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How Much Do Skateboards Cost? A Complete Breakdown

Written by Chris K | December 1, 2022

Skateboard prices can vary depending on the quality of parts, whether or not it is a brand name or a complete build. If you are building your skateboard, you can choose where you want to spend your money.

With skateboards, you get what you pay for. Sure, you can get an entire setup for a very low price, but you will pay more for less in the long run. So, how much do skateboards cost?

A skateboard costs between $80 and $180, but here is a complete breakdown of what you can expect to spend on a skateboard setup.

  • Decks cost between $20 and $70
  • Grip tape costs between $7 and $10
  • Trucks cost between $45 and $75
  • Wheels cost between $30 and $75
  • Bearings costs between $10 to $50
  • Bushings cost between $5 and $15
  • Spacers & Hardware cost between $3 to $9

If you are building your own board, the average cost of skateboards is $150-$180, and you shouldn’t have to spend more than $200 unless you get premium parts. So how much does the cheapest skateboard cost? And how much do skateboards cost? Here is a complete breakdown of skateboard prices.

how much do skateboards cost? Image of parts such as a deck, wheels, skate tools, trucks and bearings to build a skateboard.
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How much are skateboards? A Complete Breakdown of the price of skateboards

Skateboard Deck Prices – $20 to $80

So, how much are skateboard decks? Depending on if you are getting a budget deck or a premium deck, the prices range from as low as $20 for a blank deck up to $70 for a high-quality deck from one of the best skateboard brands.

You can get premium decks or decks from some of the best skateboarders of all time. These decks are generally worth the extra cash as they are incredibly durable but aren’t necessary for the average skater.

Lower End Decks: $20 to $30

You can get cheap blank skateboard decks for $20. If you want more than one, you can get sets of 5 blanks which work out to $20 per deck.

Lower-end decks are suitable for beginners or people who aren’t sure if they will like skateboarding and don’t want to drop a bunch of cash.

However, the decks are not durable. They are not made with the best materials, are prone to warping or defects and will need to be replaced within a year or sooner.

Mid Range Decks: $35 to 75

Mid-Range skateboard decks can range from as low as $35 to $75. For example, if you are a fan of Braille Skateboarding, they have branded decks below $40.

Other decks, such as skateboard brands like Baker, Toy Machine, Element, Creature, Santa Cruz, and more, have decks between $50-and $75.

If you are unsure which deck to buy, I recommend picking up a mid-range deck. They are made with quality Canadian Maple or bamboo. The decks are constructed and pressed with high-standard machines and come in many different shapes, and are concave, perfect for any skater.

 Pro Decks $75 to $150

If you want a deck that is incredible quality, long lasting or a deck by your favorite skater, the decks can range from $70 up to $150 or more.

One of the best pro skateboard decks is hands down the Powell Peralta Flight Deck. They have branded decks by pro skaters like Andy Anderson or standard flight decks.

Pro decks are made with high-quality wood and often come with a layer of fiber glass which keeps the decks lightweight while still being strong and durable.

Grip Tape Prices – $8 to $30

Grip tape goes hand in hand with decks. Some decks come with sandpaper grit on the deck. If you need grip tape, it is cheap, and you can get a tape with cool designs and colors from your favorite skateboard brands.

The best grip tape is by brands like Grizzly, Mob Grip Tape, Jessup and Shake Junt. They range anywhere from around $8 to $30 depending on the amount of grip tape they provide, what designs are on the tape and more.

Prices of Skateboard Trucks – $25 to $85

One thing that jacks up the price of skateboards is the trucks. However, you can get cheaper trucks for around $25 from companies like CCS, which I recommend for beginner skaters.

Tensor Trucks cost around $30, and they were created by Rodney Mullen, who is known for being a street skating legend.

Other trucks like Paris Trucks, Ace Trucks, Venture Trucks and Independent trucks start at $45 to $65. The brand named skateboard trucks are durable and well-made and turn like a dream. I recommend picking up trucks from one of these brands.

You can also get premium trucks from companies like Independent that can run as high as $85.

Check out the post about the best skateboard trucks if you want more information.

Prices of Skateboard Bushings – $5 to $15

When you purchase trucks, bushings will be included, but if the bushings on your trucks are too hard or soft, you can replace them. You may also need to replace your bushings from time to time as a lot of the excellent quality trucks will outlast your bushings.

You can pick up a set of bushings from skateboard companies like Dime Bag. Other bushings from skateboard companies like Bones or Independent can get up to $10 to $15.

One of the best skateboard bushings kits you can get is by Dime Bag Hardware, and it includes bushings, pivot cups and washers.

Prices of Skateboard Wheels – $18 to $60

Skateboard wheels prices vary depending on the brand, the wheels formula, and what kind of skating they are used for. Some cheaper brands are known to chunk and wear down quickly but are still good for beginners.

The average skateboard wheel is around $30. However, you can get some great wheels from Bones, OJ SuperJuice, Cloud Ride!, and Ricta Wheels for $30 to $35. If you want to know what wheels, I recommend checking out the best skateboard wheels for cruising post.

One of the more expensive brands on the market goes to Shark Wheels, which are usually around $60. They are good quality, but $30 will give you decent skateboard wheels.

Finally, check out Tactics as they always have sales, and you can get tactic brands or skateboard brands like DGK or Mini Logo for as little as $15.

Prices of Skateboard Bearings – $10 to $100

Depending on the bearing you buy for your skateboard set up, the prices range from $10 to $100. You can get the best skateboard bearings without breaking the bank if you choose ones made from stainless steel and with cheaper parts.

Most of the inexpensive bearings are made with stainless steel, while premium skateboard bearings are made with long-lasting ceramic balls.

So unless you are a pro or skate, often a cheaper brand will work fine. Just be aware that the bearings should be manufactured for skateboards; otherwise, low quality bearings can destroy your truck’s axle and wheels.

Prices of Risers – $2 to $6

Risers are optional depending on your deck setup, but I decided to throw them in as a potential cost. You can pick up affordable risers from Krux, Independent, Bones, Shake Junt and other companies for as little as $2.00.

Prices of Skateboard Hardware – $3 to $9

Skateboard hardware is very affordable. It will cost between $3 to $8 for decent skateboard hardware. Like bearings, I recommend getting hardware made for skateboards as they are meant to withstand the weight and pressure from skateboarding.

Several skateboarding brands like Fireball, Independent, Sector 9, Shorty’s, and Loaded have amazing skateboard hardware.

Close-up image of the skateboard deck, wheels, bearings, hardware and skate tools.

Additional Skateboarding Prices

In addition to a skateboard, whether it is a complete or a build, there are additional costs to skateboarding. Of course, you don’t have to break the bank and buy everything all at once, but it is good to know about added skateboarding prices.

Safety Gear

It is essential to wear helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards when you skateboard. Especially if you are new to skateboarding – you don’t want to hit the streets, injure yourself and then be out for the rest of the season.

Helmets cost between $20 to $60

Skateboard Pad Sets cost between $20 and $75

Knee Pads cost between $15 to $35

Elbow Pads cost between $20 to $35

Wrist guards cost between $15 to $25

Unless you need different sizes for different body parts, getting a skateboard pad set is the most cost-effective way to buy skateboard pads.

If you want to know more, I wrote posts about the best skateboarding helmets and the best skate pads that you can check out.

Skate Tools – $7 to $30

Skate tools run anywhere between $7 to $30. The basic skate tools, T-Tools or Y-Tools, are cheaper but will work fine for most skaters. The higher quality skate tools include ratchets, which are beneficial if you often build or replace skateboard parts.

Some of the best skate tools can be simple. A skate tool is vital if you are building your skateboard, but if you are getting a complete build, you can probably put off purchasing one for a while.

Also, it is much more convenient to get a skate tool than dig through all of your tools at home when you want to adjust your skateboard.

Skateboard Backpack $35 to $75

Skateboard backpacks are designed to carry your skateboard and all of your gear. They are durable and built to take the wear and tear caused by skateboard grip tape.

These are handy if you carry your skateboard with you everywhere you go.

You can get skateboard carrier racks that hang off of a regular backpack for $8 to $10

Skate Shoes: $40 to $110

Skate shoes can get destroyed fast, depending on the style of skating you do. Also, some of the cheaper shoes are made with lower quality material that will tear up fast when it hits your skateboard’s grip tape.

So, the costs of skateboarding shoes can vary highly, but you can still get great cheap skate shoes. Shoelaces are also prone to breaking – they are easy to repair with shoe goo or pick up a few extra pairs on hand.

If you skate the streets and do a lot of tricks, be prepared to spend more on skate shoes than if you are cruising or hitting the skate park. I have a post about cheap skate shoes to help you find the best skate shoe for you.

Random Skateboard Accessories

Other accessories you may need include skateboard wax, deck rails, stickers for your skateboard, lubricant for bearings, etc. Again, these are all pretty cheap and can be found at your local shop, Amazon or other online suppliers.

How often do you have to replace skateboard parts?

Depending on how often you skate and your skating style, you could be replacing certain skateboard parts as often as every few weeks. In addition, some decks are prone to razor tail, getting soggy and losing their pop which will result in changing your deck at least once a month.

Other factors like grip tape destroying your shoes may mean you need to replace your shoes fairly often. However, if you are riding at the skatepark or doing vert, your shoes and deck may last longer.

If your setup feels worn out to you, that is when you should replace your parts. On the other hand, if it feels right and there are no cracks, keep skating until you feel like you need to replace your skateboard parts.

How much do you spend replacing parts?

If you purchase higher quality parts when building your skateboard, the less you will spend overall on replacing parts. This is because you don’t have to buy the most expensive parts when first starting.

Also, depending on how much you ride, you may need to replace parts more often.

On average, replacing parts such as bushings, wheels, and hardware shouldn’t cost more than $10 every few months.

Decks, trucks and bearings should last you several years, and I recommend purchasing new parts when yours wear out.

Where can I find cheap skateboards?

If you don’t have a local skate shop and want to find the best alternatives for places to find the cheapest skateboards, I recommend buying some from Tactics, Thank You Supply, Braille Skateboarding, Sector 9, Bamboo Skateboards or Amazon.

These online shops have sales on completes, decks, wheels, trucks, and skateboard accessories.

how much do skateboards cost - the image of a skateboard deck and a complete skateboard against a rusty wall

How much are complete skateboards?

Depending on the brand, complete skateboards range between $35 to over $100.

You can get lower end completes from Amazon for between $35 to $40, and other companies like Cal 7 offer better quality, inexpensive completes for around $50.

More reputable skateboard brands like Alien Workshop and Element have completes for $75 to $80. Other brands like Almost Skateboards and Baker have completes around $90. If you want higher end completes Powell Peralta, Braille Skateboarding, and Santa Cruz have skateboards for around $100.

Keep an eye out for sales on Tactics as they always have deals on brands like Almost Skateboards, where a complete is around $75.

Is a complete build skateboard worth it for the price?

Definitely! Not all completes are created equal, and you may need to replace the bearings, bushings, wheels or trucks, but if you get a decent complete, you will be able to ride it right out of the box.

There are a lot of completes by reputable skateboarding companies that use high quality parts that will last you for years. Plus, complete skateboards make great gifts for skateboarders.

Completes are great for beginner skaters, too, as you don’t have to worry about putting together a skateboard until you get more comfortable with skateboarding and replacing parts.

Of course, you can also get an electric skateboard as a complete build, but that is another thing.

How often do you have to replace skateboard parts?

Beginners, intermediate skateboarders and pro skaters replace their parts at different times. For example, beginners tend to replace their boards once a year.

Intermediate skateboarders may replace their skateboards, gear and shoes 3 to 4 times per month. However, if you do a lot of ollies, you may need to replace your shoes more often.

Pro skaters or expert skaters often have to replace decks, wheels, bearings and shoes every month or two. Skateboards can last up to three to four months, but it depends on how hard you ride.

How much is a good skateboard for beginners?

Beginner Skateboard Costs shouldn’t be too high. You won’t be doing too many tricks or destroying your board too quickly if you are starting.

If you treat your board right, your setup should last up to a year. After that, the costs will be the original setup costs, protective gear, and possibly skate shoes. Give price.

Examples of Skateboard setups & their prices.

If you are building a custom board and want to build a budget, standard or premium deck, I can provide you with a few examples of the best prices for skateboard setups.

Please note that these prices are subject to change depending on sales and different prices on websites. I’ve included links to all of the parts to be easier for you to find each product.

Budget Custom Setup – $80 to $120

Standard Custom Setup – $150 to $180

Premium Custom Setup – $200+

Tips for Buying Skateboards

You don’t need to go all out and buy the highest priced decks, trucks and bearings. However, it is important to get higher quality parts while purchasing the most inexpensive parts that work fine.  

Get strong and durable trucks. Trucks can break easily, and if you spend your money on decent quality trucks, they can last you years.

However, I recommend not getting the cheapest trucks as they will affect how you turn, how easily you can grind and how you ride overall.

Get decent quality wheels. Many cheaper wheels are prone to chipping, chunking or flat spotting. They don’t have the be premium wheels but get some medium quality wheels to last longer.

Bearings can be cheaper, especially if you are a beginner. You can get good quality bearings by Bones Bearings for about $18, that will work fine.

 Grip tape and hardware can be pretty cheap. Don’t spend a lot of money on skateboard accessories unless you are an intermediate or pro skater.


Skateboarding prices vary depending on your skill level, the skating style you do and how often you skate. The amount you will be spending on a new skateboard will generally be anywhere between $75 to $180.

You typically won’t spend over $200 unless you buy super expensive decks, trucks, bearings and wheels.

Be on the lookout for sales and take care of your skateboard and skateboarding accessories, and they can last you for years.  

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