to use the board as a regular skateboard when the battery is off, so you get the best of both worlds.

If you want to go farther, faster, and have fun, you need an electric skateboard. So, you can explore without getting tired and look cool simultaneously.

5 Benefits of Using an Electric Skateboard

What are the benefits of using an electric skateboard? There are so many benefits, including travelling faster and farther and having fun.

  • You can go farther faster. Electric skateboards can go a lot farther than a regular skateboard because you are using the assistance of a motor rather than just your body.
  • It’s easy to learn – especially for beginners. However, learning on an electric skateboard will still be manageable if you have never ridden on a skateboard before.
  • It’s fun! Riding an electric skateboard is enjoyable and is tons of fun.
  • Good for your health – travelling by electric skateboard is good for your health as you still need to balance on your board which engages muscles you wouldn’t usually use. Plus, you get out into fresh air, which is always beneficial.
  • Eco-friendly – Electric skateboards are good for the environment. You can travel to faraway places without paying for fuel or emitting pollutants into the air. So you can still travel far and fast without killing the planet.

12 Things to Look for in a Good Electric Skateboard

Battery Capacity

When choosing the best electric skateboard under 500 dollars, you need to pay attention to the battery size.

Battery life equals performance, especially on a commuter board. Large batteries mean you can travel longer and farther without charging your skateboard. If you want to use your electric skateboard to commute to school or work, you will want to have enough range to get you there and back.

However, if you run out of battery juice halfway to your destination, many electric skateboards can be used as a regular skateboard.

Ideally, you should pick an electric skateboard with enough battery life for your needs. Another option is charging your battery when you get to your destination, so a range that lasts one way may be enough.

One downside of larger batteries is they make skateboards heavier and reduce portability. Smaller batteries are lighter but won’t get you as far, but less range will be acceptable if you want an electric skateboard for fun rather than travel.

Riding Experience

Depending on the riding you want to do, your riding experience will differ from what you are looking for on the best electric skateboard under 500.

If you want to commute on your electric skateboard, you will want a portable skateboard with large wheels and maximum battery power for long range travel.

In addition, large, soft wheels will help your skateboard ride over cracks and bumps smoothly, enhancing your riding experience.

If you plan on doing more off-road skateboarding, you will want large wheels but possibly not need as much range as a commuter board. This means you can have a smaller battery and a lighter board to help you power through rough roads and dirt.

Getting an electric skateboard to ride for fun will not need much range meaning your electric skateboard will be lighter and more portable.

Acceleration and Braking

Acceleration power on electric skateboards comes from the motors. Dual motors, either hub motors or belt drive motors, are the standard on most electric skateboards.

The size and weight of your skateboard will contribute to the acceleration power. The lighter your skateboard, the faster it will speed up.

A responsive braking system is incredibly important for riding your electric skateboard safely. If an electric skateboard can hit high speeds quickly will need to have a good set of brakes.

Top Speed and Range

The range is determined by the size and power of a battery. Larger batteries will have more power and thus a longer range.

Some boards can travel up to 30 miles on a single charge. Go for a board that has a beginner speed and advanced speed or multiple speeds so you can practice slowly and build your speed with experience.

Just be aware the heavier you are, the harder it will be to reach top speeds. So keep that in mind when you purchase a board that doesn’t go as fast as you would like.

Charging Time

All electric skateboards have different charging times depending on how far they can travel. Most skateboards charge within two hours and can be used before the battery is fully charged. Be sure to check the charging time before you purchase your skateboard.


All of the electric skateboards on this list are under $500. So if you want to experience riding an electric skateboard without spending loads of money and staying within your budget, you can still get a fantastic cheap electric skateboard.

You can still find outstanding quality electric skateboards for under $500, and depending on how much you ride them and use them, they can last you years.


You will need a sturdy deck to ride at high speeds easily. Most decks are made with maple wood which is stable and durable.

You will still want some flex in your deck to easily ride over rough roads but not too much flex, so your board doesn’t wobble at high speeds. In addition, maple has dampening properties that will keep you comfortable for long distance riding.

If you need new hardware, check out the best skateboard hardware to help you find the right hardware for you.


Rubber wheels have a firm grip and offer the smoothest ride. However, if you are looking for the best skateboard wheels, polyurethane wheels are the most common formula as they are smooth and silent.

 However, if you ride over cracks and rough pavement, you will want a big and soft wheel. Getting the best skateboard bearings will also help increase wheel performance on your electric skateboard.

I recommend checking out the post for the best skateboard wheels for cruising.


Hub Motor

Hub motors are the most popular motor for electric skateboards. The hub motors are quiet, have good balance and outstanding performance, and are inexpensive. One downfall is that replacing parts on hub motors can be difficult. However, they are less prone to damage which is a bonus.

Hub motors are built into the wheels of electric skateboards, so they produce less torque but still perform well if you do city riding. Another plus is that hub motors can be kick started and used as a regular skateboard.

Belt Drive Motor

Belt Drive Motors are loud but extremely fast. However, these belt drive motors are less popular as they are much more expensive but can ride up hills and steep roads.

These motors boost speed and usually travel farther than skateboards with hub motors. In addition, belt motors work well with larger wheels, so you can change wheels more often with belt-drive motors, whereas hub motors are built into the wheels.

Braking System

Many electric skateboards come with a regenerative braking system meaning it charges themselves when you are going downhill. In addition, many skateboards come with a remote, so you can brake by using the braking system on your remote control.

Other electric skateboards, such as the Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate Electric Skateboard, do not have a remote and instead use smart sensors to tell when you dismount from your board. This is only used on electric skateboards that do not reach high speeds.

Remote Controls

Most electric skateboards will come with a wireless handheld remote that will allow you to increase and decrease your speed and will enable you to stop.

In addition, remote controls will allow you to control your board’s speed but to move left or right, and you will use your body weight by tilting to the side you wish to go.


Safety is essential when riding an electric skateboard. You can reach incredibly high speeds, and if you trip up and fall off your skateboard, you need to be wearing proper safety gear, including helmets and skate pads.

Look for the best skateboard helmets and the best skate pads for help finding the best equipment for you. Also, don’t forget to pick out the best skateboard backpack to carry all your accessories.


Electric Skateboards are tons of fun and make great travel companions. However, you don’t have to compromise performance and quality when picking an affordable electric skateboard.

The best electric skateboard for under 500 dollars is the Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard. The Meepo Mini is a great commuter board with incredible battery life and can be used as a regular skateboard if the battery dies.

Another fantastic option is the Blitzart 38″ Hurricane Electric Longboard. The Hurricane is fast and affordable, and the concave deck holds your feet in place, making it perfect for beginners and advanced riders.

Whatever electric skateboard you choose, you won’t go wrong with picking any of the skateboards in this guide. They are all great boards at an affordable price, so pick the one that appeals to you and get out on the streets!

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