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The 27 Best Gifts for Skateboarders

Written by Chris K | January 1, 2023

Skateboarders tend to have brand loyalty and stick to riding skateboards by specific brands or parts that they feel comfortable using, so how do you know the best gifts for skateboarders? It might be scary to buy skateboarding gifts if you aren’t sure what to get or don’t know anything about skateboarding yourself.

As a skater myself, I have made the perfect list of gifts for skateboarders that will make any skater insanely happy and make you their favorite person ever.

7 Skateboard Gifts for Everyone

If you are reading this list, you must be wondering, “What to get people who skateboard” or “what should a skateboarder have?” If you want gifts for skateboarders that are guaranteed to make every skater happy, this is your list. All of the items on this list are essential and will be greatly appreciated.

Skateboard Grip tape from RipinDip makes one of the best gifts for skateboarders
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Grip Tape – $15

Skateboard grip tape is always a great gift. Grip tape doesn’t have to be boring. You can get grip tape with cool pictures and designs or create your own custom grip tape (check out CCS to make your own here).

If you aren’t sure which brand to buy, a couple of the best skateboard grip tape brands have many different colors and designs. Still not sure? I recommend getting some grip tape from Grizzly or Mob.

Why not throw in some grip tape cleaner/grip gum? It will help keep that brand-new grip tape clean to last longer.

Plus, it is a great idea to get tools to apply, roll and cut new grip tape when applying it on decks. I recommend the Black Diamond Skateboard Griptape Roller File Awl Cutter Application Kit Skate Tools Set. It has everything any skater needs to apply grip tape.

Skateboard Bearings

Bronson Speed Bearings and Bones Reds bearings make great presents for skateboarders

There is nothing better than a fresh set of skateboard bearings. If you ask yourself, “What should a skateboarder have?” bearings? are your answer. It makes the perfect gift for any skater. I recommend Bones Reds or Bronson G3s as they are high quality and inexpensive.

I recommend picking up a bottle of Bones Lubricant to go along with new skateboard bearings. It helps keep bearings clean and lubricated, so the bearings last a lot longer.

Spare Parts

Independent Parts Kit and skateboard hardware are great skateboard gifts

One of the best skateboarding gifts is, hands down, spare parts. They are inexpensive but will help skaters out a lot. It’s ideal to have plenty of spare parts, and you as you never know if you will need spare parts.

Spare parts come in handy for quick fixes at the skatepark. If you want a kit with a lot of variety of parts, I highly recommend checking out the Independent Skateboard Trucks Spare Parts Kit.

It comes with bearings, two sets of nuts and bolts, pivot cups, bushings, washers, spacers, speed rings, axle nuts and kingpin nuts. It is the perfect travel kit for people who want to be prepared.

Of course, getting a kit isn’t necessary. Even picking up a couple of bags of spare skateboard hardware will make any skater happy. Even getting a set of hardware with colored bolts makes it easier to tell the difference between your skateboard’s tail and nose.

Skate Wax

Skate wax makes the perfect gift if you buy gifts for a street skater. Skateboarders use it to slick up rough surfaces, which allow skaters to grind down rails and curbs.

Many different skate brands have their own skate wax, like Shorty’s has the Curb Candy Wax, Spitfire has Embers Bighead Mini Curb Wax, and Toy Machine has cool wax like the Bloodshot Monster.

Skate Tool

Two Skate tools which make great skateboarding gifts

Skate tools are essential for skateboarders so getting one as a gift is always the way to go. You can get pretty cheap T-Tools or Y-Tools, but a skate tool with a ratchet is even better. So why not surprise your skater with a good quality skate tool?

Skateboard Wall Mount

Many skaters like to hang up vintage skateboard decks, retired decks, or art skateboard decks to display as wall art. You can choose from plenty of different styles, including wall mounts that will hold a deck or an entire skateboard.

You don’t have to purchase a wall mount if you are a bit handy. Skateboard wall mounts are also the best DIY gifts for skateboarders.

Skateboard Storage Parking Block

If you want to keep your skateboard off the floor, you can get a skateboard holder to store or display your skateboard.

Alternatively, you can get skateboard floor rack stands to hold multiple boards, including longboards. The parking block looks nice, and it is also a great way to store skateboards.

5 Skateboard Toys, Games & Clothing Gifts for Skaters

Two Tech Deck Fingerboards - one of the best gifts for skateboarders


Did you know there are pro fingerboarders out there? It takes some skill, it’s loads of fun, and it can help any skater hone their tricks before stepping onto their skateboards and trying it themselves.

Plus, fingerboarding is a lot more than playing with a tiny skateboard. You can get ramps, rails and even fingerboard parts like grip tape and trucks to customize your fingerboard.

Fingerboards are the perfect gift for someone who likes to fiddle with their hands or can’t get to the skate park and still wants to practice their moves.

There are great fingerboard brands like Tech Decks or Handbros handboards.

Skater Video Games

If you’re like me, you grew up playing Tony Hawk’s Pro skater games. It got me into skateboarding, and loving the skateboarding scene. You can play as some of the most legendary skateboarders, but you can also learn how to do tricks and hit huge ramps that you might not be able to do in person.

The best skateboarding games are any of the Tony Hawk games, Skater XL, and Session: Skate Sim. You can pick up a console game or grab it on steam.

Sticker Packs

Skateboard Stickers

Every skater likes to decorate their decks with stickers from their favorite skateboard brands. You can get 100 or 200 sticker packs so they can be plastered over every new deck or skateboard helmet.


Skateboard Backpacks are the perfect gift for any skateboarder as we carry a lot of gear. The best skateboard backpacks come complete with straps that can hold skateboards when not in use.

In addition, the material for skate backpacks is a lot hardier and can withstand the wear and tear from grip tape constantly rubbing against it.

Another feature to look for is a backpack with tons of storage space. This makes it easier for skaters to carry all their essentials, including extra hardware, skate tools and skate wax.

Plus, a good backpack has storage for other items like laptops, making them versatile for school or work.

Pro Skater and Skateboard Brand Merch

Does your skateboarder have a favorite pro skater or favorite skateboard brand? Many pro skaters have their own merchandise like shoes, decks, and completes.

You can also get skateboard branded hoodies and shirts so your skateboarder can show their favorite brand as they skate around town.

Skateboards & Skate Decks as Skateboard Gifts

A complete skateboard and skateboard deck are good gifts for skateboarders.

Complete skateboards, skate decks and electric skateboards may fall under the category of gifts if you know your skater well. Is a skateboard a good gift? Definitely! But only if you know the exact skateboard to buy – especially for seasoned skaters. However, I still love getting a new deck or a complete skateboard as a gift.

I have a few guides about the best skateboard decks to buy and the best electric skateboards under $500 to give you an idea of what to buy for your skateboarder.

Before buying skateboard decks, completes, or electric skateboards, be sure to find the right size, shape, and concave for the person you are buying the gift for rides. Skateboards and skate decks are among the best gifts for skateboarders if you know what to buy.

One warning I have is to avoid buying a super cheap setup from Walmart, especially if you buy gifts for a seasoned skater. These skateboards are okay for absolute beginners, but there are so many better quality brands from better sources – even for beginners who aren’t sure they will enjoy skateboarding.

If you aren’t sure how much to spend I wrote a post about the cost of skateboarding that you should check out for ideas.

Skateboard Shoe Accessories

Every skater goes through shoes and shoelaces so fast. So, while skateboard shoes might not make the best gift – unless you know your skater’s exact size and style preference, there are a ton of shoe-related gifts that will work perfectly.

If you want to get your skater friend a pair of shoes, check out my guide to the best cheap skateboard shoes.

A great pair of insoles will help protect feet from the intense impact of skateboarding – whether jumping stairs, grinding ledges or just general street skating.

In addition, insoles are perfect because they can be cut down to size, so you don’t need to worry about getting the correct size.

Shoelaces always get a lot of wear and tear and are constantly ripping. Extra shoelaces are one of the best gifts for your skateboarder friend.

If you want to make it extra special, I recommend picking up some of Christian Flores’s shoelaces made specifically for skateboarding.

Another great shoe related gift is shoe repair items like Shoe Goo, Rip Care and Trick Tape. They are portable, so if you rip your shoes at the skate park, you can easily glue them back up or add a leather patch to repair your shoes on the go.

What about skateboarding socks? Skateboard brands have plenty of socks made specifically for skateboarding.

For example, you can get great packs of socks from Element and Nike SB, which are comfortable, moisture-wicking, and have compression to keep your feet tight in skateboarding shoes. In addition, Skateboard socks won’t fall when doing tricks.

Skateboard Magazine Subscription

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine which makes great gifts for skateboarders

If you grew up skating in the 90s and 2000s, you were always excited to get your Thrasher Magazine in the mail every month.

The pages are filled with your favorite skateboarders, the skateboard scene, and an insight into modern skateboarding culture. Having a skateboard magazine subscription makes the perfect gift for skaters.

You can get a subscription to Thrasher Magazine, which will come with a free t-shirt, a free DVD or the current issue free when you subscribe for a year.

I recommend another great skateboard magazine subscription for Skate Jawn Magazine, where you will get free stickers and a special issue photo with your subscription.

Skateboard Equipment – Expensive/High-End Skateboard Gifts

Skateboard equipment can be pretty expensive but having transformer rails, mini ramps or skateboard boxes to practice skateboarding at home is every skater’s dream.

You can get some awesome skatepark grind rails set up in a garage or the driveway like the X-Factor Driveway Skatepark Grind Rail. Or the Graw Jump Ramp, which will allow skateboarders to have massive pop.

If you want higher quality ramps, ledges and half pipes, I recommend checking out OC Ramps. They are quite a bit pricier, but they could be helpful to turn any skater into a future pro skater.

Skateboard Shop Gift Cards

Not sure what to gift to get for your skateboarder? Why not let them get their own gift? But, on the other hand, I highly recommend getting a gift card to their favorite skate shop or online skate shop?

You can take them to the local skate shop and help them find the best skateboard products, which can also help you figure out what they like and give you future gift ideas. You will always have ideas for skateboard gifts for guys and gifts for skater girls.

9 Best Skater Gift Accessories (Not Skateboard Related)

If you want to get a gift for a skateboarder but the idea of getting the wrong this is too intimidating, I recommend getting something that isn’t skateboard related but is something that all skaters will love.


A hydro flask or any reusable water bottle is perfect for skateboarders. It can get very hot skating, learning tricks or hitting the skate park. What I like best about a hydroflask is it keeps water cold for hours.

Handheld Bluetooth Speaker

I love riding my electric skateboard with a blue tooth speaker. I love to have the music as I ride as it brings people together, it’s fun, and it’s great to have music in the background. You can attach it to your board, or if you ride a regular skateboard, it attaches easily to a backpack.


A GoPro or any little portable camera is an excellent gift for skaters. GoPros can be used to record and review practice footage or get sick shots! Be sure to get a camera with good stability to take videos while skating.

Otterbox Phone Case

I always have my phone on me when I skate, so I keep it protected with an otter box phone case. Anytime I land on my phone, I am glad I have it! Just make sure you know the size and type of phone to buy as otterboxes are not one size fits all.

Skateboarding Lights (LED for night riding)

Skateboard lights attach to the bottom of decks and add pops of color. They make your decks look cool when riding at night, and it is an added safety feature so vehicles can see you ride in the dark.


If you want to jam in silence, I recommend picking up a pair of wireless earbuds. You can get some reasonably cheap just in case one pops out while skating, but I like to use my AirPods.

Portable Charger

Portable chargers come in handy for everyone. It sucks being at the skate park, and your phone dies, or you can’t listen to music or be able to reach friends.

Spotify or Apple Music Subscription

There is nothing better than listening to music as you skate. Any skateboarder will appreciate a Spotify or Apple Music Subscription, which will keep the jams rolling.

Phone Gimbal or Tripod

Most skateboarders love to record themselves performing tricks so they can post it online, show their friends or review practice footage to see how to improve their skating.

A phone gimbal is excellent for action shots, while a tripod is great to set up and perform tricks over and over again. Either item makes a wonderful gift for the skateboarder in your life.

It is also great to add any of these items to a skateboard gift basket, and they make great skater Christmas gifts.

Gifts to Get for Skaters You Know Really Well

What about gifts to avoid unless you know exactly what to buy? Skateboarders are pretty particular, and unless you know the exact item, dimensions, size, softness or hardness, and so much more, it can be hard to get the best gifts for skateboarders.

While these skateboard-related items make great gifts, be sure you know exactly what to buy when buying them. The best way to find out the exact thing is to ask them or their friends, check out their skateboard when they aren’t using it or hang out with them and see what parts need to be replaced!

The list of items to buy only when you know the exact thing needed are:

Gifts for Skateboarders under $30

If you want to get the best gift for skateboarders but don’t want to spend too much money, tons of inexpensive gifts. Here is a list of all of the presents for skateboarders under $30 on this gift guide for skaters.

Grip Tape

Skate Wax

Skate Tool

Skateboard Bearings

Spare Parts

Skateboard Wall Mount

Skateboard Parking Block

Sticker Packs



Skateboarding Lights

Portable Charger

Phone Gimbal & Tripod

What do you get for a girl skateboarder?

Everything on this list is perfect for the girl skater in your life. I highly recommend getting her something featuring some of the best female skaters in history.

There is nothing better than strong female role models showing girls that skating is one of the best sports for women!

What should I get my skater boy for Christmas?

If you aren’t sure what to get for your skater boy for Christmas, I recommend getting one of the items from the skateboard gifts for everyone’s list. Why not get custom grip tape featuring his favorite skater, film, video game or band?  

Why should you trust us?

Anyone can throw together a list of generic skateboard items and call it a day, so why should you trust us? At Skateboard Wiz, we are actual skaters and have used everything on this list. The gift ideas listed are great gifts for skaters of all ages and skill levels.

Unless mentioned, all of the items on this list can be purchased by someone who doesn’t know anything about skateboarding but still want to get the perfect gift for their skateboarder.

How did we pick?

I picked the best gifts for skateboarders as, over the years, these were the gifts I loved receiving. I know what skateboarders need and what will help improve their skating ability and will help them continue skating through the years.

SkateboardWiz has used every single one of the items listed in the gift guide for Skateboarders. You won’t go wrong with picking any of the items on this list.


This list has some of the best skateboard gifts for all levels of skateboarders. While any of these gift ideas will make perfect presents for your skater, I highly recommend finding out precisely what the skater in your life is looking for. 

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