best longboards for beginners

Best Longboards for Beginners in 2024

Written by Chris K 

So, you want to get into longboarding, but you aren’t sure where to start? It can be overwhelming figuring out which longboard to buy when you have never stepped foot on one before.

This guide will help you find the best longboards for beginners who want to learn what style of riding they enjoy, get into longboarding to be more active or want to try it out and see if longboarding is for you.

best longboards for beginners
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The 10 Best Longboards for Beginners

Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Longboard

Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete (80a in Heat, Flex 1)
  • DROP-THROUGH CARVING MACHINE – The Loaded Dervish Sama is a performance longboard created for carving, pumping, freestyle, freeride, and urban commuting / alternative transportation.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – Drop-through truck mounting for stability and easier pushing. Large cutouts maximize wheel clearance for deep carves and tight turns. Nose and tail kicks open the door for dancing and freestyle trickery and help navigate city streets. Cambered profile and mild concave create a responsive yet comfortable platform for carve-oriented longboarding.
  • STRONG & LIGHT – Snowboard-inspired composite construction combines vertically laminated bamboo and fiberglass for a durable, lightweight, and lively ride.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE FLEX – Bamboo and fiberglass provide lively and energetic flex perfect for hard carving and pumping. Available in two flex ratings to tailor the ride to your weight and style. Lower flex is ideal for heavier and/or more aggressive riders; higher flex is recommended for lighter riders or those looking for a more responsive board.
  • PREMIUM COMPONENTS – Paris 180mm 50° trucks deliver smooth and agile turning. Orangatang 75mm 80a In Heat wheels provide optimal roll speed, grip, and smoothness. Includes Loaded Jehu V2 bearings.

Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard is the best longboard on the market. If you are serious about learning to longboard, this is the best longboard for beginners and intermediates. In addition, it is the ultimate longboard for learning what kind of riding style you want to get into. 

This longboard does it all, whether you are a beginner who wants to cruise around the city or spend your time carving, pumping, freestyle, freeriding or commuting.

The Dervish Sama Longboard has a snowboard-inspired construction and comes out at 42.8″ long with a 9″ width made with bamboo and fiberglass.

What makes Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard one of the best longboards for beginners?

It is a drop-through carving machine! The drop-through truck mounting position positions the deck lower to the ground, enhancing stability and making the board easier to push, handle, and control. It is durable, lightweight and gives you a lively ride.

It comes completely assembled with the highest quality parts, such as 75mm Orangatang in Heat Wheels. These wheels have a durometer hardness of 80a, which means they are medium hardness which offers optimal roll speed with perfect grip and smoothness while riding. 

In addition, the longboard deck has large cutouts which maximize the wheel clearance, which reduces wheel bite (where your wheel hits your deck, which will result in you falling off!)

It also has Paris Trucks, some of the best longboard trucks. These trucks will give you a smooth and controlled turning response, perfect for carving and freestyle riding.

This board is designed for carving, cruising and pumping, but it is multifunctional and is suitable for dancing, freestyle trickery and navigating the streets. It is low and easy to ride for first-time skaters looking to cruise around town.

What makes this one of the best longboards for beginners? The Dervish Sama longboard is an investment, but it will last you a very long time.

Many people who own Loaded longboards have had them for 10+ years.

So, if you plan on buying lower-quality longboards every year, they will cost you more in the long run.

Plus, purchasing the Dervish Sama complete is cheaper than buying and building the same longboard yourself.

If you aren’t sure which board to buy, it is available in three flex ratings. Again, you will want to go by your weight. The lower flex boards are for heavier riders (or riders who are more aggressive), and the higher flex boards are for lighter riders or those looking for a more responsive board.

Flex 1: 170-270+ lbs

Flex 2: 100-185+ lbsFlex 3: 75-150+ lbs

What We Like

  • Multifunctional
  • Designed for carving and pumping
  • Low & easy ride for cruising
  • Durable – Will last you a very long time
  • Easy to handle & control
  • The deck is available in multiple flexes (suitable for the type of riding or rider’s bodyweight)
  • Top-quality longboard
  • Large cutouts for tight turning & no wheel bite
  • Great commuter board

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive (but well worth it)

Arbor Performance Complete Bamboo Axis 40

Arbor Performance Complete Bamboo Axis 40, Unset
  • L: 40.00" | W: 8.75" | WB: 30.50"
  • Built with Paris Reverse 50° 180mm, Arbor Easyrider Series - Outlook; Size: 69mm // Durometer: 78A, ABEC 7 Bearings with Spacers
  • Recycled Glass Re-Grit
  • NOTE: Fully assembled and ready to ride.

If you are looking for one of the best longboards for beginners with a mid-range price but still a top-quality board, you should get Arbor Performance Complete Bamboo Axis 40.

Pushing, carving and commuting are smooth and effortless with this longboard. The snowboard inspired drop-through deck is made from 8 ply Canadian Hardrock Maple with a Bamboo Finish ply. 

It comes in at 40″ long and 8.75″ wide. The wheels have a durometer hardness of 78A, meaning they are soft and grippy while being designed for carving and cruising.

The larger wheel shape (69mm) with a momentum core increases rolling speed while dampening bumpy rides. One downfall is the wheels, which are Arbor Easyrider wheels, are they do eventually crack and break off in chunks if you ride on roads that are too rough.

The deck is well built and long-lasting. It doesn’t crack, split or dent easily, which is perfect for beginners who may fall and tumble while learning to ride.

It is easy to control, reliable and made from sustainable sources of supply. The wood product is reclaimed for use in other products as well. The trucks are Paris Reverse 50° 180mm, which are top-quality trucks. They make carving effortless, responsive, snappy and agile.

This board is perfect for cruising around town, relaxing during short commutes and riding down mellow hills. It is responsive and great to learn how to longboard.

Just be aware that you may need to tighten some of the mounting screws when you get the board as they arrive a bit loose.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • High Quality
  • Great for carving and commuting
  • Easy to control
  • Built with sustainable wood sources

What We Don’t Like

  • The wheels eventually break off in chunks if you are riding too hard.

Landyachtz Drop Cat Complete Longboard

Landyachtz Drop Cat Black Seeker 33" Complete Longboard
  • DROP MOUNTED ROCKER PROFILE: The drop mounted, rocker and concave profile keep the rider's feet comfortable and locked in place while freeriding giving the rider increased stability and carving ability
  • COMPONENTS: Gen 6 Bear Grizzly 180mm 50-degree trucks, 72mm 78a Plow Kings wheels, Bear Spaceballs ABEC 7 bearings
  • 7 Ply Maple construction combines with rocker profile gives a slight dampening flex to help smooth out your ride
  • DIMENSIONS: 33 Inches long x 9.625 inches wide; 23.9 inch wheelbase

If you are looking for one of the best cruisers for beginners, you should try the Landyachtz Drop Cat Complete Longboard.

It is made with 7-ply maple and comes in at 33″ long and 9.625″ wide. It is the same size as a regular cruiser, but it is wide and has a low wheelbase, making it super stable.

The drop-mounted deck is light, springy and has a rocker and concave profile, which means that your feet will feel comfortable while being locked into place while free riding.

The deck is not super flexy and stiff enough to handle some speed and sliding, so this is an excellent longboard to start with if you want to get into downhill and sliding eventually.

This deck is one of the best longboards for sliding. However, the flex does give you a slight dampening to have a smooth ride on rougher roads.

What makes the Landyachtz Drop Cat one of the best longboards for beginners?

Landyachtz Drop Cat is suitable for city, street, path, beach, campus, alley and hill riding. It is nice and low, making it easy to push, slide, and control.

You will feel safe on this board, so it is perfect for beginners who want to feel stable as they learn to longboard. In addition, this longboard will give you increased stability and carving ability.

The wheels, 72mm Plow Kings, have a durometer hardness of 78A, making them smooth. The trucks are Gen 6 Bear Grizzly’s, some of the best longboard trucks.

The board is small, nimble, and perfect for smaller riders or people looking for a more agile ride. In addition, this board has a super low ride height, making pushing easier, which feels great as it handles well.

The Drop Cat Complete comes in two sizes, so you can purchase a 38″ longboard if you prefer a longer board, but my review above covers the 33″ longboard.

I highly suggest getting the Landyachtz Dinghy 28″ Complete Skateboard if you want an even smaller board.

What We Like

  • Mini-cruiser length but low and wide, making it stable
  • Compact
  • Comfortable foot placement
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Stable for carving
  • Easy to control – you will feel safe on the longboard
  • Nice and low – easy to push
  • Versatile – Good for city riding, street riding, beach riding, campus and hill riding
  • Excellent for carving and cruising

What We Don’t Like

  • The standing platform isn’t huge if you like a wide stance, but you can get the 38″ version if you want more space.

DB Longboards Double Drop Longboard

DB Longboards Double Drop Longboard is a small comfortable, light cruising board perfect for people who want to do a lot of commuting and pushing through town.

The Double Drop board is made of maple and comes in a deck length of 33″ and a width of 9.33″. The deck is lower to the ground, making the longboard more stable and reducing lower back and knee pain.

In addition, the deck has good flex and a concave shape, which means it is responsive and grippy.

This is a smaller longboard, 33″ cruiser size, making it a small and comfortable light cruising board. The durometer hardness of the huge 90mm Cloudride Hurricane wheels is 78A which means they are soft, have less vibration and easily ride over every crack in the pavement.

DB Longboards Double Drop Longboard has a low, stable platform that is comfortable pushing long distances.

It goes far with one push, so if you want to get into commuting, this is the best longboard for beginners who wish to use their longboarding for cruising.

The load capacity of his board is 225lbs, but it does hold a heavier weight, but the deck does have more flex.

Be sure to stay safe on your longboard by getting some of the best skateboard pads here.

What We Like

  • It goes far with one push
  • The deck is responsive and grippy
  • Smaller longboard – cruiser size
  • The low platform is comfortable for long-distance riding.

What We Don’t Like

  • None

Rayne Longboards Supreme 36″ Longboard

Rayne Longboards Supreme 36″ Longboard is a versatile longboard for beginners looking to cruise, carve, freeride and eventually ride downhill.

 The deck is made with eight layers of Canadian maple and is 36″ long by 9.63″ wide. The deck is a drop mounting, meaning you are low to the ground making your longboard more stable with more comfortable pushing.

What makes this one of the best longboards for beginners? First, the deck features an ergonomic radical drop with a rocker, which means pockets on the deck for foot placement, so it fits the foot like a glove.

Another incredible thing about the Rayne Longboard Supreme Longboard is how many options it has that allow it to adapt to your style of riding, meaning it is suitable for all kinds of riding so

This longboard comes with 70mm Rayne Envy Wheels with a durometer hardness of 78A, meaning you can effortlessly glide over rough roads.

In addition, the Supreme Longboard is agile, responsive and has a flat bottom construction which means the deck is stiff while allowing the board to flex enough to feel great while bouncing during curves and slides.

The deck is solid but light and has a load capacity of 225lbs. One negative of this complete build is that the grip tape isn’t applied very well.

What We Like

  • Stable
  • Versatile – you can try many different styles of riding with this longboard
  • Classic W Concave shaped deck meaning the deck fits your foot like a glove
  • Agile and responsive
  • Low to the ground deck, meaning pushing and commuting is comfortable
  • The deck is solid but light

What We Don’t Like

  • The grip tape isn’t applied well

Sector 9 Drop Through Complete Longboard

Sector 9 Longboard Complete Bamboo Lei Lookout Drop Through 9.625" x 41.125"
  • RIDING STYLECarvingCommuter;DIMENSIONSLength: 41.125”Width: 9.625”Wheelbase: 31.5”;COMPONENTS10.0” Gullwing Charger Trucks72mm 78a NineballsABEC 5 Greaseball Bearings1.125” Truss Head Steel BoltsClear Grip;FEATURESBamboo & Maple HybridBlack Dipped CenterCaramelized Bamboo Top PlyDrop ThruArt by Kenny Vidinich
  • Sector 9 stocks the highest quality Skateboard Decks, Completes, Wheels, Trucks, Tools & Accessories for the surf and skate lifestyle!

Sector 9 is one of the best longboard brands on the market, so they know what to do when making the best longboards for beginners.

The Sector 9 Drop Through Complete Longboard has a 41″ maple and bamboo ply deck, which gives you a springy but forgiving board that is durable for cruising.

The Drop Through Longboard is awesome for cruising, easy to use and easy to learn how to ride. The deck has a great shape and drop through mounting, which lowers the board and the distance between you and the ground.

As a result, it lowers your center of gravity, giving you a more stable and responsive ride. One good thing about the deck being lower to the ground is the strides in your push don’t hurt your back or knees.

Sector 9’s Longboard has the right amount of firm flex and is excellent for stability and heavier riders.

It comes with 72mm 78A (durometer hardness) Nineball wheels are large and soft enough to ride smoothly when you commute, carve mellow hills, or do general cruising.

In addition, the deck has cutouts that give the wheels extra space to prevent wheel bite when you make wide turns.

The deck width is 24 centimeters which gives you a lot of space for feet. In addition, it comes with 10.0″ Gullwing Reverse Kingpin Charger Trucks and ABEC 5 Greaseball bearings.

The bearings aren’t the best, but the ride is still smooth and dialled in.

What We Like

  • Easy to learn how to ride
  • Great commuter board
  • Carving and commuting longboard
  • Stable and smooth
  • Awesome for cruising
  • No wheel bite
  • Good for heavy riders

What We Don’t Like

  • Bearings are not the highest quality

Volador 42inch Longboard Cruiser

VOLADOR Freeride Longboard Cruiser | Maple Wood Deck| Drop Through Longboard Complete
  • Deck: Maple laminate with photo heat transfer graphic
  • Trucks: 40 degree base - 180mm hangers, aluminium die casting trucks
  • Wheels: Volador 70mm diameter - 51mm wide - 78A - SHR 70% rebound
  • Bearings: ABEC 9 with high-speed lubricant
  • Grip: Coarse OS780

Do you want to get into longboarding but are not sure if longboarding is for you?

There are plenty of affordable longboard options among the best for beginner longboards who don’t want to commit to buying a more expensive longboard. Check out the best longboards under 100 dollars to find an affordable longboard.

If this is the longboard you are looking for, I recommend getting Volador’s 42″ Freeride Longboard Cruiser. It is affordable, offers a smooth and joyful ride and is super easy to learn on. 

The Freeride Cruiser deck is made with eight-ply Hardrock Maple with a concave deck which means it is easy to feel where your feet should go on the deck, making it one of the best longboards for beginners. In addition, the deck is durable, has a lot of flex and is an excellent shock absorber.

The deck is 42″ by 9″ and comes complete with reverse kingpin aluminum trucks, ABEC 9 bearings and large (70mm) durable wheels. The wheels have a durometer hardness of 78a, meaning they are soft enough to ride over rough roads and debris easily and smoothly.

Overall the parts are decent but not the best quality meaning the board will last about a year. However, it’s perfect to learn on and ride if you aren’t sure you will like longboarding enough to commit to a higher quality board.

The load weight for Volador’s Longboard Cruiser is 250lbs, so it is great for kids and adults looking to learn how to longboard. If you want to upgrade the bearings, I highly recommend it, but the standard ones should be fine for a few months if you aren’t comfortable with that yet.

If you want more information, check out the best longboard bearings post.

What We Like

  • Good board to learn on
  • Smooth Ride
  • The deck is durable
  • Has a good performance
  • The concave deck style makes it easy to feel where your feet should go.

What We Don’t Like

  • The longboard will hold up for about a year
  • It is cheaply made
  • The bearings aren’t great

Globe Chromantic Cruiser Complete

Chromantic - 33" - Bio-Morph
  • The patented design of Revenge Alpha II 175mm Torsion Trucks
  • Produces a super tight turning radius and super fast rebound
  • Provides a fluid 'on the line' pump feel
  • They ride closer to the ground and are easier to push than most surf/skate trucks, with a locking mechanism that eliminates wheel bite.
  • Hard rock Resin-7 maple deck with soft concave and kick tail.

Globe Chromantic Cruiser Complete Longboard is made for cruising and carving. The deck, made with 7ply Hard Rock Maple and Resin, is 33″ long by 9.5″ wide. 

It comes as a complete build with Tensor Alloy Trucks which are solid and sturdy, turn effortlessly and maneuver well.

The Globe Cruiser deck is 33″, making it a mini cruiser. It is a top mount with a mellow concave and kicktail, which means it is an excellent board to learn how to do trick skating.

It comes with 62mm 83A glove wheels which are super soft and smooth for rolling and wide carving. The Chromantic Cruiser is a surf inspired swallowtail board that is great for surf skill riding.

This is an excellent board for beginners. It is super well made, well-constructed, with a nice deck that has good flex and a clean design.

Due to this longboard being a cruiser, it is super compact, lightweight and easy to carry around and take everywhere.

The deck has a clear grip with a rubber TRAC tail pad for added board control, and because the grip is so smooth, you can ride this board barefoot, giving you a surfboard feel.

This longboard is so smooth for cruising, and it is excellent at picking up speed. It has an excellent feel for the road, and you will be able to do wide carving as the wheel wells have an increased turning radius that won’t cause wheel bite.

You will be able to confidently push into more aggressive turns easily while rolling over cracks and pavement easily.

One downside to the Globe Chromantic Cruiser is the ABEC 7 bearings aren’t the best, so I would recommend replacing them eventually.

What We Like

  • For cruising and carving
  • Nice first board for beginners
  • Turning is effortless
  • Good for surf skill riding
  • Smooth ride
  • No wheel bite

What We Don’t Like

  • The bearings aren’t great

Landshark Island Style Longboard 

Landshark’s Island Style Longboard is the best longboard for beginners with a tight budget. It is perfect for cruising, carving and commuting and has a lot of traction for your feet to lock into the board comfortably.

This deck has a classic longboard shape with a retro surf style design. The deck is made with eight ply maple and is 35″ long by 9.25″ wide with deck cutouts to eliminate wheel bite during sharp turns.

In addition, Landshark’s deck is contoured, which means the deck lowers your center of gravity on the board, giving you more control.

Landshark Island Style Longboard comes with 54mm wheels, ABEC 7 bearings and standard trucks that are easy to maneuver and makes turning effortless. You can easily push this board into hard carves when comfortable on the board.

This longboard is fantastic for someone looking for a smooth ride while cruising and carving. The grip tape isn’t super grippy, so you can still easily move your feet around while riding.

Landshark is easily the best beginner longboard on the market.

What We Like

  • Perfect for cruising, carving, and commuting
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Lots of traction for your feet to comfortably lock into the board
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Sturdy board
  • Super wide board

What We Don’t Like

  • The trucks and bearings aren’t of the highest quality.

Summit Board Co Short Longboard

If you are looking for a mini longboard cruiser perfect for beginners, you should try Summit Board Co’s Short Longboard. This longboard comes in several different designs and has an oval-shaped deck measuring 19″ x9″.

Summit Board’s Short Longboard is the best longboard for beginners as it is smaller than traditional longboards but stable enough for cruising. In addition, it is the best board if you want to switch from skateboarding to longboarding.

The deck is made from 6 plies of maple and 1 ply of bamboo for extra strength. The trucks are high strength 7″ alloy trucks, with 78A all-terrain rubber wheels and ABEC 11 High Speed bearings.

If you want to learn to carve and pump with more stability than you would get on a skateboard, the mini longboard cruiser is perfect with a smaller size board.

It feels like a traditional board, but it’s easier to handle for beginners with a short oval design. The small deck is also easy to carry over longer and larger longboards.

The short longboard by Summit Board is better for smoother roads and shorter rides. While it is a fun cruiser, the short longboard works best for shorter rides. It is a super solid board that rides super smooth.

The weight limit for this longboard is 250lbs.

What We Like

  • It comes with a free multi-use skate tool
  • Great transition longboard
  • Very stable
  • Easy to control
  • Lightweight
  • Portable

What We Don’t Like

  • Not built for off-roading
  • Best for shorter trips

The Different Types of Longboards

There are several different styles of longboards that you can get based on your riding preference.

If you want to cruise around town, bomb hills or learn how to dance on your longboard, you will want to get a specific longboard.

Longboards are excellent modes of transportation. Many people use them for day to day commuting, mellow cruising, or learning how to do tricks and ride downhill.

When buying a new board, think about your riding preference and what you want to get out of owning a longboard.

Here are a few of the main riding styles popular with longboarders.


Cruising longboards are made for cruising around town, mellow riding and day to day commuting. The cruising longboards are the most popular riding style and are one of the best longboards for beginners.

Suppose you aren’t sure what kind of riding style you are into, I recommend starting with a cruising longboard. It will allow you to balance, push and ride on a longboard which will help you if you decide to learn another style.

Cruiser longboards are fantastic longboards to start with as they allow you the time to learn how to ride and handle your board before you begin any intense riding like downhill riding or longboard dancing.

Longboards made for cruising are flexible boards, generally with a pintail deck shape with large soft wheels. These features will give you a smooth ride on all roads. If pintail isn’t your thing, these longboards can be found in many other shapes and sizes.

These boards are made for transportation and are easy to carve and cruise the street. Cruisers are not focused on speed but stability and comfort and offer a good riding experience.

The best cruiser longboards for beginners are Loaded Boards, Arbor Longboards, Landyachtz Longboards, DB Longboards, Sector 9 and Volador Longboards.

Mini Cruisers/Smaller Longboards

You can also get a mini-cruiser as they are smaller, lighter and much more portable while being very stable, which is perfect to learn on.

The mini-cruisers I recommend are the Landyachtz Dingy, DB Longboards Double Drop Longboard, Globe Chromantic Cruiser, and the Landshark Island Style Longboard, which are the most affordable mini-cruisers.


Freestyle longboarding is expressive riding, including longboard dancing, carving, and trick riding. This is the best riding style if you want to get creative with your riding.

Longboards built for freestyle riding are perfect for beginners as the boards are long, wide, and stable for performing tricks and maneuverability.

In addition, freestyle longboards have a more flexible deck which is better for freestyle tricks while being gentle on your body as it smooths out road vibrations.

Freestyle longboards will have enough space to balance on and usually are platypus shaped, drop through truck mounts with a kicktail. These decks will offer more stability, perfect for learning how to longboard.

If you want to get into longboard dancing, you will want to get a top mount with a slightly larger deck than regular freestyle longboards. I recommend getting a Loaded Boards Bhangra longboard.

I recommend Freestyle boards are the Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard Complete.


If you are looking at riding at high speeds and doing slides, you will want to get a longboard made for freeriding. However, these boards are not suitable for beginners as they require more skill to perform safely.

However, if freeriding is what you want to get into, once you have the basics down, you will want to find boards that have more flex, allowing you to slide easier.

Freeride longboards need to be stable at high speeds with a comfortable concave. The best deck for freeriding is a drop through.

These decks have longer wheelbases and are lower to the ground, meaning you will slide easier. As a result, they are more comfortable to ride, easier to push, and much safer than other boards.

The best longboards for freeriding are Loaded Boards, Landyachtz Longboards and Rayne Longboards. I recommend these longboards if you want to learn to freeride longboarding in the future.


If you want to bomb hills at crazy speeds, you will want to get into downhill longboarding. Downhill longboarding is the most extreme form of longboarding that you can do.

However, if you read this post, you are probably just starting. You must know that downhill isn’t for absolute beginners. You will need some skills and gear to ride downhill safely, so take some time to practice learning how to longboard before you start downhill riding.

If you want to get into downhill longboarding, you will want to look for these features when buying a downhill longboard.

Downhill longboards have flat, stiff decks for more stability. In addition, they have long wheelbases, wide trucks and aggressive grip tape to keep you stuck to your board.

The best downhill longboard brands are Loaded Boards, Rayne Longboards and Landyachtz Longboards.

Things to Look for in a Good Longboard

When buying a new longboard, there are a few things that you should look out for to ensure you buy the best longboard for you.

As a beginner, it will take some time to learn what kind of riding style you are into and how to balance and control your longboard.

It will take a bit of time to learn how to ride a longboard, so it is best to get longboards made for beginners – this means longboards that come as complete builds that are versatile and ready to ride right out of the box. This will allow you to learn the basics, fine tune your skills and learn what kind of riding style you are into.

You will want to start with a basic board with full support and great balance. A good longboard is made with durable and sturdy materials to withstand any nasty falls.

The right board will be stable, comfortable, easy to maneuver, have a good build quality and come from a brand with a good reputation.

If you are a beginner, buy from a reputable company that you know is getting a good quality complete build. Until you are ready to start putting together your longboard, replacing wheels, etc., buying from a company you know will give you a quality piece is best.

Why not pick up the best skateboard backpack to carry your longboard around?

How to Pick the Size of the Longboard

The longer the board, the more stable it is. Longboards are larger and more stable than skateboards, so they are good for balancing as you will have more space for your feet and be comfortable.

So the longer the deck, the more stability you will have. The more flexible the deck, the better it is for freestyle tricks, and it will be gentler on your body by smoothing out road vibrations.


When purchasing a longboard, you need to remember that quality does matter. You don’t want to pay for a cheap board that will be hard to ride and won’t last long.

You don’t have to break the bank when buying a beginner longboard but know that the better the quality, the better the ride, and the more often you will get back on your longboard.


The style of longboard you buy will depend on the environment you plan on riding in.

For example, if you will be riding in areas with rougher roads, tons of debris or cracked pavement, you will want to pick up wider and softer wheels.

This will help keep you on your board as larger wheels will roll effortlessly over dirt and rocks, which keeps you safe.

Or are you riding in the street and will need to maneuver your board quickly to avoid people or obstacles? You may need a board that will allow you to do sharp, tight corners and will want a more agile board.

Pick a board with a smaller wheelbase as they are better at handling tight corners.

What Type of Longboards is Good for Beginners?

The best longboards for beginners are basic boards that offer complete support, excellent balance, and stability.

The best type of longboard is wide double drop decks with cutouts for the wheels.

These longboards are low to the ground, keeping you stable, safe, and easy to push, which will prevent lower back and knee pain.

Staying Safe

When buying a new longboard, you should pick up some protective gear. Helmets are essential for everyone, but especially for beginners.

You will fall off of your longboard when you first start to learn how to ride. So be safe and pick up one of the best skateboard helmets.

What are the Basics of a Longboard?


If you are looking for the best longboard for beginners, you should get a complete build ready to ride right out of the box.

If you are a beginner, I recommend getting a complete longboard; however, it is good to know what your longboard is made from/consists of if you ever want to replace a part.

Longboard Deck

The deck is an essential component of a longboard. They come in many shapes and sizes and are made from different types of material.

The deck shape is not that important for beginners, but check out the best longboard decks if you want to know more about the best longboard decks.

For beginners, I recommend getting a drop-down longboard with cutouts as these decks lower you to the ground, which gives you more stability and is more comfortable when you push and for long distance commuting.

 In addition, the cutouts will allow you to turn and carve without causing wheel bite, which will knock you off your board.

Grip Tape

Grip tape is the grippy sandpaper-like paper applied to the top of your deck to keep your shoes stuck to the deck and keep your feet firm on the deck.

If you need to change your grip tape, please read the post about the best grip tape. I highly recommend checking out the best skate shoes too!


Trucks are the T-Shaped metal that connects a longboard deck to the wheels.

Longboard trucks are either traditional kingpins or reverse kingpins, with reverse kingpins being more popular and more stable than traditional, meaning they are better for speed.

Most longboards have reverse kingpins, and they are better for beginners.

If you want to know more about longboard trucks, check out the post about the best longboard trucks.


Bushings are the small pieces of urethane that allow trucks to turn. The stock bushings that come with your complete longboard will be fine for beginner longboarders.


Longboard wheels will determine your riding style. Larger, softer wheels are better for commuting and cruising as they have more grip and offer a smoother ride. In comparison, harder wheels are suitable for sliding and freeride longboarding.

Most longboard wheels have a durometer (hardness) between 70a-90a, with 70 being softest with 90 being hardest. The 70-75mm range is the best size for wheel size with an 80-84a durometer.

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Bearings are tiny metal or ceramic balls between outer and inner races that help determine how fast and smooth your wheels roll when you longboard.

Unfortunately, the lower-tier longboards in this guide do not have the best quality bearings, so this is probably the first part that you will have to change on your longboard.

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Longboard Maintenance and Repair

If you plan to change your wheels, bearings or anything else, you will need a skate tool. Check out the post about the best skate tool to buy when you need to maintain your longboard.

The Best Longboards for People who Aren’t Sure They Will Like Longboarding

Some of the longboards in this guide can be an investment that isn’t ideal for everyone. While I suggest spending more on a longboard with quality hardware that will last you for years, you may not want to spend the money if you aren’t sure you will enjoy longboarding. 

If you need new hardware, check out the best skateboard hardware to help you find the right hardware for you.

If you aren’t sure longboarding is for you and want to try it out or are on a very strict budget, you should try one of these lower priced boards. They are still some of the best longboards for beginners who don’t want to break the bank, but some of their parts aren’t the highest quality.

The biggest thing is that you want to avoid buying poor quality things because you will essentially be throwing away your money.

One of these boards will last you about a year, depending on how hard you ride, so if you are looking at a longboard that will last you a lot longer, go with one of the other longboards I suggest.

Here is a list of entry level longboards that are affordable but still decent boards that I would recommend riding.

Volador, Landshark, Magneto, and Minority.

These are perfect longboards for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of money. If they are of lower quality, you may need to replace bearings, trucks or wheels on these boards, but they should be fine for starting.


If you want to get into longboarding to cruise around town or start a new hobby, you will want a longboard that suits your riding style.

You should pick a prebuilt longboard ready to ride out of the box, whatever your riding style.

Find a board that is low to the ground, stable and made by a reputable longboard company that way. Then, you know your longboard will last.

The best longboard for beginners is Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard. It is versatile, so it is the perfect board for you if you want to start with cruising and carving but eventually want to get into freestyle, freeriding, or downhill.

The Dervish Sama Longboard is a complete build and uses the best quality wheels, trucks, bearings and deck. It will last you for years and is the best longboard for beginners who want a longboard that lasts.

If you want to get into longboarding but don’t have the budget for a higher quality longboard, I highly recommend getting the Volador 42″ Freeride Complete Cruiser

It is a good quality longboard with lower quality parts, but it is still an excellent longboard for people who need to learn to balance, push and cruise.

It won’t last as long as other boards, but it is a perfect board to get into longboarding and figure out what style of riding you want to get into.

All of the longboards in this guide are fantastic longboards for beginners. Whichever longboard you pick will be the right choice for you. So get out there and have fun learning to longboard!

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