best skateboard hardware loose nuts and bolts

The 10 Best Skateboard Hardware in 2024 (Tried & Tested)

Written by Chris K

So, you are looking at getting new skateboard mounting hardware and are wondering if all skate hardware is the same? Nope! 

The best skateboard hardware for your ride depends on the skateboard deck, how your skateboard performs, what type of riding you plan on doing, and other factors.

From hardware that sits flush in your deck to mounting hardware better for trick riding or cruising on a longboard, let me help you find the best skateboard hardware for you.

best skateboard hardware loose nuts and bolts
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The 10 Best Skateboard Hardware (Tried & Tested)

Fireball Dragon Stainless Steel Skateboard Hardware Set – 1″

The best skateboard hardware you can get is the Fireball Dragon Stainless Steel mounting hardware set

Whether you are looking for a Flat Allen head or Flat Phillips head hardware, this has both available and Button Allen heads. The hardware stays tight and has a nice clean look on your skateboard.

I’ve only used the 1.0″ bolts, which I am reviewing here, but the Fireball Dragon mounting set is available in sizes 1.0″, 1.5″, 1.75″, 2.5″, 1.25″, 2.25″, 3.0″, so they are compatible with many different skateboards and longboards if you use risers.

As the Fireball Dragon hardware set is made with super strong stainless steel, the hardware resists stripping and is much stronger than traditional skateboard hardware.

As a result, the hardware is sturdy, durable, and high quality while affordable. Plus, skateboard hardware made with stainless steel resists rust, so it is recommended if you can’t avoid skating in wet conditions.

If you aren’t sure which bolt drive type to go for, you should get the Allen heads for strength and less striping and the Philips head for easy installation.

The flat heads sit flush against your board, meaning they are low profile and are great for skateboarders who want to ride on the skateboard and perform tricks.

Fireball Dragon Hardware is good for longboards too

If you plan to cruise or use the Fireball Dragon hardware set for longboards, you should get the button head bolts, as they will work better with your skateboard or longboard deck.

The hardware set by Fireball fits electric skateboards, boosted boards and longboards, so they are incredibly versatile. Find the best electric skateboard under 500 here.

The screws are zinc plated, which helps against cold-welding and galling when threads are damaged by material sticking and tearing off.

While this hardware is easy to install, the heads will strip unless you use a skateboard tool designed for skateboards. Again, I have the best skate tool to choose from to help pick the right tool for you.

The Fireball Dragon hardware set does come with washers. Still, if you are looking for spacers and washers, I recommend getting Fireball Dragon Precision Aluminum Spacers and Washers set for Skateboards. 

  • Head Type: 10-32 x 1″ Phillips Head (Also available in Allen Head)
  • Material: High Grade Black Zinc Steel
  • Nyloc: Silver 10-32 Nyloc Nut

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • High quality
  • Resists rust
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Available in a wide range of bolt sizes to fit all boards, trucks and risers
  • Fits Boosted Boards, Electric Skateboards & Longboards
  • Comes with Washers
  • Stays tight
  • Available in Button & Flatheads
  • It comes in Philips or Allen heads
  • Stainless steel doesn’t rust or corrode

What We Don’t Like

  • Stainless steel hardware is prone to seizing up

Independent Genuine Skateboard Hardware 

If you use risers and are looking for the best skateboard hardware that will fit. In that case, you need to get the Independent Genuine Hardware at 1.5″ for your skateboard or longboard. 

The 1.5″ skateboard hardware can be used with ½” risers or angled risers but also works with ½” riser pads or extra thick longboards.

The skateboard hardware set from Independent comes with six black bolts and two gold bolts, so you can place the two gold ones on your deck’s nose so you can quickly tell the difference between the nose and tail.

In addition, the bolts have extended unthreaded shafts for minimal damage to skateboard decks when installing and removing. Find the best skateboard decks here.

The bolts are full size with cross insignia/cross logo heads, meaning you can use a Phillips head screwdriver to install the hardware to your deck.

Independent Bolts are self-locking.

The bolts are self-locking, meaning they have a better hold than other brands, as Independent is one of the best skateboard brands on the market. Their products are durable, dependable and of excellent quality.

Not only is Independent Hardware strong and super durable bolts with thread locking nuts, once installed on your skateboard, but they will also make your ride feel super smooth.

The 1.5″ long Phillips head bolts are great for old skool boards, cruisers or longboards. They will need to be used with ½” risers, angled risers or extra thick longboards. They also work well with ¼” riser pads.

The heads on these screws are slightly larger than other skateboard companies, so they offer better grip, and the bolts have not ripped through my skateboard deck at all.

I highly recommend checking out the Independent Skateboard Trucks Spare Parts Kit, including bearings, bushings and hardware. It’s the perfect skateboard truck hardware kit for all your skateboard accessory needs.

 Are you looking for bearings? Find the best longboard bearings and the best skateboard bearings here.

Independent Skateboards also have some of the best skateboard trucks you can get. When paired with Independent trucks, Independent hardware will make your ride smooth and consistent. 

If the 1.5″ hardware is too long, they have 7.8″ hardware here, 1″ hardware here, or 1¼” hardware here.

  • Head Type: 10-32 x 1.5″ Phillips Head
  • Material: High-Grade Black Zinc Steel
  • Nyloc: Full Nylon Lock Nuts
  • Bolts: 6 Black Bolts & 2 Gold Bolts

What We Like

  • Has two gold bolts to place at the nose of your skateboard
  • Affordable
  • Strong quality parts
  • Durable
  • It makes your skateboard feel smooth
  • Extended unthreaded shafts for minimal damage to skateboards

What We Don’t Like

  • Not standard hardware for a regular size setup – you will need riser pads, but you can get other sizes.

Loaded Boards Button Head Longboard Hardware

Loaded Boards is known for being one of the best longboard brands on the market. The brand, Loaded, is highly reputable, and everything they make is high quality—the great quality branches out to their skateboard and longboard hardware bolt pack.

The bolts, which are 1″ long, are made from solid steel and are very sturdy. I have tried the 1″ bolts, but they are available in 3 color-coded sizes. Green is 1″, red is 1.25,” and the grey bolts are 1.5″.

If you are looking for the best longboard hardware, Loaded Boards button head hardware will work. The button head bolts integrate the washer into the bolt, which reduces the height of the bolts while distributing load pressure.

Be sure to measure the length from the tip of the bolt to the base of the bolt head. This will ensure you pick the size that is long enough to fit the thickness of your deck, truck baseplate, locknuts and any risers and shock pads that you add.

Loaded Boards hardware is sturdy, excellent quality and fits as promised as they are super tight. In addition, the hardware doesn’t rust, fail or strip out, so it is long-lasting, sturdy and durable.

 The bolt heads are Allen, and the kit comes with a hex key, so you don’t need to worry about finding the right tool.

The mounting pack has eight bolts and eight nuts but does not come with washers. However, you can order washers when you order the bolts if needed.

The bolts work great with washers as it broadens and distributes the pressure to protect your deck. The hardware is coated nicely, is a great price and is perfect for riding downhill or cruising on your longboards.

The hardware has nyloc, a nylon-insert lock that keeps things tight despite vibrations and temperature changes. Find the best longboard trucks to go with the Loaded Boards Button Head Hardware pack here.

Loaded Boards hardware is non-countersinking which preserves the deck integrity.

They are low profile, so you will hardly notice them while riding, but you will still be able to feel them enough to know where to place your feet on the deck. However, I do not recommend using this hardware for skateboards unless you plan on cruising only.

If you are just getting into longboarding, check out the best longboards for beginners! Or check out the best longboards for under 100 dollars. Loaded Boards also has some of the best longboards for sliding.

  • Head Type: 10-32 x 1″ Allen Head
  • Material: High Grade Black Steel
  • Nyloc: 10-32 Nyloc Nut

What We Like

  • Non-countersinking bolts to preserve deck integrity
  • Great for longboards and riding downhill
  • Low profile for button head bolt heads
  • Great quality
  • It comes with a hex key that fits the bolts
  • Comes with stickers

What We Don’t Like

  • Not great for trick skateboarding
  • It doesn’t come with washers (you can order them with the hardware, though)

Dimebag Skateboard Hardware

Dimebag Skateboard Hardware 1-Inch
  • 8 pieces of skateboard mounting hardware

Dimebag makes some of the best skateboard hardware for skateboarders who want to add color to their boards. The hardware is 1″ long and comes with eight bolts and eight lock nuts made from high-grade steel. Dimebag hardware comes in multiple colors, and you can always mix and match if you buy more than one set.

What makes Dimebag’s skateboard hardware better than other brands? The bolts have reduced round heads and are countersunk for less board stress.

The top is unthreaded, which fits snuggly in your skateboard deck, and the unthreaded part means there is less vibration when riding. This helps keep the nuts from loosening as you ride so they last a long time, and it keeps your trucks tight on your skateboard.

Not only is Dimebag hardware some of the best skateboard mounting hardware you can get, but it is also one of the most affordable.

The drive head for the skateboard mounting hardware is Phillip’s head, so it is easy to install with a skate tool or with a regular Phillips screwdriver. The hardware works with or without riser pads, but I recommend getting longer hardware if you have big riser pads.

  • Head Type: 10-32 x 1″ Phillips Black Head
  • Material: High-Grade Black Steel
  • Nyloc: 8 Nylon Lock Nuts
  • Bolts: 8 Black Bolts

What We Like

  • Great Price
  • Easy to install
  • Less vibration when riding due to unthreaded part on the bolt
  • Less board stress
  • It comes in multiple colors

What We Don’t Like

  • The bolts are painted, which does fade after a while

Sector 9 Bolt Pack Skateboard Hardware

Sector 9 has the best longboard wheels on the market, so you know that they will have excellent quality and affordable skateboard hardware!

The Sector 9 Bolt Pack Skateboard hardware is 1.5″ long and is solid hardware. The drive type is Phillips meaning the screws will be easy to install and remove.

The hardware is made from alloy steel, meaning they are super strong. This hardware is 1.5″, so it is ideal for longboards, thicker decks or skateboards with risers.

The screws are countersunk, which is excellent for skateboards and most longboards, but if you use mounted trucks, be sure you get the pan/button head bolts instead.

Measure from the top of the threads to the bottom to find the right size for your riser pads. I recommend using a ½” riser pad. ¼” or below will be too short.

One downfall is the nuts are tight due to nylon bushings, so only use them on boards where you use a riser! I do not recommend using this hardware for standard skateboards.

  • Head Type: 10-32 x 1.5″ Phillips Head
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Nyloc: Nylon Bushings

What We Like

  • Great price
  • Countersunk screws for skateboard decks
  • Suitable for use with riser pads
  • Solid hardware

What We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for standard skateboards – you will need riser pads
  • The nuts are tight due to the nylon bushings

Shorty’s Silverado Phillips Skateboard Hardware

Shorty's Silverado Phillips Skateboard, 1"
  • Shorty's Silverado's hardware is the same kind of hardware as the regular Shorty's, but it has two Silver bolts, so Finally you can distinguish the nose of your board from the tail
  • Some of the features are: small heads for less weight and less board stress
  • Half threaded for extra life and snug fit for extra life

Shorty’s Silverado Skateboard hardware is high quality mounting hardware perfect for skaters who want lightweight bolts with small heads for less board stress.

The hardware set comes with two silver bolts and six black bolts, so it will be easy to tell the nose from the tail of your skateboard deck quickly.

The bolts are half-threaded for extra life, strength, and snug fit, preventing bending and breakage. In addition, the bolts have been produced to leave no excess length sticking out past the but when mounted.

Shorty’s Silverado skateboard hardware has a small countersinking head which is lighter than other brands. The hardware is light and small, so it helps prevent breakage during installation.

Each set comes with 8 Phillips head bolts, eight low profile nuts and a free sticker. Shorty’s Hardware is Good for shredding setups.

  • Head Type: 10-32 x 1″ Phillips Head
  • Material: Silver and Black Steel
  • Nuts: Low profile nuts

What We Like

  • It comes with two silver bolts so you can tell your tail from your nose quickly.
  • Half threaded bolts for a snug fit
  • High Quality
  • Bolts are not painted, so the color doesn’t fade

What We Don’t Like

  • Not great for longboards

Bones Skateboard Mounting Hardware

No products found.

Bones make some of the best skateboard wheels for cruising, so you know their hardware will be high quality and reliable.

In addition, Bones skateboard hardware is known for its painted white heads on the bolts, making it easy to spot where you should easily place your foot on your skateboard deck.

The skateboard hardware is affordable but not super durable. The paint can chip when tightening the nut, but it can be repainted if it bothers you.

Once tightened, the bolts are the perfect fit and do not come loose. In addition, the nylon in the nuts offers a better hold, so you won’t constantly be tightening your mounting hardware.

As Bones skateboard hardware is 1″ long, it works alone or with 1/8″ riser pads. The hardware is countersunk with Phillip’s head, compatible with a Phillips head screwdriver.

  • Head Type: 10-32 x 1″ Phillips Head
  • Material: High Grade Black Zinc Steel
  • Nyloc: Silver 10-32 Nyloc Nut

What We Like

  • High Quality
  • It does not come loose once tightened
  • Affordable
  • Nylon in nuts for a better hold

What We Don’t Like

  • Not incredibly durable
  • Paint chips off easily, but the bolts can be repainted.

BESPEED Skateboard Hardware

BESPEED Skateboard Hardware 9PCS Bolts Set Deck Mounting Screws Nuts Hex Key Skate Parts Outfits Color Fasteners Longboard Cruiser Best Mounting Parts Silver Golden Green 1 1/4" 1" 7/8" (Green, 1)
  • 【Set of 9 Screws & Nuts, Give One More To Prevent Loss】

  • 【Stylish, Multi-Colored】

  • 【Hex Key Attached For Free】

  • 【Durable Hardware with High Strength】

  • 【Easy to carry  and replace】

If you are looking for the best skateboard hardware with countersunk Allen head bolt drives, you should try BESPEED Skateboard hardware.

The hardware set comes with nine sets of screws and nuts if you lose one or if one of the bolts is warped.

Bespeed is durable, affordable, strong and comes in many different colors. The bolts are easy to replace, but they will strip over-tightened, so be careful during installation.

Another issue is that the tapered head of the Bespeed skateboard hardware may not have a snug fit with some trucks.

  • Head Type: 10-32 x 1″ Countersunk Allen Head
  • Material: Carbon Steel

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • It comes with an extra screw and nut
  • It comes with a free hex key

What We Don’t Like

  • The tapered head doesn’t fit snug with some trucks
  • The bolts will strip if they are over tightened

The Best Skateboard Hardware with Skate Tools

BESIY Skateboard Hardware Set

No products found.

What is better than skateboard hardware? Skateboard hardware that comes with a free T-Type Skate tool.

The Besiy Skateboard hardware set is stainless steel bolts, and the nuts are steel coated in zinc. The hardware, which comes with eight bolts and eight nuts, is 1″ long. The mounting hardware is easy to install and comes in gold.

Besiy does have lower quality hardware as sometimes the screws are not consistent or cut correctly, so they don’t always fit the nuts.

However, the hardware does have a tight hold, and they sink properly into the skateboard’s grip tape. Find the best grip tape for your deck here.

The T-Tool has 3/8″, ½,” 9/16″ sockets, Allen Head and a Phillips screwdriver.

  • Head Type: 10-32 x 1″ Allen Head Head
  • Material: Stainless Steel bolts and nuts coated in zinc

What We Like

  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • It comes with a free T-Tool
  • Locks in tight

What We Don’t Like

  • Lower quality hardware – screws are not consistent.

Skocho Skateboard Hardware

Another affordable set of skateboard hardware with a free skate tool is Skocho 7/8″ Skateboard hardware. The hardware pack has eight blue anodized nuts and bolts and is 7/8″ long. So, these bolts are only suitable for skateboards without riser pads.

Skocho provides affordable hardware, which is perfect for beginners. In addition, the bolts have a hex drive head which means they are less likely to strip when tightening them or installing them on your skate deck.

In addition, the T-Tool has an Allen Head attachment, so you will not have to worry about finding the right size tool if you order this skateboard hardware.

The hardware isn’t the highest quality, but it is decent and is perfect for beginners worried about destroying their hardware if they haven’t installed new hardware before.

  • Head Type: 10-32 x 1″ Allen Head Head
  • Material: Blue Anodized Nuts and Bolts

What We Like

  • Easy to install
  • It comes with a free skate tool
  • Affordable

What We Don’t Like

  • Lower-quality material
the best skateboard hardware - an unopened pack of Independent hardware

What Is Skateboard Hardware and Why Do You Need It?

Skateboard hardware, also known as mounting hardware, is nuts and bolts used to secure your skateboard trucks to your deck. 

 Skateboard hardware is crucial to your deck set up as it holds your board together. While skateboard hardware may seem small and insignificant, they are required for a complete skateboard build.

Skateboard hardware is essential, but it will also help you with your performance. Even the best skateboarders in the world use skateboard hardware. Depending on your style of riding, your deck material or if you use risers or not, you will need different types of skateboard hardware.

Standard skateboard hardware sets will come with eight nuts and eight bolts to attach your trucks to your skateboard. You will need four lock nuts and four bolts for each truck.

Mounting Hardware is a necessity for bringing your skateboard or longboard together. Find the best skateboard hardware size for your ride by checking out more information below.

Spare skateboard hardware makes great skateboarding gifts

The Different Types of Skateboard Hardware

Hardware is hardware. Nope! Depending on your style of riding, what material your deck is made from, the size of your wheels, how many plies you have in your deck, and so on, you can purchase different types of hardware.

Different hardware will help you with your performance and the longevity of your deck and help you tell the difference between the nose and tail.

Skateboard hardware comes in different shapes and sizes and is made of different materials. Depending on your style of riding, what your skateboard or longboard deck is made from, or if you use risers or not, you will need different types of skateboard hardware.

Skateboard hardware should fit perfectly into the holes on your deck and your skateboard trucks. Are you looking for the best longboard decks? Find the best one here.

The different types of skateboard hardware are countersunk vs button bolts. One sits flush in your skateboard deck while the other sits exposed. Other differences are the bolt.

So, what are the different types? And what is the best skateboard for you? Let’s find out.

Bolt Drive Types/Bolt Head Types

The bolt drive type is the pattern used on the head of the bolt. This shape will determine what tool (or skate tool) you use to install, tighten, loosen and remove your skateboard hardware.

skateboard bots with a Phillips head

Phillips Head

Phillips, which has a plus on the head, is a more common bolt drive type. It has less torque than Allen/Hex heads and has a higher chance of stripping, but they are easier to find, and you won’t have any trouble finding a Phillips screwdriver.

skateboard bots with an Allen or Hex head

Allen/Hex Head

If you are constantly stripping hardware go for Allen/Hex bolts. With Allen Bolts, which have a hexagon shaped head, you have a lower chance of stripping as they are easier to screw into your deck.

Plus, with Hex bolts, you get more torque than with Phillips. While Allen Keys are harder to find, most skateboard tools come with Allen keys. Find the best skate tools here.

Bolt Head Types

Counter Sunk Vs Raised Head/Pan Heads/Button Bolts

Depending on what style of riding and what board you ride you want, you will want countersinking or button head hardware. Most skate decks are predrilled to fit countersunk screws.

Flat countersunk screws are set flush into the deck, which means you will have a smooth surface on your deck. In addition, this means you won’t feel the bolts when you are standing on your skateboard, which means they won’t interfere with skateboarding or doing tricks.

Button Bolts sit exposed and are built more for longboard decks or decks made with softer wood like bamboo. Button bolts are also perfect for decks with a lot of flex.

Raised Head bolts will help remove extra pressure from your deck caused by countersunk screws resulting in less or no pressure cracks.

If you are skateboarding and planning on doing skate tricks, you should stick with countersunk bolts. However, if you plan on cruising or surf skating, then button head bolts will work for you.

Skateboard Hardware Size

Are you wondering what size hardware should I get for my skateboard? Well, the most common skateboard hardware sizes are:

Bolt Sizes: 10-32

Baseplate Nuts: 10-32

Wheel Nuts (Axle Nuts): 5/16″ -24

Kingpin Nuts 3/8″ -24

Axle Washers: 8mm

How to Know What Size of Hardware to Pick:

While you should still measure the size of your skateboard deck and trucks, this is the average sizing for standard skateboards:

  • The average deck thickness is ½.”
  • Truck Baseplate thickness is 1/8″
  • Nut thickness: ¼.”
  • Average thickness without a riser pad: 7/8″

Start with 1″ and add the riser pad thickness before purchasing hardware if you can’t measure your skateboard or aren’t sure.

10 is the standard size for bolts, and 32 is the thread count, meaning 32 threads per inch. Most setups use bolts that are 7/8″ to 2,” but you can get longer bolts if you use risers or ride a longboard.

When picking the size, you will want to count how many plies your deck has. Standard decks are generally made from 7ply Canadian Maple, which is ½” thick. Truck baseplates usually add 1/8,” and nuts add ¼,” making the standard size needed 7/8″.

To lock in your hardware, you will need to add nylon rings (also referred to as nyloc technology) which adds 1/8″, so if you want to lock in your hardware, you should get hardware that is 1″.

You will want a nylon ring in the nuts as it prevents loosening over time from strong vibrations or tension.

What about Riser Pads?

If you plan to add riser pads/shock pads to your setup, you need to add 1″ to your riser pad size to ensure the correct bolt size.

Without Riser/Shock Pads

7/8″ -1″ Bolts

1/8″ Riser/Shock Pads 

1″ -1 1/8″ Bolts

1/4″ Riser/Shock Pads

1 1/4″ Bolts

1/2″ Riser/Shock Pads

1 1/2″ Bolts

¾” Riser/Shock Pads

1-3/4″ Bolts

1″ Riser/Shock Pads

2″ Bolts

Does Wheel Size Matter?

Yes, the size of your wheels can make a difference in what length of hardware you will need. Generally, the larger your wheel size, the larger the hardware. If you have larger wheels, you will need risers, but here are the wheel sizes and what size of risers you will need to adjust your hardware size as required with the list above.

Wheel Size


No Riser


1/8″ Riser


¼” Riser


½” Riser


½” + Riser

Skateboard Hardware – Nut Sizes

The different nut types used for skateboarding and longboarding are baseplates, wheels and kingpins.

Baseplate Nuts are the smallest nuts that mount your deck to your trucks. The average size for baseplate nuts is 10-32.

Wheel Nut is the medium sized nuts that mount your wheels to your truck axles. The standard size for wheel nuts is 5/16″ – 24.

Kingpin Nuts are the largest nuts that screw onto the kingpin, securing your bushings. The standard size for kingpin nuts is 3/8″ – 24.

Hardware Material

The most popular skateboard hardware materials are stainless steel or zinc plated steel. While both have pros and cons, one may work better for your riding style.

The material your skateboard or longboard deck is made from will also change which type of skateboard hardware you will use.

Hardware made from Stainless Steel is less likely to rust and corrode, but it’s more expensive than other materials.

Stainless steel is also a softer material, so it has a higher chance of locking & seizing up, which may mean the hardware will need to be cut off your deck. If you want to prevent or help prevent seizing up, rub the threads of the bolts on a bar of soap.

Zinc Coated Hardware is more affordable and more popular. It does have some corrosion resistance, but it doesn’t seize up, unlike stainless steel.

So unless you are always skateboarding in the rain and need to avoid rusting hardware, I recommend getting zinc plated hardware.

8 Things to Look for in the Best Skateboard Hardware

Skateboard hardware is made for skateboarding. The hardware is made to fit skate decks, and the hardware is built tough to last through the pressure of the weight of skateboarders, the stress of performing tricks and riding in all different kinds of weather.

Your hardware needs to be long enough to reach through the deck and trucks while leaving enough thread to attach the locknut. Try not to use hardware that is too long. Ideally, if you have extra screw threading left over, it should not exceed 1/4″.

Look for skateboard hardware made for skateboarding. Avoid hardware from your local hardware store as they are made from weaker materials.

Unless you need waterproof hardware, I advise sticking with zinc coated hardware. It is cheaper and doesn’t seize up.

Get countersunk hardware if you use a skateboard and plan to do tricks. This hardware sits flush with your deck, and you won’t injure yourself or break your deck if you land wrong.

Alternatively, button head hardware is the best option if you use a cruiser or a longboard with softer wood.

Phillips head drives are the best option for skateboard hardware. This is because they are more common, and it is easier to find the proper tool for installing and tightening your bolts.

Use Locknuts or Nyloc, which are self locking nuts. These will keep your hardware secure and locked in as you ride.

Measure your skateboard deck and trucks to ensure you are using the correct hardware size. For example, if you are using riser pads, be sure to add the size of the riser pad to the size of your bolts.

How to Make Your Skateboard Hardware Last Longer

Avoid riding in wet conditions. This will prevent the skateboard hardware from rusting and corroding. If you need to ride in wet conditions, stick with stainless steel hardware.

Make sure your mounting hardware is tight. If you find it loosens up, tighten them to increase its durability. However, don’t over tighten, or you will strip the bolt.

Use actual skateboard hardware. While nuts and bolts from the hardware store may seem like a good alternative, they aren’t built to sustain skateboard hardware’s tension.

Use a skate tool to help you tighten and loosen your hardware. The best skate tool will be built for skateboard hardware. It will have several different sizes of screwdrivers for any hardware size.

Get the properly sized skateboard hardware. Using the right sized hardware for your skateboard will ensure everything fits tight and secure.

If you notice your trucks are wobbling, tighten your hardware.

If your deck is drilled for countersunk hardware, use countersunk. Otherwise, the stress of the wrong hardware heads will damage your deck.

Alternatively, the same goes for button head hardware. Finally, if your deck is too soft, you will want to avoid countersunk as it will crack and damage your deck.

I included the prices of skateboard hardware in a post asking how much do skateboards cost?

How to Install Skateboard Hardware

With the proper tools installing skateboard hardware is easy. When tightening skateboard hardware, you need to tighten them from both sides using a 3/8″ wrench on the nut side and a screwdriver from the bolt side.

The hardware will not tighten properly if you are not tightening on both sides. Using a skate tool, you can hold the bolt in place with your hand and tighten the nut with the skate tool.

Tighten your bolts until they are flush with your deck. However, do not over tighten them as they can cause pressure cracks and damage your deck.


So, does hardware matter for skateboards? It does! Almost all components of your skateboard and longboard are essential, and skateboard hardware is no different.

To keep your deck from getting pressure cracks and make sure the mounting hardware doesn’t get in the way of your feet on the board, I can help you pick the best skateboard hardware for your ride.

If you are looking for a durable hardware set that resists stripping and rust while being affordable, I recommend getting the Fireballs Dragon hardware set.

This set comes in both Phillips head and button head for whatever torque level you are looking for in your ride. Plus, you can get multiple different sizes of bolts if you use risers or need some extra length in your hardware.

Another fantastic choice is Independent’s Skateboard hardware. The hardware is solid and durable as the bolts have thread locking nuts, making your ride feel super smooth.

As for the best longboard hardware, I recommend getting Loaded Boards skateboard hardware. Loaded Boards hardware is sturdy, excellent quality and super tight.

The hardware doesn’t rust, fail or strip out, so it is long-lasting, sturdy and durable. The bolt heads are Allen heads, and they sit above your deck, so they are perfect for preserving the deck integrity.

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